Paladins Tier List: +30 Character Ranked

It'll give you an idea of what Cards are considered strong for each Class and also list all Champions in a Tier in order from S-Tier to F-Tier 

It is getting harder and harder to create a tier for Paladins due to the nature of its champions and their ability to adapt. 

Although the meta itself will always be evolving, if you are curious as to where each champion sits for competitive play, this guide will help you find out.

Paladins is a team-based multiplayer shooter following a diverse cast of Champions fighting to maintain order in the Realm. 

Their stories unfold in 15 – 30 minute cinematic battles, but so much more lies beneath the surface: customize your champion with over 1000 items, master their abilities through 12 combat decks, and group up with friends to conquer PvE challenges! There are 6 different roles (Front Line, Damage, Support, Flank, Lane, and Damage) consisting of 4 champions each. 

Select only 2 from the same role on each team. Each champion has their own unique set of weapons and abilities.


S-tier Paladings


Koga is a flank champion who excels at getting behind the enemy and weakening them. Koga can swap stances, unlocking other abilities. 

His first two abilities are damaging melee abilities, but he can also use stances to heal his allies.


His gun launches a bubble that knocks enemies back and delivers a physical shockwave to further knock enemies away. 

By mastering his skill set, he can easily hold key locations on the map or push into the enemy’s base.

He’s a good character to play in the middle lane where he can be protected by his teammates, while also being able to protect them with his wide range of area denial abilities.

The wide hitbox of all of Makoa’s abilities makes him ideal for defending his allies from enemy fire – He becomes a force to be reckoned with in 1v1 situations against other Tanks and Front-Line Champions!


She can be seen as a versatile pick in most situations, being able to fill various roles depending on the team composition and map.

each of which are constant throughout the game.

Raise Morale gives her a burst of speed and 30% damage increase that allows her to deal massive amounts of damage while charging into the fray. Disengage gives Cassie incredible mobility as she can move nearly twice as fast while backwards walking, or dash in any direction with the ability active.




It allows him to fire projectiles that deal 840 per shot. The longer it is charged, the higher the precision and focus of the projectile. 

If you hold down the fire button, Atlas has a 2nd attack where he fires a pulse which deals 6,400 damage, disables equipment movement for 0.3s and freezes a champion for 3s.

He is excellent at delivering a high DPS to enemies. His time dilation ability is very helpful for his team mate to escape from an opponent's attack or it can be used to boost his movement speed when moving to defend an important position.

Bomb King

He's sturdy, his abilities are great for clearing out objectives and team fights, and he has the most overpowered Ultimate in the game if used correctly.

He also has a timing-based ultimate that creates a large explosion when detonated. 

When played correctly, Bomb King can carry games, especially in Siege mode since his area-of-effect bombs can take out groups of enemies very quickly.

Each time you use your ultimate ability, you plant a bomb on the walls and ground that deal damage over time to enemies around them. 

Make sure to get in close so your opponents won't be spared by your bombs.


Viktor has three damage abilities. The first is a standard auto-attack, Assault Rifle. It deals solid damage especially with his Iron Sights ability activated. 

The second ability, Flak Cannon, fires a rocket that travels for a short distance then detonates after 0.5 seconds, dealing high area of effect (AoE) damage around the target it hits. 

This ability can also be launched directly into the air to deal less damage to targets behind cover and provide Viktor with protection while reloading his gun. 

His last damage ability, Thermite Core, is powerful on its own but can also be combined with his Ultimate ability for dealing massive amounts of AoE damage.


Her Turret is her ability that can only be cast in one place but it has an exceptional damage output, can be placed almost everywhere, and doesn't require putting the champion in danger.

She is able to deal damage by channeling energy through her hand cannon shots and healing with the Beam Emitter’s primary fire or the Secondary Fire. Her ultimate skill, the Prismatic Link, gives her passive additional movement speed if the linked ally moves 25 yards away from her.


Androxus’s V skill is Detonate, which will throw a proximity mine at an enemy or teammate. 

The mine explodes when enemies are nearby, damaging them and proccing his E ability, Ruthless. 

His E ability is a fairly powerful dash that deals moderate damage to any enemies in its path. 

His ultimate, Showdown, allows him to briefly shoot rapidly with his team-colored pistols while moving extremely quickly. He has three other abilities as well. 

His primary weapon is the cursed revolver, allowing him to perform short-to-medium range attacks.

The revolver reloads like other semi automatic weapons, with a short amount of time between each shot or a big reload (if you empty an entire clip on someone). 

