Shikanoin Heizou In Genshin Impact Explained

Shikanoin Heizou Info Card

Heizou Shikanoin is an accomplished detective from the capital Tokyo who works for the Tenryou Commission. With his keen observation skills, he is able to solve even complicated cases that the police have underestimated. In order to help the injured, he became a special medical inspector and is active in disaster relief efforts all over Japan.

As he's related to our very own Kano Nana, we couldn't be happier about that. He's in his early twenties, but his defensive tactics and investigations have been said to match even specialists quite a bit older than him. 

Shikanoin Heizou is a long-time detective for the Tenryou Commission. While his profession and way of thinking are nothing out of the ordinary, he is always wearing glasses, acts emotionally distant from others, and is obsessed with dirt. 

He has a former assistant named JAMES who made it to the rank of Inspector, but who left to work with another agency.

The Shikanoin Heizou (Midsummer Heat Detective) is a city-wide community outreach program designed to counteract the little hooligans who have been causing trouble all over the prefecture lately. With friendly, informative visits from heroes and heroines like Mr. Sunshine, BirdMan, and presenters from FM Hokkaido and FM Northern Town, these hooligans are invited to become our partners in crime-fighting

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Heizou's personality is rebellious, often rebelling against the government's orders and putting himself first. He is a fairly good detective, being able to detect the secrets of others and seems to have good detecting senses. However, he is usually not direct in his approaches and usually ends his ways in... a bad way.

He simply didn't bother following the rules at all, and only did the things he wanted to do. He has a poor reputation among those living in Inazuma town. Even now, his opinions are often unpopular one. He always seems to be going about his own, self-centered way of solving any problems that may come up. 

At times his behavior can be a bit extreme and even detestable as it completely disregards any other's feelings or emotions. 

But no matter how annoyed he makes others around him, it's hard to dislike his penetrating sense of justice and giving personality that drives him forward in the face of adversity.

He claims to be a "detective," but in truth his investigative skills are limited and unorthodox. His methods of investigation are often rash, unorthodox and self-serving. 

Despite being an officer that works hard to uphold the law, he has many beliefs that conflict with government regulations and authorities.

He fights using the police force of Ina. In Hero's childhood, he only followed the rules that he deemed fair and often rebelled against his teachers. 

He later claimed that his real passion was being a detective and personally took matters into his own hands on many investigations and often got away with what he did if no one else could solve the case for him.


Heizou's description from Inazuma's bulletin boards: He is the Shikanoin eldest son (also known as "Shikanoin Heizou") who handles the Oedo branch of the Ministry. 

He not only has kind and charismatic looks, he has good hospitality as well. He can cook surprisingly well and loves to travel. If he isn't at work, he's normally hanging out with his friends at the youth center in Oedo. 

His special move is a heated blade that dissolves any ice it touches!

He is said to be the only one among his men who is capable of combat, and he is able to take down even large numbers of demons using nothing but swords. In fact, this ability of his alone has caused many demon clans to underestimate him, which only ends in their destruction. 

He often wears a calm smile on his face and gives off an air of being a true gentleman, but when his sword gets drawn, nothing can stop him.

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