Scaramouche in Genshin Impact Explained

Scaramouche Info Card

Scaramouche, also known as Kunikuzushi or by his alias "Balladeer", is a knight who has sworn fealty to the Fatui, and whose incalculable power was sealed away by Mythra in another dimension. 

He wields Dance Macabre, a greatsword whose blade can cut through time itself.

A mysterious figure that appears in the Unreconciled Stars event, he is actually the famous balladeer, Kunikuzushi. 

He was given the name Scaramouche, a name derived from an Italian word meaning "mask", and was tasked with recruiting more people to JIOR. 

He takes on a number of roles in recruiting new people; he is first encountered as a human, proceeds to be a mayor of a small village on Earth for a short time, and infiltrates JIOR as an undercover journalist.

The suit's basic frame is derived from the Fatui's Eleven Harbingers, designed specifically to withstand the resonating wave of Genshin Impact. 

It also features a double beam sword and a pair of beam shields as its main armament.

The Scaramouche is capable of using its songs to hypnotize people and change their behaviors, typically for Fatui's own agenda. 

This ability makes the Scaramouche one of the most dangerous among both his own kind and the Harbingers. 

Despite being a strong and resilient being, the real power of Scaramouche lies in his deep understanding of human emotions, which allows him to craft his songs with extreme precision.

Scaramouche is an assassin who likes to dance in battle. 

Layered with a swirl of attacking cards, he reads his opponents moves, predicting their actions and striking the moment they put down their guard. 

This time New Petrification seeks to seal away all of Omega's power, but Scaramouche will use his dance to seize victory from the jaws of defeat!


He exists on the astral realm known as Impakt, along with his fellow Harbingers. He is frequently found in the company of Childe, another Harbinger who tends to be more cheerful and friendly with others. 

Scaramouche himself is disliked by a few of the other Harbingers due to his pompous nature, while Childe makes up for it by being more level headed and sociable.

His short-tempered personality and tendency to snap at others are likely a play on his social status and power, as Scaramouche is likely the youngest of the group. 

As such, he may not have yet learned how to properly handle others, or recognize that his attitude will cause him to lose friends.

He is known to be unpleasant, quick-tempered and arrogant, usually taking pleasure in insulting others for the sake of it, whether anyone wants him to or not. To make matters worse, he has an incredibly short fuse, and an uncontrollable tendency to explode over the smallest things. 

However, despite this negative aspect of his personality, it also has its ups: Scaramouche is also extremely honest and rarely lies without reason, and although he is often both rude and insulting to people, he doesn't do it out of malice so much as out of a warped sense of amusement.

He looks down on everyone and barks insults whenever he finds them lacking. Unlike Childe, he is not very bright and only gets things done by sheer power of numbers. 

He does have a strong sense of honor and is capable of recognizing his errors if given the chance to reflect upon them.


His long indigo hair is split at the front with two curved horns protruding. He wears thick eyeliner that intensifies his eyes and covers his ears. 

He also wears white winged make-up to convey the impression of a bat, and wears a bejeweled mask to hide his face and conceal his identity.

The true Scaramouche, while a skilled assassin, is actually a considerably colder and crueler person than the fictional persona of his hired incarnation. He appeared in reality as an unkempt young man with wild dark hair that only just covered his ears.

He is considered one of the strongest characters, fighting with his powerful magic sword and ability to shift into a giant dragon. Despite his appearance and skill, he often gets flustered or embarrassed when conversing with women.

He appears in the anime version as well as the original novel. In the anime he is one of Sōten no Ō's generals and is fanatically loyal to him. 

Okada is commonly referred to by his face paint, and his main role was to search for Shin musuko while trying to be the strongest warrior in Japan in order to impress Sōten no Ō. 

In doing so he caused a lot of trouble for Keiki, who was trying to find a suitable husband for Yui.