Rudy Villager in Animal Crossing

Rudy Animal Crossing Info Card

A jock cat, Rudy carries some standard jock characteristics. He will enjoy showing off to others, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He likes to talk about sports, work out at the gym, and play catch with Tom Nook.

Visiting the town on a villager visit is Rudy the cat. He will be there for you during all of your Animal Crossing needs, and may even share your love for sports. 

He carries some standard jock characteristics such as an interest in sports and catching bugs. He will enjoy sharing his heart with another player.

He will get along with snooty and other jock villagers due to their shared interests. He will act harsh towards lazy and cranky villagers, who often cause him annoyance (being mean to the player).

As expected of a jock cat, he acts very friendly towards the playable character. He will talk to the playable character about sports, play catch with Tom Nook, and workout at the Gyroid.


He can be spotted talking to the player outside the Town Hall after 8PM while wearing a red-grid tee and his usual waddle. 

The player can choose to make him give them a lecture on the function of the Happy Home Academy (or does he give them a test?) or they can respond to make him go away, or tell them how he became involved with the Happy Home Academy. 

He has a laid-back personality, where he will easily become close friends with the player. 

His name could possibly come from the story "The Red-Riding Hood", as to why he seems to be based off of Little Red Riding Hood's wolfish character.

Rudy will appear friendly and hospitable towards other villagers and the player, and can occasionally be seen chatting with other villagers. 

However, he will not get along with lazy villagers due to their conflicting lifestyle choices and lack of respect for others or criticism of his fitness lifestyle, which will cause him to appear upset, although he will still remain polite to them.


His laid back personality means that he can sometimes come across as lazy or rude, but his competitive nature will often only come out at sporting events. His personality type, jock, is extremely common, making him one of the few villagers who are truly unique.

He acts like a normal villager, but acts more jockish. Rudy appears in Happy Home Designer for his Halloween version which also appears during the Kicks'n Clubhouse Song. 

Refer to the wallpaper here.

He will enjoy competing against the player showing off his gymkhana skills. 

When it comes to food, Rudy has no preference for one particular kind, but he will eat anything that he thinks will taste good. 

He may appear slow-witted and dim, however this is only due to his lack of interest in studies.

They can be a little rude and condescending towards other villagers, but are still extremely well-liked. Remember to act like you are friends with them already or they may not share important information with you.


Rudy's house is a house in Tom Nook's village, belonging to the armadillo, Rudy. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, his house has a childish theme, which reflects his age and personality. 

His choice of furniture primarily consists of the Ranch Series, such as the bed and bookcase along with a cactus. Certain items that help contribute to Rudy's childish-themed house include the bowling pins and the race car track.

On the walls, Rudy has a card with pictures of Mr. Resetti and Don from Super Mario Bros. as well as a picture of the character from Good Eats as a space traveler. In previous games, he had no pictures on his wall, making this house model definitely different from the others.