The cylinder ability keeps you stocked with ammo and his reflex block lets you prevent lethal damage from the get-go, making him great at surprising enemies and staying alive in drawn out combat.


The Lágrima skill allows him to spray fire upon enemies behind him. Finally, the Conflagration ultimately allows Fernando to quickly spray fire upon enemies and then shoot them with even more fire once they’re surrounded within the initial flames.

His ability to combo with other allies while being able to outplay enemies and many others makes him a solid and balanced front liner. 

It’s surprising how Fernando can turn deadly on enemies if he takes a relatively defensive role. Nevertheless, Fernandos kit has everything you would look for on a front liner – strong attacks and abilities, high health, and movement speed that allows him to both hunt down targets or escape from them.


His ultimate skill, Terminus Ultimus, causes him to leap to an enemy and deal damage to everyone within a small radius.

His main weapon is the Massacre Axe which deals AoE damage to enemies in front. His 1 skill, Massacre Axe, increases his movement speed when using his axe for offense and provides an attack speed boost for 7 seconds. Killing enemies with this attack gives him Movement Speed up (which stacks 3 times). 




Her Disintegrate ability allows her to instantly deny enemies all healing effects and can be used either as an opening move or to chase down the enemy with damaging waves of energy bouncing off her enemies for area damage.

She has steps to follow when playing the character, but the steps are made quite simple which allow for a consistent performance in battle as well as easy leadership of her team.


This ability actually explodes on impact and delivers decent AOE damage onto nearby enemies.

He is a high output damage champion with high vertical mobility and his special ability that increases the damage of his rockets by spit.


He has mobility in the form of his Throwing Axe and what he lacks in sustain, he makes up for in mobility. His attack speed when enemies are near him is slow, but when they are further away, his attack speed increases dramatically due to Wood Skin.

He has a very interesting weapon known as Throwing Axe, which homes in on its target at long range and does damage based on how long it travels to impact. 

The rest of his kit allows him to mitigate damage and turn things to his favor.


He has a wide variety of abilities that can cause knockdown, stun, pull, or silence. 

His primary method of attack is a shoulder bash that substantially slows an enemy. Unlike other Front Line characters (Paladins, Gladiators), Torvald's shielding is often present for extended periods of time, requiring attackers to break through it before they can damage him.

He is a counterpart to Makoa who shares many similarities with the Front Line Champion.


Her combat skills include Bolt (wields a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle), Shoulder Bash (dashes in the target direction, damaging and knocking back enemies), Precision Strike (charges up for one second before dealing damage from afar) and Flip n’ Zap (teleports to an area a short distance away from her current location).

She uses this device to teleport a medium distance in any direction and upon use it reloads all ammo. Her perk kit helps her escape ganks and allows her to move around the map quickly.
Kinessa's weapon is called the Ironduke, which is capable of damaging enemies even when they are behind cover. 

The Ironduke itself can be modified by Kinessa's own abilities and/or other characters on her team, such as Ying's Mirage or Grohk's Wind Wall. 


It allows him to jump away or into battle, rendering it useful as a form of escape or re-engage.

While he does have an escape ability, he runs slowly and it’s not counted as an actual escape due to the fact that he can be slowed down while escaping due to his armor being low in power. 

He does have much more effective self-healing abilities than other characters given his passive ability, but it should be utilized sparingly as it takes nearly 5 seconds to gain 100 health points.


He also has a health globe granting passive which makes him decent in teamfights, but this is where he thrives: skirmishing.

This allows him to be elusive and get in and out of issues before they become problems. When you have your ultimate you can move the entire battlefield by teleporting your closest friend.

Talus is undoubtedly one of the greatest flank champions in Paladins that can be played as a multitude of different roles.


c-tier paladins


With his cursed howitzer, dredge fires grenades that arch before falling, dealing heavy damage to any enemies caught in the explosion. He can easily apply pressure on the point or lanes using both his left click and right click.

He specializes in lobbing grenades at enemies with his Howitzer. 

Unlike most other champions, Dredge does not deal high amounts of damage quickly, but instead applies pressure across large areas. 

The strength of Dredge is that there is very little opponents can do against his damage-per-second, as they can only outrun him at a certain point.

His accuracy is very high allowing him to take shots from a safe distance and rain down destruction.

Dredge can be played effectively in a variety of roles, ranging from point defense and lane pressure to out-of-range pushes.


On top of this, his sword deals bonus damage to minions and monsters. Whenever he scores a kill or assist, Zhin also gains an Empowered stack, which grants bonus attack speed and movement speed while active.

In the end, Zhin’s high damage makes him a terrifying threat to anyone who shares the lane with him. 

