Rover Animal Crossing Explained

Rover Animal Crossing Info Card

Here's your chance to meet Rover! He's the helpful cat who sets up for you when you first start playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. 

You can choose to make him your special friend, or not. Either way he is happy to help. Plus, he comes with some extra outfits like sunglasses and his work outfit!

He delivers mail to the player's home early in the morning. If there is no mail, he will play rock, paper, scissors with you instead.

His bright eyes are always smiling, and are full of depth. He'll catch the animals in the player's town so they may be traded with other players across the world...or fought with in mini-gaming tournaments!

He is a cat, despite his name, which is usually connected with dogs. He is very friendly and hospitable towards the playable character and others.

Rover has set up various shops in each game, but his original role was to welcome you to the town when you start. He's very well-known, shown when he is seen by other special characters to be famous in the world of Animal Crossing. 

He sells items, but in some games, trades them for certain things. 

No matter what game he is in, he is never tired, working all day to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Rover is a blue and white cat. He has a slim body with long legs and his tail is tapered at the end. 

His eyes are large and circular, and he does not appear to have a nose. 

The insides of his ears are yellow and he wears a red sleeveless sweater with black diamond patterns and yellow trim. 

He appears to be constantly smiling; however, he seems to not be aware of his surroundings. 

He also has a slight hunching problem, as shown in Animal Crossing: Wild World, where if he is asked to move, he will constantly hunch over until he adjusts himself.

He is usually found sleeping on the player's bed when they wake up in their house on the day that they begin playing. 

If he is woken up and talks to, the player will still be able to change his name and appearance. 

Unlike most characters in Animal Crossing, players can interact with Rover by using a mallet to move him around.


Rover is a very upbeat cat who loves to look on the bright side of things. 

He is always there for you, whether it be hooking you up with a house or giving you your village map. With a variety of appearances, Rover's personal expression is never ending.

A friendly cat who runs the local lost-and-found services, Rover can hook you up with a house if you need one, or give you your town map so you can get around running errands for him. 

On cold nights he'll sometimes play fetch with you using his favorite toy ball or even run about on top of your head, but by morning he's forgotten all about it.