Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact Explained

Raiden Shogun Info Card

Beelzebul, the third archon of Inazuma. She is the mother of Goro Akechi and one of the three persons who brought about the Great Collapse 100 years ago. She is commonly known as the "Mother of Demons" or "The Mother of Lies". 

Some think she is an evil being that intends to destroy mankind through supernatural affairs. However, in reality, she is a person who wishes for world peace and puts her will into practice by handing over control to a puppet through meditation while living in another dimension. 

She carries out her mission in order to change the powers that have caused wars and strife from long ago, such as ruling dictatorship, elite cliques, religious fanaticism, colonization of foreign lands, experiments on human beings, etc., and allow for greater prosperity for mankind. 

This may also be due to her being a pitiful person herself. 

A girl with a petite frame, not very cheerful. Her dazzling yellow/orange eyes are like fire that can set ablaze everything it sees. 

She is the ruler of an island which used to be an independent nation. Nobody knows her hometown, but she has strong ties with the government of Japan and seems to have known Dr. Tsuchimikado at one point in time.

With last week's episode, we saw the end to All Might's short-lived retirement from heroing and the beginning of his fight against the Hero Killer, Stain. This week, the media goes wild over Stain, and things slowly start going awry for Midoriya and his classmates.

For hundreds of years, there have been believers and non-believers alike. Some believe in their own ways, while some call them pretenders. 

Despite what one believed, the top brass of Inazuma still recognize the power their archon controls. 

With the current archon being Bezzelebub, the sole controller over the souls of men and women, said to be even more powerful than her sister Abrenuncio. Readers here might wonder how Beelzebub could be next in line to become the vessel of Beelzebul as she was already one before becoming an Electro Archon.


Due to the limitations described above, it sometimes seems as if Raiden Shogun exists only through the actions of others. 

However, there is one person whose actions are singularly able to speak to the true nature of her personality—Diana Volkova. 

During the period following her creation, Ei would habitually “relax” in a virtual environment within Raiden Ei’s mindspace, becoming the avatar of a goddess sitting upon a throne in a field bathed in golden sunshine; this avatar was so relaxed that it lacked all expression. 

One day, Diana asked what Raiden was going to do after she took over Inazuma; before she could finish speaking, Raiden had turned her avatar around to face her and answered with decisive words: “I will keep ruling over Inazuma until the day when I can create another ruler of equal ability.” It was at this moment that Diana realized the emotions expressed by an artificially created being for the first time.

When she is not serving Ei, the Shogun dwells in the shadows of the city, watching and analyzing all who enter it. 

No one even knows her true face, as she is always clad in golden armor that obscures it from view. Even when removed or destroyed, it immediately begins to repair itself. 

All who meet the Shogun are struck instantly by how unapproachable she is; only those with a strong will can keep themselves from succumbing to fear upon meeting her silver eyes.

The Raiden Shogun is a peculiar personality, and the only one in existence. While the Inazuma Eleven series has many unique personalities, this one sticks out severely. 

When I refer to her as a puppet, I mean it in a very literal sense; she is an Inazuma Eleven puppet, meaning she isn’t an original character, but rather, a character imported from another game or product.

She is also a very disciplined and serious person. Despite her demanding nature towards her friends (particularly on Fubuki), she has shown to understand them very well, often trying to help them when they need it. 

She is concerned about the well-being of both Fubuki and Kazu as well as others who are close to her. 

However, even though she appears harsh in relation to the younger members of Inazuma, she really does care for them and would not hesitate to assist them or call for backup if needed.


Her eyes are purple and she has a beauty mark below her right eye.

The Raiden Shogun is the physical reincarnation of the two elder sisters. Her appearance is that of an adult woman, with long purple hair and purple eyes. She retains her twin sister's hairpin, a fan-shaped piece which attaches to her braid on the right side of her head. 

On the left side of her head, she has a purple hairpin with pale violet flowers resembling morning glories and a small drop pearl on top. 

The rest of her attire consists of black leather boots with high heels and gold armlets with green gems. Behind her back is a red bow tied at the top and lets loose seven ribbon-like tails ending in red dangly balls. 

She wears a sleeveless black minidress that has large sections cut out from the middle on both sides. Endowed upon her wrist are bracelets with small chains ending in anchor-shaped pieces while around her neck is another set of four pink pearls.

A close friend of Ei and her elder twin sister, she narrates the events that happened in EDEN to Raiden Zeta. In the story of RAIDEN ZETA, she is a First-Class Agent who worked under Hannibal Palace alongside Ei and Makoto to start off with. Created by Dr. 

Lovemore, she was created using DNA from Genshin Impact's red fighting machines (the Red Falcons) enhanced with genes from the ace pilots that were dispatched to take down any EDEN resistance.

The top part of the shirt buttoned to the collar and has billowing white, orange and red-orange dress flowing around her waist. 

Her skirt is also pink, but horizontally striped in white and magenta, and has a thick black outline with orange flame frill on the outer layer and a thin band of pale violet with similar motif on the inner layer. 

She wears ash gray stockings that stop at mid-shin behind her knee-high boots which are magenta with black outline (outer) and yellow flame design (inner), opening at the front revealing her feet.

Meaning of Name

Her name means “lightning spirit”, and she is able to summon the essence of electrons in her own body — that's right, she’s a humanoid lightning bolt! 

She gives off an aura that electrifies anyone who gets close to her, and this negatively affects anyone who dares oppose her. 

Her electronic attack manifests itself as a beam of radiant electricity wrapped in blades of solidified plasma. 

She is accompanied by a cloud-like entity called Deluge which carries out its master’s will by attacking with lightning bolts from above.

Things You Should Know About Raiden

  • As fans of Genshin Impact know, we have previously gone over the naming conventions for each of the main heroines in terms of their constellations. This time around, let's take a more in-depth look at what happened with the Raiden Shogun's constellation name. 
  • By now you may have noticed that both Venti and Zhongli Whirlwind share the same convention: they both have their constellation names follow this pattern: "Dei ~ [Unison]". 
  • After checking with Touma Kamijou (character setting), it was found that while originally it was thought this was a hard requirement for all Unison Warriors, the reason behind this pattern is more flexible. It is merely a coincidence that Venti and Zhongli happen to share this pattern.
  • Raiden Shogun is a loner. Raiden Shogun works alone and doesn't play well with others. 
  • When a newbie asks if Raiden Shogun wants to duo, the answer she generally replies is no, because she prefers to work on her own with no distractions. She's aware that this makes Raiden look bad, and tries to work on it as much as possible. 
  • One day, when you see her working with another player or getting along with people better philosophically, take that as a sign that she's improved tremendously by letting herself open up just a little bit. 
  • Now and then though, try giving her some space and time to do things on her own, because she wouldn't want it any other way after all.
  • The constellation of Raiden Shogun is composed mainly of stars, but it also includes an exploding supergiant star and a Supernova Remnant that has since been captured by a black hole. 
  • In fact, the only thing not in this constellation are planets, although it does pass through the outer reaches of the Raiden Systems' Oort Cloud and is home to the only known electromagnetic storms in the universe (other than those caused by the Magnus effect).
  • Now, the stars make a real mystery of their own. If we look at the star patterns, it’s apparent that Venti and Zhongli are from the same time period as the other constellations surrounding them. But the case with Raiden Shogun is far more complicated.