Paimon in Genshin Impact Explained

Paimon Info Card

Paimon is met by the traveler when they fish her out of a lake while traveling through the Eastern Forest of Teyvat. She accompanies the traveler throughout their adventure in Teyvat, acting as their guide.

She is the bodyguard and close friend to The Traveler, serving as a reliable ally throughout the game.

She's cheerful and energetic, with a passion for comedy styles of speech. She is extremely friendly, and although she does not play a major part in the plot, she is of extreme help to the Traveler in tracking down where the Traveler's traveling compass leads to.

Paimon is a fairy that was rescued from a lake by Morgan (the main character in Genshin Impact). The first thing she does when she's rescued is ask why the hell someone is fishing in their own lake. She's not too happy about being fished out and then realizes she doesn't have a say in it so she just floats around.

She serves her master by providing him helpful information to his situation, such as where to find certain items, or how to navigate through certain tricky areas/enemies. She also has a thirst for knowledge that can sometimes prove troublesome.

Jiangshi Knight and wielder of demons, Paimon is a young girl who tries to remain optimistic despite the hard life she lives. 

Her mother abandoned her after she became pregnant with her father out of wedlock. 

Once she ran away with her father's savings prompting her to live on the street to do odd jobs in order to recover the money.

She is quite popular with women and she may be liked by men as well. Paimon wears clothes that are fashionable, cute and cool. She has an attractive, tall figure with curly hair. 

She has a positive personality and is always smiling while wearing an ear-to-ear grin. You will be able to enjoy watching her dance from the beginning of the game through to the end of it.

She's the newest Genshin Impact character and she's come to cheer on all of our players! Paimon's job is to encourage and cheer on all of Genshin Impact players as they fight their way through the endless levels. In fact, it is possible that your determined progress may even make her change form!


Paimon looks like a fairy. She has thick white hair, dark purple eyes and light skin. Her outfit is made of a long-sleeved white jumper and night-blue cape flecked with stars, along with white stockings and boots. 

There are roses on Paimon's clothes.

She wears a long-sleeved white blouse and skirt, which reach down to her knees and are decorated with rose gold patterns. 

Her most distinctive feature are her purple eyes, which are framed by thick eyelashes. She wears a long, sleeveless jacket adorned with rose-gold buttons, as well as a skirt and stockings colored in shades of blue.

Paimon has some small magical abilities, such as being able to perform levitation as shown in her battle against Deviand. She also seems to be telekinetic and can make objects move by using magic. She is able to breathe fire, but it is unknown whether or not this is a magical ability.

However, she is lacking in the composure needed to be a child-care provider. 

She likes break-dancing, ballroom dancing, swing dance, Lindy hop, foxtrot, and Argentine tango. At night she admires the stars from the roof of her apartment or from an observatory.

Meaning Of Name

As demonstrated by its shifting meaning over time, the name Paimon is an example of one of the thousands of mystic names attributed to authorities of spirits and demons. 

As in this case, the name changed over time from being a benevolent spiritual pseudonym to that of an authoritative being associated with Hell.

The temporary ability that is added, Name of Meaning in Genshin Impact, will be permanently added if you have it in inventory during level-up.


Paimon stands just over five feet tall, has black hair and pink eyes. 

She wears hoop earrings in both ears and a black short sleeve shirt with high collar and mesh insert in front. Underneath she wears a dark blue denim skirt. She also wears dark brown high top shoes with two white belts on each shoe. 

Her personality is bubbly, out-going, but almost too honest, somewhat naïve and occasionally comes off as rude. She can't sing but enjoys music.

One day, at a bar, she met Venti, a charismatic Bard who entranced her with his music and convinced her to join the party. After much trouble (since Paimon was a little too honest and blunt when it came to certain topics) they became good friends.

Paimon is an all-around type if you ever seen one, but arguably leans a little more towards the agility side of things. 

She has a good mix of abilities that, like Venti, can be built to suit pretty much any play style, but leans a little more towards the support side of things. 

Her offense is based on timing, good senses and raw power rather than refined technique, which means she can get by as a nuker even if she isn't one naturally.

Paimon's personality is what makes her so fun. This bard has the most obvious of opinions, making her a welcome addition to any party. 

She’s a few hundred years old and not afraid to let you know it; she’ll make fun of you when you're shy, laugh at your comments, and even insult you in ways that may be considered offensive by some players. Paimon is very open with her thoughts and emotions, but can be quite grouchy when things don't go the way she wants them to. 

She's a light-hearted character that makes the experience just that little bit more worth it.

Her positive attitude can sometimes be her undoing, as she finishes people's sentences, stands too close for comfort, or makes over-the-top efforts to help only to end up offending her target. 

She carries a parasol and wears loose, flowing robes with a frilled pink underskirt.

Things You Should Know About Paimon

  • Paimon is a spirit who appeared in a cryptic way, in Gravity Rush. She is a "Water Spirit" and could be encountered while floating in the water near the end of Chapter Ten. She works together with the heroines' last mission to save the world from Shai-Gen. 
  • A fully vegetarian chocobo from the Genshin Impact region, Paimon is a chocobo of the highest caliber. Unlike normal chocobos, Paimon has the ability to directly convert the energy within his talons into useful blue mana crystals and breathe fire. Additionally, he shares a telepathic link with his owner due to the fully developed frontal lobe of his brain.
  • Paimon is the mysterious mascot of Genshin Impact. Unlike other yōkai, she is usually kind and nice to others. In-game, Paimon is a sword. She bestows her wielder with luck that few can rival. Her presence brings bad luck to her enemies and misfortune to those who stand in her way.

Paimon Voice Actors

Corina Boettger (English)

Corina is a director, actress and voiceover artist who, over the course of her career, has also dabbled as a singer and dancer. She has performed in five musicals: Annie (as "Oliver"), The Wizard of Oz (as "Dorothy"), Beauty and the Beast (as "Belle"), High School Musical (as "Overhead Projector Girl") and Little Shop of Horrors off-Broadway. She appeared in the television movie Annie: A Royal Adventure as "Annie", and starred in the TV movie Holiday in Your Heart as "Amber".

Taken a break after graduating from the University of Washington to try the actuarial career. 

Working as a full-time actress, they write two books and start their own production company. 

Dedicate their life to fight injustice and wrongs perpetuated by corporations in the state of Washington and other parts of the world.

Aoi Koga (Japanese)

Aoi Koga is a voice actress, singer and dancer who did her first voice acting in 2007 at the age of 7, when she voiced Rika Sasaki from Doremi's "Lovely Angel" segment. 

She became interested in voice acting after watching the puppet segment in Cardcaptor Sakura.

After winning third place in a contest, she was given the chance to do voice work. She passed the audition, becoming a member of Unique Voice Entertainment. To date, she voices many different roles and has also pursued her musical career, debuting under Kiss Entertainment with a single called "Chance Meeting."

She was born on December 16, Fumie Hosokawa and Yuuji Koga. Hosokawa's family is from Aomori, but then she moved to Yamagata Prefecture when she was young. Her childhood name is "Aoi".

Kim Ga-ryeong

Gimgaryeong (born 25 days in May, 1986) is a former Republic of Korea in the women 's actors. She first entered the entertainment industry in 2002 as a child actor and made her debut as a voice actor in the 1st group of Gyeonggi Broadcasting in 2012. He debuted as a voice actor in the 9th class of CJ ENM in 2015.

Singer and actress. She is skilled at singing in a quality unique to themselves and the gap of the vocal cord is small. 

After middle school, she belonged to a junior vocal group, 'Boom', and participated in the song 'What a Girl Wants' in their official 1st album.