Sayu in Genshin Impact Explained

She is as talented a fighter as she is an acrobat, but seems to struggle with growing taller. Sayu prefers to use her ninja techniques to gently "laze around" rather than show off her skills. 

With her assistance, you can look forward to a fun game of Impact that's filled with heart-pounding action!

This ninja seems to not want to do anything as she spends her days sleeping. 

However, she will exploit every chance she gets to sleep, even using her ninja techniques to hide and rest. 

While being, or rather becoming, a growing girl is physically demanding, Sayu is strong-willed and has a lot of power.

Sasayu, a ninja from Shuumatsuban, is growing even taller than she already was. This may be due to the sudden decline of her health, which is why she dislikes practicing ninjutsu. 

Sasayu's height is so notorious that even the number of visitors to Shuumatsuban has decreased! However, Sasayu seems to care little about it and continues lazing around as usual with her catchphrase "I'm lazing around"

Sayu's height is stunted, and so everyone around her treats her like a child. 

Whether it's a defect caused by an illness or just genetics, we really can't be sure. All she knows is that she's extremely sleepy and loves to sleep whenever she gets the chance. 

The good news is that sleep does enable Sayu to grow taller, albeit very slowly. It also helps that she's very shy, so she would prefer to hide in order to avoid meeting others. 

No matter what problems come her way, Sayu always has a smile on her face and manages to stay positive while protecting those that are important to her. 

One of the things I really like about Sayu is how relatable she is. Just like you and me, she wants to continue learning and growing everyday; all it takes is kindness or maybe the help of an unexpected friend or two!      


Sayu is a ninja girl whose dream is to become the greatest ninja at Genshin High School. 

She is 5 years old and is one of the shortest girls at her school, but she believes that if she works hard and sleeps more, she can grow taller. 

She believes in the "power of sleep" and gets annoyed when people try to distract her while she naps.  

Shrouder heavily depends on its CPU made by the highly reliable company LOYOLA for its high accuracy, but since Sayu's body structure is different from that of most people, it doesn't always detect her height reliably. 

Most of the time, her height measured by Shrouder is shorter than her actual height. 

To get over this failure in an easy-to-understand format, she decided to write a data retainer application that summarizes dating simulation games into 5 categories. 

Sayu then makes detailed comments on each section and presents them with advertisements.

Satsuki is a tiny ninja who grows to be only about 3 feet tall, but she uses her small stature to unexpected great effect. 

She and her gang of friends are the first line of defense against aliens and other strange beings who plan to invade the planet Genshin Impact. 

Although she's short, Sayu possesses endless energy that lets her run, leap and climb at inhuman speeds. She's so small that often people don't even see her there. 

But when they do see her, they suddenly find themselves being kicked, punched or cut into little pieces...!

Despite her short height and seemingly eternally sleep-deprived state, Sayu has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. 

She will always complete her tasks, but rarely on time. This is because she is constantly trying to find ways to sleep the most possible, even when she has nothing to do. 

When under great stress or during actual combat, Sayu hides all potentially dangerous weapons (such as throwing stars) which would otherwise cause her harm if used accidentally.


Her unique style and personality makes her stand out among the other Mujinators, particularly the Kanrinin. 

Her childlike innocence expresses itself in her eccentric fantasies, like when she imagined herself as a swimsuit model and an idol during her first appearance.

A girl with a brimming curiosity and spirit, Sayu is always eager to greet – or attack – new people. Her favorite food is Onigiri and her favorite animal is the Tanuki. 

As a member of the Mujina clan, she often goes out of her way to help others in need. 

Finding someone in need is easy for her, as she can accurately tell who's in trouble simply by looking at them. 

She is very strong-willed and doesn't accept "no" as an answer, even asking people to train with her if they've refused to help in the past.

Sayu is the only daughter of Sougen, who is a tanuki. However, Sayu's body doesn't exactly look like her father nor does she possess the same shape-shifting abilities. This caused other characters to think that Sayu is actually a human and not Sougen's daughter.

Her ability, Anemo Vision, allows her to see the flow of chakra around any living object, even from far distances with her sharpened eyesight. 

She is able to wield a claymore more than twice her size and would not have been able to do so without her power.

She wears the typical tanuki shawl over her shoulders and back, with black pants and a pink kimono-like shirt/dress, she also wears black ninja sandals. Sayu has dangly earrings on her ears.

Meaning of Name

Sayu, who resembles a tanuki, is supposedly based on the mujina, Genshin Impact's take on the mysterious nocturnal animal known for pulling pranks with mimicry. 

Often considered to be an ill omen, the mujina is said to appear in front of people about to die or as an embodiment of a god in order to tell them of their impending death or disappearance.

Tsukumogami (付喪神, Tsukumogami ) are a kind of yōkai from Japanese folklore that are said to be possessed by spirits, which transform them into inanimate objects and then reanimate them as living beings; specifically, human-shaped dolls that do not speak. 

Sayu's unusual resemblance to rag dolls and tanuki is likely based on this yōkai.

Things You Should Know About Sayu

  • Sayu is an orphan girl who lives with her grandfather, who long ago learned a forbidden technique for summoning creatures known as "Shikigami" into this world. When her village becomes the target of a man named Genshin Impact, Sayu can wield a weapon that's double her size, thanks to the power of her Vision. With aid from others who also possess this strange power, Sayu must stop Genshin and his Shikigami army from destroying everything she holds dear.
  • Sayu channels her Vision as an Assist, allowing her to wield a weapon that's double her size! She can unleash her devastating attack again and again, delivering a powerful combination of strikes until her target is finally defeated.
  • Sayu was on her way to Rokumon Academy, when suddenly a mysterious power bubbled inside her and caused her to go berserk. While she slept, she had a vision of an Afina warrior defeating a much larger adversary. When she awoke, Sayu discovered she had been able to wield a weapon that was double her size and weight.