Reliable Helper In Genshin Impact Explained

With Reliable Helper, you will always have a friend to watch your back. It’s responsive, protective, and always on guard.Tsarevich, who is involved in a large-scale marketing venture, seeks your help to train his employees. Choose one of the sections he gives you and clear it. 

He's held up in his marketing ventures due to hostile creatures ahead, and needs your help to clear the location of dangerous creatures so he can continue on his way.

He's got an uphill battle ahead of him as he's trying to sell his wares but monsters are a-plenty in the area. Choosing one of the locations that he gives you and clearing out all of the enemies that stand in your way will complete the quest and grant you some nice rewards.

He tasks you with clearing any one of the three sections he has marked on the map according to your preference. After completing one of them and returning, he will reward you with an additional night at his inn.

Completing the quest will grant you Mora and Adventure EXP, as well as a chance to get a few items as additional rewards based on your performance.

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Steps You Should Follow

1) Speak to Tsarevich

      a) Select your location you want to play.

2) Fight the Hilichurls.

3) Let Tsarevich know. 


Medals can be obtained by completing World Quests, Archon Quests and Commission Quests. The value of upgrading this medal will ultimately depend on your situation, if you often do world quests, then maxing it out might be a good idea as you can get rewards such as Artifacts and Weapon EXP every day.


  • When Facing the task at the mountainside, you'd better defeat all Ruin Guards. Make sure to take the initiative and start attacking first, otherwise your cargo will be destroyed. 
  • Don't let the Dendro. get destroyed. Quickly heal damaged cargo by using Pyro, Electro, or Hydro magic you can use on the damaged goods to repair them. The faster you do this, the more money you will get. The best way to avoid having to repair goods is to bring a shield that allows you to block attacks.
  • Your convoy will come under attack from the Millelith followed by some enemies. They're all melee fighters so having a ranged character is advised.
  • You should have all the elemental resistance, especially electric, since you will meet Electro Hypostasis in later stages. Also check if your party contains a character that can teleport on their own, or can swap characters. 
  • The Tsarevich is a minor character and in-game vendor introduced in Chapter II: The Wayfarer's Troubles. He is typically found standing atop a rock column at Cape Oath and various other locations.
  • The Watermelon obtained from harvesting the plant can be eaten by the player to regain 15% of their maximum HP. Additionally, it can be used as an ingredient in Cooking, or as a response option during Dialogue.
  • He can be found in the 'City That Never Sleeps' section of Mondstadt. The Tsarevich can be found at a small plaza near the Genshin Impact main questline and just before the gate leading to elsewhere, you will meet with Tsarevich.