Quick Charge Minecraft: Enchantment Guide

Nov 7, 2021
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Quite simply, the Quick Charge enchantment is the ideal choice if you want to reload your crossbow quickly in Minecraft.

This is important for PvP battles, where you can quickly get off shots at your enemy. Also it is perfect to take out a few zombies in quick succession.

If you’re building traps in your Minecraft journey, a crossbow is probably going to be one of your strongest weapons.

All of the enchantments are useful to Minecraft players. Likewise, having a crossbow enchanted with Quick Charge is very helpful.

If you were really into the game but were not satisfied with your crossbow just because it takes too long to load, this is the right enchantment for you.

How to Use Quick Charge Enchantments

It's quite simple to use, all you have to do is add the Quick Charge enchantment on any item you want. With this enchantment, every time you reload your crossbow, what used to be a laborious process will only take a few seconds.

It is also useful for those who need to rely on resourcefulness and quick reloading speeds when competing in a tournament environment. The enchantment features the highest reload speed in the entire game.

You can use it on a bow, but this particular enchantment is more useful when placed on a crossbow, as it will save you precious time. 

Technical information

When Quick Charge was announced for release in the 1.14 snapshot, it had people excited. Unlike Unbreaking, which made certain weapons useful at early game, Quick Charge instead preferred to alter the late game crossbow playstyle by allowing for "quick" (get it?) arrow shots.

When applied to a bow, it will increase the bow's fire rate by 50%. With the enchantment on a crossbow, it will increase fire rate by 25%.

Quick Charge has a 17% chance to activate whenever you fire a charged arrow; however, the enchantment does not have an effect if shot by anything other than a crossbow.

Other Minecraft Enchantments

Enchantments are what help separate the good players from the bad ones. They’re like gold to a miner; if you don’t have enough, either go find some or make more of them.

Enchanting in Minecraft is a process of adding special powers to your weapons, tools and armour. These enhancements are created using an Enchantment Table (similar to a crafting table) and are what makes Minecraft so much fun.

You can create armor, weapons, tools, and books with enchantments on them to make them stronger in battle.

There are currently +20 different enchantments in Minecraft. These enchantments give various perks and benefits to players wearing them, and can be used to make some of the best items in Minecraft.

Aqua Affinity

Reduces mining fatigue for the duration of enchantment. The enchantment can be applied by an active water altar before mining.

Let’s face it, mining is boring. But, when you’re mining for long periods of time, it can really start to wear you down. 

Over time, you will find yourself lacking the will or the strength to mine as much ore as before. This enchantment was created to help alleviate that problem by increasing your mining speed while underwater.


One such enchantment could be Efficiency, which increases the % chance every axe has to stun a shield. 

As each axe in a volley only has a chance to stun the shield, one or two axes may miss. Increasing that chance with Efficiency will increase your potential to stun a shield, thus getting your opponents Stamina down and opening them up for more hits.

They are unique in their nature, mainly because they are primarily single-effect enchantments that--to my knowledge--have never been duplicated by any other enchantment. These enchantments increase the chance of axes holding stun effects (like the Elemental Fury and Spirited axes.) 

This chance is increased by 5% per level, up to a maximum of 15% chance for axes to hold stun effects on a target.


While working on a seemingly simple problem, I discovered a new way to think about how arrows and entities work that can easily be overlooked. 

Basically, arrows can pass through multiple entities while piercing, and the number of entities they pass through is not related to the spell level. While this might only affect very specific situations for a low-level caster, it opens up possibilities for spell design in water arcana.

About Minecraft Crossbow

When you are playing multiplayer, the arrows fired by a bow or even a crossbow can be shot back at its owner and damage him. A crossbow is faster to load and slightly more powerful than a bow, which makes it very useful for PvP in survival mode. To load, equip the bow with one hand and use it as if you were reloading it. 

This is slower than reloading a crossbow normally but still faster than waiting for a normal bow to reload naturally. 

If using an enchanted bow (such as Infinity) on a skeleton sniper, the bow may not be loaded initially due to lag generated by the enchantment—this leads to the player taking several hits from the skeleton before being able to fire back.