Raymond Animal Crossing Explained

Raymond Animal Crossing Info Card

He has white hair that resembles that of an electric Koopa, as well as white patches on his hands. 

This makes him resemble a politician, which is supported by his name, as politicians give advice to their fellow townspeople for their own personal gain.

Raymond is a cat with sophisticated tastes. He wears a black shirt and green tie, and has gray hair along the back of his head. 

His nose is white, and he has small, black circular eyes with horizontal eyelashes, but no actual pupils. He initially acts snobbish towards the player, talking about how big the town has gotten and how uncivilized it has become. 

If players talk to him enough times, he warms up and gives them his picture.

He always has the latest jokes to tell and loves to crack them whenever he sees an opportunity. Whenever he gets something he wants, he stalks his prey by slinking around in the shadows.

He’s the kind of politician who wouldn’t look out for himself first, unless what helps him also helps others.


Raymond is a cat villagers from the Animal Crossing series will be familiar with. If your character or a villager stands next to him while he is turning, they have a chance to talk about his attire. 

He will ask if you think his choice of clothes look nice and you will respond by saying that they really do. 

Raymond will then say that he would never want to wear anything else.

He is a young, energetic cat with an endearing personality. 

He first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and can often be seen hanging around the town after work on sunny days. 

He's easy to spot not only because he's hard-working but also because he has heterochromia, which means his eyes are different colors. 

Always on the lookout for exciting new adventures, Raymond will keep your business booming!


Raymond shares many personalities with other villagers. 

He's friendly, playful and likes to joke around like the jock and lazy villagers do, as well as take exercise and eat healthy foods like the peppy villagers do. 

He'll go out of his way to compliment those around him, mainly those who look young; he'll even compliment villagers on their looks and call them "cuties" and occasionally "babes", much to their embarrassment. 

He also seems to care about the environment and the common good, agreeing with the normal villagers when they talk about how everyone should help out with recycling.


Raymond's house is a three story house that has a green roof, dark green sides and a green floor going inside the home. 

The green floor leads to a staircase going down to a small living room. 

To the left of the living room is a Tuscan themed kitchen with Striped Wall Clock, an oven from the Kitchen Set, a corner shelf from the Cabin Set, and two yellow ingredients from the Fruit Basket. 

On the desk is a computer, with beige tiles below it. Beneath the desk is a stack of papers. Near the office area is Raymond's home-away-from-home den, with its own den desk and den chair.

He initially lives there by himself, but one of his relatives, usually Ursula, sets up a tent pen in the backyard when they visit for a while. 

If they stay longer than a few days or until they are evicted, they can move into one of the bedrooms.