Shenhe in Genshin Impact Explained

Shenhe's appearance in Genshin Impact is not that much different from her regular outfit, aside from the sheen of her bag. The furry collar and shoulder pads are a new addition to her attire having been added by Cloud Retainer.

After the incident, she was taken in by Cloud Retainer to become a disciple. Her mentor eventually deemed her strong enough to journey on her own, and she began wandering Roshan. One day she came across a baby doll covered in a strange curse. 

When she tried to pick it up, the doll infected Shenhe with the curse as well. 

In order to break free from the curse, she needed to train under God's witness for 20 years, hoping these efforts would wipe out the negative karma of her past mistakes.

Born as Fontaine of the Luminous, Shenhe is a disciple of Clade—a group of exorcists who sought to seal away the Kegare after learning of its existence. Despite being a cryo-human like Rayne, Shenhe's genetic abnormalities are far less severe, making her appear as an ordinary human.

Sensitive to her surroundings and her master's expectations, she can patrol the room or perform short-range quick attacks at will. 

The moves in her arsenal include Left Lunge - a dash attack that quickly closes in on enemies; Back Flash - a long-ranged attack fired backwards while retreating; Ice Place - a trap bet set on the floor that freezes enemies within proximity; and Ice Freezer - a wide attack spread across the area before her.

Though she was young when she first became an orphan, the look in her eyes told otherwise. This survivor of some long forgotten incident holds within herself the darkest of all powers, the power to freeze all that she looks upon in fear…

She is the type of girl who prefers to do what she thinks is right without much thinking into it. She has no qualms directly telling someone they're wrong, but in doing so she (often accidentally) causes them to become angry or hostile to her.

She was taken in by her master, Cloud Retainer, following a tragic incident during her childhood. Shenhe uses an ice brush to paint with the cold energy in nature, painting vivid images on the ground that explode into powerful projectiles on impact.

After a traumatic incident during her childhood, she was taken in by Cloud Retainer as his disciple. Her family, an unnamed pair of parents who work as exorcists, had left her with nothing but the sword she holds and their dying wish to become the strongest exorcist.

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A former member of the old exorcist clan, Shenhe had a happy life. However, when Shenhe's father sacrificed her in order to bring his dead wife back, she was left scarred for life as a homicidal murderer. Binding her soul with Red Ropes and transforming her into an adepti, she is now mostly indifferent and obedient towards the adepti's orders. 

However, given the chance to wipe out the tradition that made her miserable in the first place and make herself normal again, will she be able to overcome her past and change?

Shrouded by her eccentricity, Shenhe has a strong sense of justice, specifically pertaining to the harm or suffering of children or anyone she perceives as innocent. 

Despite her aforementioned hostile demeanor, Shenhe possesses a friendly side of her which she reveals little of. As mentioned previously, when she began showing signs of being an adepti, Sneha's father attempted to sacrifice her in order to bring back his dead wife.

She usually wears whatever she wants but has a consistent theme of a short one piece dress that skims her knees and low heeled boots. Her spiky, black hair often grows out whenever she forgets to ask Neiro to shave it, but otherwise, her hair is kept short.

As was described by her master, she is the kind of person that "even if you snap a hundred pictures, you will never know her true self." 

A swordswoman who uses two swords and specializes in slashing attacks. Shenhe is just one of the many original personalities along with Luca that makes up Genshin Impact.


Shenhe is a Chinese young lady that has a soft outlook on life and society. After she was saved from a hostage situation, she took up martial arts as a way of giving back to the world for her rescue. 

She chose to wear special contact lenses made for people with Cryo Vision which protect her eyes from frostbite. 

She enjoys fighting with big opponents and claims that she has never lost a match in which she used her head. She believes herself to be the best martial artist on the planet and is looking for someone to prove her otherwise.

Shenhe wears a crimson beret, and a customized long-sleeved red coat with black sleeves and short gray gloves covering her arms to the middle of her upper arm, with white pants and long crimson boots. A pair of goggles are tied to her hair.

She is typically seen in one of two outfits: Her regular Shenhe attire which consists of a black blazer over a white shirt with loose sleeves, a red tie, and black dress pants. Shenhe's casual wear consists of a red t-shirt, black shorts cut off at the knee and grey casual shoes. Her right arm is covered in three wrist-mounted holsters that hold her gunmances.

This long-haired, violet-eyed woman wears a short white dress over black tights with a yellow belt, red gauntlets and boots, and gold bands around her upper arms. 

Her hair is tied back in a ponytail and a red scarf. She wears yellow rivets on her shoulders, large gold earrings, and a golden necklace around her neck, as well as multiple golden bracelets on both wrists.

Meaning of Name

Shenhe is the personal sword of a Daoshi , or Taoist adept . While he isn't a particularly noteworthy practitioner of Taoism, that particular sword is apparently famous, or infamous, in its classification as one of the Five Great Swords. It is impossible to judge whether this classifies as the former or latter, however, as it hasn't been seen in over 1,200 years and may have simply faded into legend by now. The Shenhe in question is presumed by most to be fictional—at least at this point.