Sara in Genshin Impact Explained

Kujou Sara Info Card

The Kujou Clan is one of the Tenryou Commission, which watches over the matters of the Divine Battlefield from within the Human Realm. The small tengu girl Sara is an adopted daughter to them and her loyalty to her clan and the Shogun is unwavering.

She is a proud warrior with a strong sense of justice, but after meeting Genshin and his companions she decides to join their cause. 

As a former member of the Tenryou Commission she is able to see into the future through astrology and as such uses this ability as a foreteller in order to guide Genshin on his journey.

Haruma's greatest ally and a formidable swordswoman, Kujou Sara unravels only to come together again at the right moment. With her wings of obliteration mark the Shogun's will and carve history!

When a clear and unknown agenda threatens to destroy the social peace and destroy the country, the Kujou Clan is called into action. Spearheading the operation is the task of Sara, an Iga Ninja, who's primary objective is to investigate their possible connection with the criminal organization known as Genma Taisen.

Although she has a foul mouth and arrogant attitude, Sara cares deeply for her sister Kasumi. Her favorite pastimes include picking fights with her sister, watching kabuki and getting fed delicious food.


 It was this loyalty that earned her a position as Commissioner on the Tenryou Council for Social Affairs, in which she diligently carried out her tasks at the behest of the Shogun. 

Even when her health began to deteriorate due to a rare disease, it did not stop her from continuing on with her duties, rather she triumphantly worked until the time came where she would have to retire.

Each night, she would often have a dream where she walked alongside the Shoguns of the past and future safe in the knowledge that they would live happily ever after.

A practitioner of the Shinkage-style of swordsmanship, Kujou Sara was adopted into the Kujou family and rose to become the head of the Tenryou Commission, a position she holds with distinction. 

Dedicated to serving the Shogun and creating an eternal future for her beloved Japan, she is a master tactician who has studied all of those who would oppose her lord.

Kujou Sara is a Major in the Tenryou Commission and one of Kujou Ichirou's adoptive daughters. She was raised alongside young Ichirou as though she were his sister and Lieutenant. 

Just like her sisters, Kujou Yoshino and Kujou Chika, she is fiercely loyal to the Shogunate and tenaciously works behind the front lines to fulfill her duty as a member of the Tenryou Commission.

The clan lord is protected by a powerful Shikigami named Karasuba, who has served the Kujou Clan for generations. While Karasuba’s personality is far from warm and kind, her pledge to always protect her clan lord was absolute, even scaring those who opposed her because of her unwavering devotion to her duty.

Her ability to see through a person's past or their history is unrivaled by any living being, and thus she is often regarded as a deity. 

Her methods in bringing justice with her powers are stark and direct, as evidenced by massacres performed against those who have committed odious crimes. She is familiar with all of her comrades, even if they don't remember. Her devotion to the cause allows them to follow her without fear.


Her name translates to "Sound of Water" and she is mentioned to be a descendant of an Imperial Bloodline of the Tōkaidō region. 

To say that she is one for fighting would be a bit of an understatement, as her style relies on fast movements like her ancestor, Kujou Unryū, who famously pioneered the art of iaijutsu and fighting on horseback.

Her family holds the Kujou Style, a martial art passed on from Generation to Generation. 

Her choice of weapon is the Kokutou, a type of blade that has been passed down for many centuries. She goes by the name Wise; it is unclear what her actual name is as it has never been mentioned.

 She is shorter and smaller than the rest of the characters. Her eyes are commonly depicted as pink in colour. 

Her hair is short, thick, and very fluffy. It is usually kept up in several buns on her head with one strand sticking out from the top. The three buns in the back are arranged vertically and the lone one in front is positioned horizontally.

Her face is covered by a black mask, which resembles the face of a crow with white accents. The mask has an opening that exposes her forehead and left eye. 

She wears the Kujou's crest on various parts of her clothing, such as on a golden plate pinned to her top and around her waist.

This is to symbolize that she can be both a tengu and a human, being raised as if a human from birth by her parents, but her true identity was revealed to her as an adult, as she realized that one of her parents was actually a tengu.

Things You Should Know About Sara

  • It was forged by the blacksmith of Mugenkan as a replacement for Shinmei Sougo, which Kazuha had lost. Although it looks like a normal katana it has a high level of attack power and is extremely lightweight, but is a little difficult to control due to its sharpness.
  • She plays a supporting role to one of the main characters, and will use her power as a god to help him on his journey in exchange for handing over the next level of her power. Some of her abilities include being able to create and manipulate lightning, an ability that she can draw out into various weapons.
  • Kujou Sara is the sister of Kujou Saya, and works as a nurse in the local hospital. She is very perceptive and kind-hearted, but also has a coquettish side she keeps under control. She is constantly busy at work, as well as trying to look after her beloved older sister.
  • The city is an ancient one and has been well known as a beautiful tourist destination since its foundation in 758. Kujo Sara was born and raised there in the 20th century. She comes from a prestigious family of landed nobles going back generations. Unfortunately, this turned out to be both a blessing and a curse for her growing up. A young lady of her standing aspiring to become a knight would never be allowed to travel abroad or publicly associate herself with warriors...