Rosaria in Genshin Impact


Mondstadt's Church of Favonius has not always been a part of the Astral Union. Their practice of giving equal importance to female devotees was once considered unfathomable in society, and even now the church is often victims of prejudice. 

The Sister, Rosaria, is one such victim. Still, behind a veil of mystery and stereotypes, this cool and mysterious young woman possesses great potential as a politician… She seems quite good at archery, and is lightly armored for easy movement. 

Her personality is a bit hard to take; she sneers at everyone and everything, including Rudlof, whom she should be serving directly. She's a woman with a towering temper, and she's known for her unpredictability. 

Her sharp tongue gets her into many scuffles with her church peers, but she always wins in the end. Because they lack a formal system of confirmation, they are constantly arguing over whether her clothing is suitable. 

She always has a stiff, cold mannerisms and deals with people in a sharp way. Because she is completely devoted to Favonius and tends to act on his words in order to save other people though reckless means, she often leaves the church without telling anyone. But somewhere it seems like she..


Rosaria is a devout, if rather unorthodox Sister of Barbatos who acts as the headmistress of the Church's Faith Academy on Genshin Impact. 

From her personality, beliefs, and doctrines to her good side and bad side, this book touches on what makes this apostle tick. With insights from Kaeya as well as quotes from Rosaria herself, learn about the inner workings of this young apostle.

She is devoted to her religion and quite involved with it. However, she does get bored easily and will do anything to entertain herself -- even if it means going against her beliefs. 

She also has little patience for anyone who tries to interfere with her work, or who tries to get her in trouble with the church.

Tough and straightforward, Rosaria Crockett is downright intimidating at times, but underneath her rough shell lies a surprisingly warm heart. 

A hot-blooded woman with skin as thick as any armored knight, she possesses a knight's devotion to her ideals.


Her body frame is somewhat lanky, and her somewhat short stature is further complimented by her long arms and legs. 

Her bangs are angled to obscure the right side of her forehead, while her longer forelocks are noticeably parted to the left.

She is also very short-fused and seems to be quite impatient, often showing anger at her servants. Rosaria usually wears a long black dress throughout the day, while she wears a white leotard when training or sleeping. 

She has cat-like eyes with a soft pink tint, and long wine-colored hair that falls well past her waist.

The dress has dark blue shoulder sleeves, and is sleeveless for the most part. It contains long, visible stitching running along the front and back of the shoulders of her sigil-marked left shoulder. She wears a light brown choker around her neck, which also appears to be stitched.

Her cold, professional attitude can be off-putting to some, but it reflects her unwavering dedication to her work. 

Even though she doesn't seem like it, Rosaria is actually quite good at understanding things from other people's perspectives and opinions when given enough time to adjust.

Meaning of Name

She has also met with Natasha and her other friends once before Natasha has joined up with Dante and Virgil. Rosaria was saved by Natasha when she was killed by a demon, but only to look after Natasha's new born sister and when she was pregnant.

 They were persecuted in all the nations and their corpses were thrown into a deep valley, with no place to bury them. 

At that time, there appeared a small holy being in the form of a little girl. 

She picked up a discarded cross near the headless corpse of a nun, who had prayed to god before her death. 

A tiny lily sprouted on her palm and bloomed like a rosarium. The holy being named herself Rosaria and made the Tasen Church grow again.

Things You Should Know About Rosaria

  • Her eyes are the only visible part of her body, and she spends most of her time in Genshin Impact, although she is also seen in the Human World sometimes. 
  • She appears as a young woman with horns growing out of her head, but once she assumes her true form, her horns grow to great lengths and change shape every time she moves. The thorns that sprout from these horns pierce and sap creatures' will to fight from a distance.
  • When Hu Tao's brother was in a pinch for someone to draw a new illustration for his game's trademark monster, Rosaria came up with the idea to use her older brother's drawing as a base. While she may not think of herself as an artist, she feels strongly about her work and prefers drawing to cooking or anything else.