Razor in Genshin Impact Explained

Razor I

One fateful day, Razor found himself abandoned as an infant in a forest and taken in by the Wolf of the North, Andrius. He was raised by his wolf pack alongside their cubs and grew into a mighty warrior. 

After a chance encounter with Varka, who was the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius and had saved his life, he allowed Razor to integrate with humans again before being knighted himself. It wasn't until meeting Varka that his life truly began though. 

With the training and skills he's honed growing up in the wolven lands, Razor makes a formidable opponent wielding the Impact and other weapons forged by the Smith's Tongue.

He has recently formed a friendship with Varka, and is slowly adjusting to the new way of life in town. Having previously only known the freedom of being a wolf, he's enthusiastic about learning his place being one of the humans.

A descendant of their god Cernunnos, Razor is more at home in the sky than on the ground. 

Use his Windblade control powers to dash and glide through the air, batter down obstacles with a whirlwind telekinetic attack, or summon pillars of ice that erupt from the ground below your foes.

 An all-weather airframe, it's great for flying both indoors and outside, with instant startup and cool running (power supply via 1 AA battery required). The Genshin Impact can be flown in six different directions--left, right, forward, backward, up, or down--and comes with a high-quality microphone controller. 

It also has a digital proportional control system that makes it easy to accurately control the helicopter by adjusting the throttle and channel stick.

The large urethane wheels smooth out rough terrain, while the torque-converter drivetrain makes hills almost laughably easy to tackle. 

A 48V motor and superior torque provide you with power for days, making this the ideal commuter vehicle for getting to wherever you need to go.

Now eager to be part of humanity again, he has left Wolvendom behind and returned to his human form. 

After a chance encounter with Varka, the current Grand Master of Knights of Favonius, Razor has slowly started integrating with humans again.


He considers Andrius to be his father figure, and is quite attached to him. 

As he travels with David and Genshin on their journey across Wolvendom, and sees more people besides Andrius and himself, Razor starts to realize that humans aren't all that different from wolves, and can be just as selfless as they are when they are willing to protect those around them.

He is initially an infant when Andrius finds him, and as such can be seen crying on occasion. 

He makes his first appearance in season one of Wolf's Rain when he encounters Tsume, Kiba, and Toboe after the former two saved him from some river bandits. 

Razor quickly befriends them despite not being able to communicate with words, acts playful towards them, and declares them to be forever friends (which is later proven true as he protects them from pursuing wolves).

He was raised by Andrius, the dangerous and ferocious leader of a powerful Wolven Demon tribe, who counted on Razor's fat exterior to protect him from the dangers of fighting beasts. 

When Andrius disappears on an unplanned trip into Kanjiel's jungle, Razor must go on his first solo adventure to get his master back. 

With help from his loyal friend and mentor Thrill, as well as humans Falken and Sephira, Razor must fight brutal monsters and harsh terrain in order to get back home.

He's a blue wolf pup but has the intelligence of a teenage boy due to his mind being human. He may be harmless to most but he doesn't hesitate for a second to tear off limbs when angered.


Razor is a wolf boy, the son of a legendary dog hero known as the Silver Fang. After being adopted by a human couple, he lives with his brother Kai in Tobita Town. Razor is Kai's opposite in every aspect; though cheerful and outgoing, he also has a short temper and can be easily irritated. 

While more open-minded than his brother, he is just as competitive.

He was once a member of the wolf family who lived in the southern jungle. When he was an infant and Greatstar had led his family to settle in an area, Razor wandered off into a cave filled with glow worms with his best friend Kite. 

While playing around, he fell into an underground lake and found himself trapped with no way out.

He lived there for ten years until he was found by the Red Fang knights, who rescued and adopted him. Over time, he began to lose his memories of growing up with his family and friends. 

Unable to return to his old home, Razor left in search of new adventures, hoping that one day he will be able to recall his own past as well as the family that had died protecting him when Zakelon soldiers attacked.

He has selected the name for himself, based on his wolf family's way of naming their children after physical traits. As such, all of his siblings have names like Claw or Fang. 

His relentless training with his fellow wolves made him capable of matching anyone in skills and speed, being able to keep up with adventurers and skilled warriors alike.

When his best friend, Lila, was captured by the enemy and he was unable to save her, Razor disappeared for a year trying to find her, training in the mountains with his wolf pack. He was eventually found by Ace and recruited into Ray's party.

Things You Should Know About Razor

  • Razor of the Assassin clan was one of the most skillful warriors to grace the battlefields. After a long career of bloody combat, Master Varka gave him his name and taught him how to fight with claymores, which took razor's fighting craft to a whole new level.
  • They may have big fangs, but at heart all wolves are lovable little puppies who love to cuddle and play. Introducing Wolfie . . . Razor's lovable and mischievous little brother. Wolfie is always up for fun – from chasing and wrestling with his friends, to enjoying a good game of hide-and-seek.
  • He is a hero who is in touch with himself and nature, but sometimes his intellect betrays his instincts. Let the ninja's soul, which appears in this game, take control of your own and take the lead in battle!
  •  Razor is a Chinese robot that turns into a sword. He is the ninja of Wind. He is also one of the members sent to capture Megatron, who had been liberated from Dr. Onishi by the human resistance group. After being killed by Megatron, he returned again as an android. He uses his Electro-Vision to paralyze his enemies before attacking them with his Electron Scimitar.