Perfect for attackers like Ruckus or Fernando, Zhin can act as an effective team fighter that can quickly burst down enemies while staying safe behind your teammates.


Basing his attack on speed, the player can quickly relocate and evade threats, allowing for on-demand ambush attacks in favorable locations.

His ultimate skill, Barrage, fires three grenades in a cone for high damage - at the cost of self-imposed immobility.

Buck’s ultimate skill, Plan B, provides him with a maneuverable motorbike that can traverse even the roughest terrains in seconds while providing thick cover for its rider taking fire from enemies.


She has good damage, but she requires good aim and positioning in order to deal maximum damage. 

She does incredible amounts of burst damage and can do it while remaining safe from the enemy team because of her extreme mobility. 

Her stealth allows her to disengage from fights easily or allow her to make risky plays. Great for holding side objectives such as capping altars or turrets in Battlegrounds.

Maeve's high movement speed allows her to get behind enemy lines quickly and ambush for her team to follow up with favorable positioning and engage.


In Paladins, I personally see Raum as a Frontline who’s intended to deal and soak up as much damage as possible. 

He has a lot of HP with good defenses and an incredible amount of raw damage. 

His Hellfire Gatling shreds close up but almost becomes useless at longer range when he will have to rely almost exclusively on his Hand Cannon.

His Hellfire Gatling deals high damage to both enemies and structure from medium to close range, but his longest effective range is close range as that's where you need to be when you use it.

His passive Provocation lowers the cooldown of his abilities when he takes attacks from behind his back, which allows him to deal a devastating amount of damage. 

Raum's Hellfire Gatling is very effective in close quarters due to its high damage per bullet and high ammunition count, but lacks accuracy at longer ranges and becomes less effective due to its higher spread. 


Evie is extremely agile, having the most mobility of all flank champions. Evie can appear right behind an ally or enemy to backstab with her Dagger Dash, or she can choose to stay a safe distance away with her Ice Staff and basic attacks. 

Quickly She needs to apply pressure on the enemy backline early in a match before they have an ally to protect them.

Her Ability Damage is also based on her weapon, as her abilities deal a DoT (Damage over Time) effect. Her Ultimate Ability, Ice Block, gives her up to three seconds of Invulnerability and slows nearby enemies.

At The end of the C section of the paladin's tier list, let's keep going with D. 




Moji is one of the newer champions in the game and has some interesting tools to offer. Her secondary attack is a spray of six shots which shoot quickly but do very very low damage. 

Each of these shots applies a magic mark on the enemy, which are detonated by her primary attack dealing X% more damage, up to 1k at 6 marks. 

This makes her a flank character capable of high burst damage with some gank potential from her speed bonus and stealth. 

Her weakness is that she has no mobility skill with a relatively high cooldown on her leap and her dash having no cast time. 

She's effective in facing enemies who are over-extended but can be punished hard if she misses her dashes on enemies with strong CC.


The round shield can be charged with energy when she stands still for 3 seconds. When it's fully charged, it will knock back anyone that comes into contact. Vivian's Supercharger Beams have no outstanding range, and they can be fired quickly at any direction of your choice.

Her Default card is a damage champion who can deal Sustained Damage with her Light Machine Gun up to medium range. 

She has the ability to protect her front upper body with her Deflector Shield thus having the effective means to engage enemies when necessary.


Dressed in blue and white robes tied around his waist with a belt, Grohk is the embodiment of life. Even when he’s hit with a full magazine without being able to dodge or avoid any bullets fired at him, this character will not even flinch. 

This is due to the fact that he can become untargetable through Ghost Walk.

It can also create a snare effect on nearby enemies. How cool is that? 

We’re used to seeing abilities like these in heavy-hitting attack champions or assassins, but not usually on support characters!


Her ultimate, Death from Above, allows Skye to jump forward and land a devastating bolt of poison for the perfect assassination.

Skye’s strengths lie in her unique and powerful ability set, not in dishing out consistent DPS. 

This makes her a great pick for players who like to scout ahead and make opportunistic strikes, while also leaving her open to counter-play when caught out of position.

Her ultimates lets her slip into a point and out of it very quickly. 

The use of her stealth can even let her body block some skills while waiting for cooldowns.


Ruckus excels when fighting in tight spaces where he can put his high rate of fire weapons to good use and focus on close range targets. 

His Active Ability reloads his weapons and inflicts one-third increased damage for 6 seconds, which makes him more powerful when attacking in short bursts, protecting him from long range attackers. 

He has no movement ability so mobility is his weakness, as he is easily kited by enemies and forced to move between Short Range combat.

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