Pulcinella in Genshin Impact Explained

The first generation of the Eleven Harbingers, Tartaglia holds a great hatred for the King who abandoned them and set forth the legend of the Fatui. 

It is widely believed that he is the one responsible for Pieuvre Armement's incredible breakthroughs in military technology. The battle to capture Tartaglia will be difficult... but we'll be prepared.

The Destroyer. An epithet given by the Daemons of the Fatui to Iansan due to his overwhelming prowess and fighting style, which prioritizes destruction above all else. 

It is said that this style resembles that of a spinning top , hence the nickname.

Crouched in the center of the circular arena sat the young boy, his face tilted towards the sky. A gentle wind danced around him, blowing his bangs back and forth.

Powerhouse monsters and spellcasters who test the very limits of your tactical skills. Each Harbinger features an individualized mechanic that requires careful planning and forethought to overcome.

His high damage, dangerous debuffs, and lack of sword and shield make him a target of choice. He carries with him his Chaos Imp , who's formidable damage output and healing capabilities make them an excellent supporting ally.

Tartaglia is a master swordsman and an excellent, hyper-intelligent genius. While he's always been fascinated with the surface world and its culture, his experiences in the Abyss have made the 'world below' all but incompatible with the one on top. While not overly so, he has come to prefer night over day and rain over sun. While he comes off as somewhat arrogant at first, Tartaglia is genuinely kind and rarely mean-spirited.


Pulcinella is aware of the terror and destruction that Tartaglia causes in Genshin Impact, but uses his presence to tear open a hole in reality itself -- a hole that Pulcinella then makes use of. 

Their casual glancing of Tartaglia's body while talking is seen by audiences as rather creepy.

A cunning manipulator with a penchant for deception, Pulcinella is quick to pick up on others' antagonism towards Tsarick. 

Though they are said to be Tsarick's servants, they are only loyal whenever it suits them.

Personalities are important to consider when you want to live with someone, or become friends with them. 

It is always the smart thing to do. To understand someone else's personality, look at how they act and what their values are. Then be careful not make assumptions about them just because of how they act.

As an average Joe, Ian only desires a simple life. However, he gradually develops a determination to fight for what he believes in as the story's conflict escalates. 

His personality is defined by his absolute loyalty and concern for his friends as well as by his stubbornness in regards to doing things per his own rules, no matter how much he may regret them afterwards.

The main character, Pulcinella, does not have any sort of special abilities or powers, but rather uses their intellect to get ahead in life. 

They are quick on their feet and capable of manipulating the people around them to reach the desired outcome. 

This can be used as both a plus and a minus since they will often use deceit to accomplish their goals. Pulcinella has escaped multiple assassination attempts by the Fatui, an organization with many high level users of Genjutsu.

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Pulcinella appears to be a tall, thin and very effeminate male character. Their faces are covered by an ornate hat and they are surrounded by frozen mist. Once their ability and playstyle is revealed, this section should either be removed or expanded appropriately.

Their faces are covered by an ornate hat and they are surrounded by frozen mist. Once their ability and playstyle is revealed, this section should either be removed or expanded appropriately.

They can cause one target to experience strong feelings of love towards another. This imparts the power of Charms and perhaps other powers on them.

The story of a clown, Pulcinella, who is continually outsmarted by his master and others, which is played out as he tries to win the heart of an innkeeper's daughter. 

Pulcinella has once more used their shadow manipulation to appear where they cannot be seen. The current location of their physical form is still unknown, though it has been said that like Snezhnaya, their power over ice appears so great as to make them capable of creating an entire field of chilling winds that freeze the moisture in the air around them.

He first appeared to stop a battle between the Genshins and the Murakamis. Pulcinella's shadowed form was taller than Jiro, Nitro, and Genjuro combined. His preferred term of address is "Kiddo," which is used casually by adults towards teenagers in Japan.