Olivia Animal Crossing Explained

Olivia Animal Crossing Info Card

Olivia is a very attractive, peppy, purple cat! She has big, green eyes and matching hair. She wears an elegant cream colored gown with an orange-ish red bow on the back. 

Her head looks like a kalamata olive. Her fur is a lighter shade of brown than most cats. When she walks she sounds kind of like a barking dog!

She has the colors of an olive, so she was named after olives. Her default outfit is based on a hoodie. She isn't very glamorous, but she loves games and sports anyway. 

Olivia can get defensive when people complain about fashion. She likes to rock every style that comes around! A cat's got to do what a cat's got to do! She's cute, always happy, and not afraid to express what she really thinks! 

It wouldn't be the same game without her. 

She'll eventually show up on your street, but you can hang out with her right now!

Running errands day and night really tires her out, but she can't wait to get back to bed for a lazy nap, munching on the occasional snack that she has harvested along the way.


Olivia is a sophisticated, classy cat who loves fashion and has some of her own handmade items. She isn't the greatest of friends to Mitzi but will accept her for her quiet nature.

Her attitude towards the player depends on the type of villager the player is. 

If they are rude, she will be rude in return and rude to other villagers. If they are nice, she will help other villagers and be polite. She usually visits the town on the weekends.

In order to do so, she must leave behind her family life on the island where she was born and move far away from home. 

She appears on a rainy day on the player's birthday after they have donated some bells to the museum.

She has been known to be a huge fan of Lyle and Phineas. Unlike other characters who have special events at the player's house, Olivia will only stop by on Saturdays between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.


Her horns are gigantic, but unlike most female villagers, she wears makeup. Her makeup includes pink blush on both cheeks and black eyeshadow all around her eyes. She also has big eyebrows that are slanted down in the middle.

She will enjoy the usual hobbies, but for relaxation and peace rather than for competition. 

She will often ask players to get her fashionable items. 

She will get along well with other villagers, particularly the lazy uchi , smug aloof , and normal villagers, who are open-minded about other villagers' quirks. 


In the original, she had two rubber trees and one common tree, which are now extinct. In Wild World, because she has a vase with flowers on it, she must have at least one common tree. 

Olivias' house also features a regal chair that originally shot fireworks. Her wallpaper is birch plywood in all known homes. Her carpeting is the Rover's Garden flooring.

It has all of the original furniture and items it did from the first Animal Crossing, plus a regal vanity, an ebony clock against the wall, built-in shelves against another wall, a fireplace at the back of the house, an oriental carpet in front of the initial sofa on which K.K. 

Mambo sits or dances when his song is played on a stereo, and an ebony piano next to the window.