Pigeon, Duck, and Child Daily Commissions In Genshin Impact Explained

It requires players to bring one Seelie back to Lady Cassia at the Knights of Favonius' headquarters which can be found wandering in many locations.

This commission was introduced to Genshin Impact with Update 1.5 and has a probability of occurring after completing The Elegy for the End Archon Quest.

There are many pigeons and ducks that come around the fountain area in Windrise. Once you have the quest, throw a piece of food on the ground for them to eat, which will make a child get angry about all the pigeons and ducks eating the bread meant for geese. Afterward, speak to the child, then the pigeon and duck family can be found in central plaza and La Fontaine Park respectively.

On your way to speak with Margaret you come across a pigeon, duck and child sharing the same breadcrumbs. You help reunite them all with their loved ones.

The objectives of this quest require the traveler to locate 3 separate characters, each in different locations.

Players who accept the quest from Katheryne in the Adventurers' Guild, will become a teacher for a bubbly young girl named Barbara, and her two pets, Pigeon and Duck. Barbara and her pets want to learn about the wonders of Mondstadt.

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  • Timmie asks to feed four ducks with bread every time he sees them (excluding father duck and child duck), but the player can either give him the wheat or kill all the ducks without bothering to talk to Timmie.
  • Timmie asks the player to give him some wheat and after receiving it he will bless the player.
  • Don't let this little kid fool you. He might seem sweet and innocent, but he really is quite a trickster. Armed with a slingshot and seemingly endless ammunition, this mischievous scamp means mischief wherever he goes.

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