Purrl Animal Crossing Explained

Purrl Animal Crossing Info Card

Purrl is a snooty cat from the Animal Crossing series. Just like her English name, her Japanese name Tama means "housecat". Her initial phrase "Mraaa" is likely a reference to her French name. 

Her initial outfit in Animal Crossing is the Perfect Polka dress, a black and white striped outfit that was popularized in the 1960s. She could be mistaken for a townie due to this, but she has a unique look to her.

She has black hair connecting to her ears that go into large yellow tips. Her eyes are half-closed but are more rounded than tilted. She initially wears the Floral Knit, and carries either a Classic Umbrella or a Lily record on rainy days.

The insides of her ears are beige, while the outsides are pink. She has white paws tipped with brown, which makes them appear to be gloves. Purrl wears a Brown Ornate Mask on her face, which can be bought at Tom Nook's store during holidays. 

It has large, round eyes with thick lashes. Its inner ears are dark blue on the outer rim and white in the middle. Its short maw is pink on the inside and sports two pointed teeth on each side. 

A tuft of fur curls over its forehead like a bang, and there is a cowlick on its head similar to an afro. It has slender legs ending in cloven, pinkish-orange feet with three toes each. 

A small tuft of fur protrudes from beneath its belly and forms a tail at the base of its spine like some species of kangaroo.


The coloration of Purrl's fur is a complex pattern, having a basic base color of darker brown, lighter brown, and white. 

She has short but full-bodied hair, which is used to emphasize her three-tone coloring. However, the three shades of brown blend so well that they appear to be a single shade of two-tone brunette rather than a bi-tone calico pattern. 

Her mane is gold-toned and very bright, effectively serving as a focal point from which her features are viewed. 

Her paws are white with a soft pink color on each toe's underside. Additionally, her chin sports a beauty mark in the form of a dark brown spot.

The inside of the shirt is white with blue dots, much like the dot pattern on the outside of her ears. 

It has short puffy sleeves and no clear signs of buttons or clasps connected to it. 

Around the shoulders are thin decorative arches that are also in pink with yellow cloudy spots in them. Underneath this shirt is a white one with pink buttons in vertical rows. 

There are two right above her chest and three below that, making six in total.

She also wears a Dual Rings accessory and is seen with a Paper Parasol as an umbrella. 

Her catchphrase, "Nyah nyah nyah!" is a play on her cat species and the sound that cats make in general, and is said even when she has no dialogue (other than her name).


Purrl is very kind-hearted with a rebellious side to her. As with other snooty villagers, she cares deeply about her appearance. 

She will get along easily with other snooty villagers, who are the female equivalent of the jock personality type. 

She may not get along very well with peppy villagers, since she doesn't really share their happy-go-lucky attitude. 

Cranky villagers will admire her beauty and grace, but may conflict with Purrl due to their very different personalities.

Purrl is a blue kitty with a light purple bob cut, white eyeshadow and eyeliner, and pink lips. She wears an Animal Crossing version of a gothic lolita dress black and white dress with red charm-like objects on it and a big, fang -like collar and trim. 

Ohe also wears black shoes with red lining and purple Mary Jane's.

 She has red paint on her tail tip. Her tail is large and long, curling up like a tiered skirt.


Purrl roams around the town as she pleases. She now lives in her own private room that she can call her own, and spends most of her days laying around playing games on the television that now rests upon a better-than-average Exotic Table and coffee table combo: the Exotic Table and Exotic End Table.

Despite a long time of speculation about her moving out, in New Leaf, it is revealed that she still lives inside the home with the player. 

She takes on the role of a paternal figure to the Player and can become a love interest if they are both single, but only the Player may propose marriage, and she will accept.

Purrl's house is a composite of several houses that are spread out around town. 

When you enter, you'll be surrounded by the sparkling water of the pool. 

The left has an unusual wallpaper, which makes this side appear to have more space than it actually does. To the right is a classic sofa, two classic armchairs, and her Exquisite Wall.