Pierre in Animal Crossing Explained

Pierre Animal Crossing Info Card

Pierre in Animal Crossing

He has been in all of the games to date. He can be snooty as well as cranky, as he will usually appear as a villager that has his hands on his hips and will approach the player with a bit of an attitude.

Pierre will sometimes ask the player home questions about what he does at home.  His name comes from pierrot, a type of clown often portrayed as being sad or melancholic.

He shares the same home console debut as Isabelle.

His name is French for “Peter”, possibly a reference to Pierrot, the playfully morose character from avant-garde French theater.

He is an amiable, if somewhat clueless cat whose main character attribute is his laziness. 

He may not live there permanently as he has a tendency to move from one villagers' house to the next.

Pierre has one of the best quotes in the game: "I like long walks on the beach, and short walks to the fridge." He doesn't think much about generosity, and is likely to keep his money to himself. Pierre has a slight interest in fashion and likes cute things.


Pierre's house is a reference to Paolo, with an identical layout and most of the same furniture. 

The only physical difference between the two houses is that Pierre has a green and brown color scheme and the backgammon wallpaper as opposed to Paolo's room, which has a yellow and green color scheme and the parlor wall as its wallpaper. 

It is also the only house in the city that is entered diagonally from left to right.


Pierre is a white, realistic cat with a clownish appearance. He has yellow-orange inside his ears, black "stockings" and tail tip, and a tuft of blonde hair on top of his head. He sports a red nose and carries a copper pan. 

He can sometimes be seen running down the streets in towns. He gets along well with Pietro, another cat who lives with him.  It is said that he does not talk to humans much. Looks can be deceiving, however; most of what he says are lies!

His name is likely to be a pun of Pierrot, which is French for "pale", referring to his appearance. 

He works at the Happy Home Showcase in Nookington's as a model home for player's houses.


Pierre, who has a jock personality, will have an interest in fitness and sports making him appear competitive when talking to other villagers. 

He will appear friendly toward the player but can come off as conceited. 

Jock villagers get along with peppy cranky and uchi villagers, but conflict with the laid-back lifestyle of lazy villagers.

Jock villagers love to exercise and are some of the most polite villagers you will ever meet. It's easy to get along with jock villagers because they are so friendly and laid-back. 

They are not very punctual, and may often be seen running around town late at night or early in the morning. 

The name Pierre comes from the french word pierre, meaning "stone", which is also another name for rock. Rock seems to be a common theme in his character design. 

Also, Pierre sounds like Pierre in english.