Qiqi in Genshin Impact Explained

Qiqi Info Card

A young girl of unknown origins, Qiqi has been wandering around the world with her master, who was an adept. Since she is a petite zombie, her physical abilities are quite poor to the point that it took a lot of effort for her to even carry an herb basket. 

However, since she doesn't need to eat or sleep and she can be rebuilt from death, she is still very happy! She may seem a little slow due to that, but in fact we'd like you to think of her as a person who will become a better healer when you get to know her better. 

Today, she is working at Bubu Pharmacy. She grows herbs with the other apprentice herbalist, Tortus and gathers ingredients by day, and gives herself orders at night to work on her skills.

She knows how to make a ton of different teas and sells them at Bubu Pharmacy, though she also happens to trade herbs locally, too. With her zombie body, all she has to do is give herself a command like "Go look for harvesting herbs", and she'll set out on a roundabout way to find them. 

It's because of her skill and personality that Macao, who tends to be quite careless, treats her kindly.

When Qiqi returned to the world she was born into, she found out she had become a zombie. This "gift" of unending life has caused her problems (such as her own father trying to eat her!). 

Although she sometimes feels annoyed by her strange body and can't help but cry, her apprentice pharmacist friend, Liyue, always encourages her. Each day is a new challenge, and as Qiqi meets more extraordinary people, she learns to face them with a smile.


As her original body deteriorated from the disease, she began to permanently reside within a doll that substitutes as a vessel for her memories and personality. Her name, "Qiqi" means "little mischievous girl" in Chinese. 

She is quiet and polite when dealing with customers at the pharmacy where she works, but can quickly forget about people if she doesn't continually reinforce herself with an impression of them, using her Vision to protect those she holds dear. 

Due to her undead nature, Qiqi has a relatively flat voice and is unable to convey most of her emotions to others, nor does she have a particularly strong sense of smell. 

She has trouble remembering people's faces, so she uses her Vision to protect those she holds dear. 

She also likes cats and may be found petting them in some of the pre-daughters' routes.

She is very respectful of others, especially when dealing with customers at her pharmacy, but does not try to be overly familiar with them. She attempts to uphold an air of professionalism in order to help others feel safe around her. 

Although she may seem shy at first, Qiqi will warm up to others over time as she gains their trust, and become more talkative as a result.

Though kind, she is always happy to lend an ear to any in need, be them human or monster. 

She is rather frivolous, often seen shopping for clothes and cosmetics that she can't use, although the treatments and materials hidden within allow her to manipulate her body in ways that appear all but impossible. Qiqi works at the same pharmacy as Kouji Saya.


Qiqi looks like a young girl with mysterious purple eyes and white hair. She has black hair with bangs that reach the tip of her nose in thick strands and a white band around her forehead as well. 

She wears a purple shirt with black shorts underneath. Her shirt has three white lines on it that reach from her stomach to below her chest.

Her tiara appears lighter than in the picture. Also, she has a black ribbon on her left arm. 

She also has a special necklace with a butterfly shaped pendant that has a little bit of green on it. On the bottom right part of her robe, there is an open pocket/pocket flap that is white. 

Her crystals are blue, or they could be fine jewels such as diamonds and rubies. In Genshin Impact she wears brown shoes.

Despite her young age, she displays a mature, confident and resourceful attitude. She also tells Hina that she likes cute things despite appearing as an emotionless person. 

She also seems to be confident in her abilities as seen when fighting against Galeia. Her special attacks are Icicle Flurry, Ice Diamond Dust and Blizzard of the North. She is voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi in Japanese and by Erin Fitzgerald in English.

Genshin Impact is an emotive, character-driven RPG that permits you to interact with the story in a new and original way. 

Face complex moral dilemmas while exploring sprawling environments, uncover a mysterious and foreboding plot, and fight your way through randomly generated dungeons relying on your own skill, cunning and intuition.

Meaning Of Name

When your loved one passes away, you will have enough to handle and deal with. 

The time is already emotionally devastating for the family and friends. 

Li Ning's Qiqi would try to lessen the pain and help you go through the 49-day Buddhist ritual of the death of your beloved by providing the funeral service that reflects the essence of Buddhism philosophy.

An etymological investigation of qiqi and genshin, two Japanese loan words from Chinese Buddhist ritual practice that have been introduced into English. 

Includes a discussion of the historical background of the terms, the modern problems and issues surrounding the terms, and how these are handled in English-language academic studies.

Things You Should Know About Qiqi

  • She's in charge of editing and managing content on the newly revamped Forum. She posted a message on the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board, calling for aid to help children by protecting their innocence with stories of pre-impact life.
  • Afflicted with a terrible curse after attempting to revive her deceased son, Qiqi was forced to relentlessly hunt for victims in order to appease a powerful jiangshi master. Though her human heart was destroyed by the curse, a lingering shred of her love for her child still remained, and she could not bring herself to devour his innocent soul.
  • From time-to-time, the Steambird offers recipes for some of the exotic items served in Genshin Impact. For Qiqi's visit, I tried my hand at one of the local cocktails. Of course, you can modify these recipes to suit your own tastes and needs. After all, cooking is a creative endeavor!