Raiden Ei In Genshin Impact Explained

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Raiden Ei Info Card

The God of Eternity, who leads Inazuma in their fight to protect the world from the Abyssal Fiends. 

In Genshin Impact, as Raiden Ei prepares to become the new Shogun of Inazuma and appoint her sister's daughter Makoto as her successor, she is sought out by a mysterious being seeking revenge upon her Archon sister's killers.

It is said that one must have control over the elements before one can truly call themselves an Inazuma. With a mind for strategy and a fire in her heart, Ei is the first to finish her training and become a true Inazuma. 

Although she is the smallest Archon in terms of height, she's known by many as the strongest among them.

Based on her past, many demons are hostile towards her, but to protect her beloved sister Makoto, she decided to keep her identity as the shogun of Inazuma a secret. But soon after that she met Lt. Kyuujirou Kousaka, an Inazuma officer who came to capture her. Even though she had been in a lot of trouble because of him, they eventually got married and had a child together…

She is a walking battle machine, who will do whatever Ashiel demands with almost unquestioning loyalty. However, Raiden Ei doesn't understand why people would die for something. 

Serving as a vital member of Celestial Being since the organization's conception, Archon Ei has manifested herself once again to aid her fellow comrades. Uniting with The Seven, with the power passed on by Aeolus, is a lovely manifestation of her might. 

Ei's reemergence is fueled by her desire to protect that which she considers dear – ultimately making her one of the most powerful and favorable God-Soldier's available.

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She seems to believe that girls are worthless until the arrival of Paul Dukedom, which leads to her undergoing the "Courage Test" where she faces an army of Togakure ninjas by herself. She then joins Raiden's army and sets out to find her brother, Ageha. Her new outfit is more like a female ninja with armor for her arms and legs. She has become more violent in this form but is still timid, demonstrative towards ageha when they first reunite.

 Her eyes are a misty silver that seem to reflect her emotions. 

Her body is petite, but very well toned due to the long years of training she put herself through. Due to being an outsider, she was given a small necklace from Shiina which had a purple jewel. 

She wears a gray sleeveless shirt with mesh-arm sleeves under her kimono as well as a brown belt around her waist.

Though thousands of years old, she keeps up with the times, and is an avid user of social media. She is constantly taking photos to update her blog, where she talks about the current events from her perspective, along with sharing her thoughts. Her posts are generally illustrated with selfies, much to the chagrin of other Dark Hunters…

She appears to be rather well-endowed, with ample bosom and partially visible thighs, hunting some sort of curvature. This is noted by Shinnosuke Ogami who made a lewd joke on seeing her.

She wore a black and gold obi, blue and gold earrings, a golden choker and a dark purple strap with a purple jewel. 

Her hair was most likely tied back into a ponytail because in the same screen, you can see that she has written 'Ei' on the top of her head. 

She also wears a pink-yellow bracelet as revealed in her fighting stance. In the same images, she is seen wearing a kimono and wielding two golden tachi swords, one on each hand. 

At the time when this took place, they appear to be much longer than they are seen today having extension sheaths that have been wrapped around her forearm to stop them from falling out of her hands.


  • The katana was wielded by both Makoto and Ei on a single blade. The Ei In Genshin Impact is the ultimate form of the Musou no Hitotachi- The symbol of ultimate power said to only be witnessed during "divine punishment." By combining both Maragurunokami and Musou no Hitotachi together, both moved into a new realm of swordsmanship.
  • ​​Being an orphan, and a victim of neglect and bullying at the hands of her home planet's natives, Raiden became an outcast who despised her own existence. A chance encounter with Honkai changed everything. The Curse Power awakens within her body, and the crimson stigmata on her right hand is a sign that she is a "Keeper of The Curse." Her body is not her own anymore…
  • This wildly popular and easily accessible figure of the Devil is one of Satan’s most powerful demons. This character has appeared in many Western stories and has a reputation for being insidious and cunning, and refers to himself as “The Evil One”. Beelzebub (also spelled Beelzebul) may be interpreted as meaning “Lord of the Flies” or “Lord of the House of Demons”.
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