Rex Lapis (Morax) In Genshin Impact Explained

Morax Info Card

Morax is now the most formidable Geomancer in Liyue's history and has become indispensable to his people, who revere him as a God. He is also one of the two original members of "The Seven" left alive at the start of the game.

A god that presides over the Geo element. Morax is one of the two ancient Archons who were originally entrusted with protecting Liyue Harbor, before being defeated and imprisoned by the new Geo Archon, Rex Lapis.

It went into slumber after a tragic war against the people of Liyue, but as one of the seven archons in Teyvat's history, it has displayed its might multiple times. It can be obtained from Orb vending machines or Dire Night iron coin shops.

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He rules over Liyue Harbor, the second city to be unlocked in Teyvat. Morax guards the domain of Geo from within his ancient slumber.

He made a name for himself as the greatest alchemist of his time and was requested to create a superhuman army via experiments. Though the mission ultimately ended up being abandoned, Morax stayed behind at Seelie's request and assisted in the founding of a city based on research of such experiments in order to allow for alchemists to prosper there.

He was never greedy or tyrannical, but favored justice and compassion, which endeared him to the people of Liyue who built many temples in honor of him. 


A great catastrophe caused by an unknown enemy devastated the kingdom and caused countless deaths and left it in ruins. 

Rex Lapis' daughter, Ayaka, perished during this event along with many others. In an attempt to resurrect his deceased daughter — and avert another similar disaster in the future — he imbued much of his power into the Mother of Repentance, subsequently becoming Morax himself.

Known as the Archons, these deities were highly respected and worshiped by the people. Adored for being kind and caring towards mankind, they used their powers to assist humans in prospering and living happy lives. Rex Lapis was one of these Archons.

He believes that he was chosen to rule over all humanity due to his endless wisdom and vast knowledge, and did not take kindly to Rex Lapis' usurping of his position. Despite being worshiped by humans for millennia, Morax sees himself as doing them a favor and does not see humans as being particularly important to him, telling Sucrose that humanity was only created for Morax's entertainment.

People are still new to him, but he is quick to assess the nature and strength of those around him. To Morax, those who are strong are worthy of his respect and loyalty, while those who are weak will be treated as subordinate to him. He takes particular interest in humans who are capable fighters and seems to have no fear of engaging his strongest opponents in battle. The main objective at the moment is to train to become stronger and prove himself in every way possible. This simple goal has pushed Morax to overcome many of the obstacles that he has come across on his own, even before meeting any other Travelers or adventurers passing by Mondstadt.


These statues show Rex Lapis as a more human-like figure. He is shown to be an adult man wearing a hood and robes wrapped around his legs, holding a cube. The cloak and pants are tied with a rope, which seems to have been made with the same type of material as Mora. Though he is not typically seen in this physical form, Rex Lapis is reportedly an adeptus who takes the form of a half-dragon, half-lin hybrid during formal events such as the Rite of Descension.

His back is shown to be pale white, with orange hands and vein-like markings traveling up his arm.

He is one of seven truly ancient gods that existed long before The Archons came to this world, and is considered to be a member of "The Seven." He is also the father of Dvalin, who escaped from his domain. Morax was said to have been historically worshiped in Liyue.

He was once worshiped as the God of Bounty by Liyue Qixing and founder of the city of Liyue Harbor. He later became the leader of the Archons and took on the role of an "Adversary."

He is often depicted with half-dragon and half-man appearance, but his true form is a tall muscular gentleman with blue skin, who dresses himself in hooded robes.

He is most often depicted as an adult male with a humanoid body shape and yellowish skin. He also has two large tentacles that extend under his torso.

He has brown hair, slicked back and gives off a matching mustache and goatee. His hair is frequently compared to "fox fur" or "green grass", giving him the nickname "Fox Fur".

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The Past

The battle resulted in the death of his good friend Guizhong and caused catastrophic damage to Guili Plains and Dihua Marsh (which is now known as Guyun Stone Forest). Bringing what remained of his people with him, he built a new kingdom south of Mt. Tianheng. That place would become today's Liyue Harbor.

He lived with his sister, the Goddess of Dust (Guizhong), and the two had formed a settlement for the people they led. However, after Guizhong's death, Morax relocated his people to present-day Liyue Harbor.

He has been lurking in Liyue ever since Rex Lapis came to Teyvat after the Archon War, where he built the city of Liyue Harbor and began trading with other nations on behalf of Rex Lapis.

Recently, Morax has sent diplomats to Mondstadt, but these attempts have been met with little success due to the unpredictable nature of the God of Wind. So far, no diplomat has survived a full day in Mondstadt without being lost to the winds.

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