Pigeons Go AWOL In Genshin Impact Explained

The courier pigeon was taken to the north of the city by a group of little rascals and you have to get it back. Head up the cliff path just west of Mondstadt's main gate. Just after the Northland Bank building, you will come across two small bandits (about the size of Paimon) who are playing with a small purple bag.

After completing the event, you will receive rewards each day you return to talk to Helena. Pigeon Go AWOL can be found at the marked location and consists of creating a mail-carrier uniform for Rita to wear while she works at the Golden Apple, as well as training her on how to get better at finding lost pigeons.

The mission requires the player to talk to Gaius and find wandering Pigeons in Mondstadt, who will reward the player with a Reward for Mumu.

Pigeons in Genshin Impact tend to just stand around and poop on stuff. Occasionally, however, they go AWOL and it's your job to find them. Your reward for saving them is a little bit of Mora, which is especially useful in early game.

The commission starts out as a level 1 B-ranked commission and will gradually increase through level 11 Tri-commission. This commission resets at 00:00 UTC. Collecting Withered Grass is required for Crest of Chronicler in the quest series Rex Lapis, Agent of Dawn.

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  • In contrast to this, the Golden Pigeon can be purchased for 100 Acquaint Fates through the interaction menu with a Special NPC. The Red Enveloped Pigeon is only available during the Lantern Rite event.
  • This is a hidden object related with knowledge of the nearby Quizhouse Pie, and it would take you to the one who helped. By examining the surrounding area, you will find a clue about the way to go.
  • A side-mission has you build defenses by placing a set number of ‘watchtowers’, which can be annoying to place and remember exactly where they are.