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Signora Info Card

Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, woman of mystery and a particularly striking beauty, is a female asuran and the eighth member of the Eleven. A notorious thief, she styles herself as a gentleman adventuress. She was born to wealthy parents and so never wanted for anything in her life. 

When her father died, however, she took it upon herself to help support the family. Her exploits with the Thieves' Guild eventually led her to join the Fatui and fight against the group that killed her father.

The Fatui, or at least one of their components, used to exist before the present day. They were a group that lived their lives separately from other humans, and they possessed incredible powers called Gnosis. A certain someone (read: you) is able to reinstate some aspects of this component and cooperates with the remnants of it. 

Unfortunately, the reason for this is because said certain someone experienced great sadness in the past. But then again, we all have something to hide…

The Signora was not just a harbinger, but also a lady, a signora in genshin impact. She had beautiful black hair and always wore a large hat decorated with strange raven feathers. She was adventurous, strong, curious and sneaky—in short, she was everything that a young girl should be.

Once an emotionless Ar tonelico core, Rosalyne managed to escape from the hands of the Fatui and her destiny as an emotionless weapon. She appeared on the continent of Sol Ciel in the guise of a young woman by the name of Rosalyne Kruzchka Lohefalter, who became a teacher for aspiring Songstresses at the Melodies of Numénor and Ar Ciel academies. Despite her cold demeanor towards both students and colleagues alike, Rosalyne started opening up to them once they start accepting her faults unconditionally. 

She has a particularly strong bond with Aeron Hollard, who is even willing to risk her life in order to save Rosalyne when she is kidnapped by Esthera Anatoria Her most mysterious trait is that, despite becoming an emotionless weapon of mass destruction at one point in time, she refuses to use the full extent of her capabilities, only using up to 10% of it for combat or healing purposes. 


Signora is shown to have a complex personality, juxtaposing high intelligence and manipulative thinking with an uncontrollable and aggressive, animalistic demeanor. 

She is loyal to the Tsaritsa, destroying Barbatos after he attempted to kill her in an act of betrayal. 

Her brutality toward the Fatui frontline, who are no more than sand puppets to her, suggests a sadistic mindset as well as contempt for others that she deems weaker than herself. 

Signora is also very active in combat, relying on speed and aggression even against multiple enemies, defeating them despite lacking magic or Phantasm usage.

Signora was originally human, until the Fatui captured her and tortured her with the Infernas. In time, she became like them: immortal and cruel. 

She calls herself a "rodent ruler," and she fights with a fury that makes her seem vaguely simian. Her powerful bite has led her to become one of the most feared Fatui in existence.

Despite her aged appearance, she is a powerful and dangerous being. 

She has no qualms against using deadly force in order to punish or incapacitate those who have earned her wrath. 

Signora stands out among all the Fatui in terms of personality: her disposition, mindset, and attitude is clearly different from the other Fatui, who appear to be aloof, passive and indifferent towards humanity.

Signora is the first Traveler to fully utilize the power of a Void in battle. 

As with Setrákus Ra, she is able to produce an enormous shield that reflects any damage done to it right back at her opponent. 

Signora is used as a lure to draw the Traveler into a trap set by Barbatos and his generals, but was defeated by the former before they were finally brought down by the combined efforts of Zoe, Fitz and Mark.

Her arsenal includes a blade, three left arm snake-like devices, and two right arm saws that separate from her gauntlet. Signora's main weapon, the Gunblade, is made of pure Gnosis material and so it can cut through most things without any effort on her part. 

Signora herself is far stronger than a normal human and she is capable of fighting an entire group of Edenian soldiers casually. 

At some point during the game, Signora leaves Barbatos to fight on her own when she realizes that there are other enemies to be dealt with.


Signora is a member of the Unknown, who appears in Genshin Impact. She is a member of the faction of Unknown that have devoted themselves to the research and investigation of Yayoi's past, including her possible connections with deceased Ethereal Queen Hamelin. 

Her Catalyst partner is Anya, and together they work closely with group leader Darkhan to obtain more information about Hamelin.

It is revealed in Genshin Impact that she is a remnant of the Synapse, who has gained an independent personality from being exposed to human thoughts for an extended period of time. According to Nikaido Mari, Signora is the key to saving everyone.

Signora is a tall woman with pale skin, platinum-blonde hair buns, light gray eyes. She wears a black earring in her left ear and a black mask that covers her right eye. 

She is friends with the Himitsu, who think of her as one of their own even at the time when she was presumed dead due to the conflict between both Earth and Erzen.

She has platinum blonde hair, which looks white in the light, loose in the back with two buns on either side of her head, and that falls all the way down to her waist; it is cut out around her left eye. Her eyes are a light gray color. 

She wears earrings of an inverted triangle shape with a bright red central jewel. A black half-mask covers her right eye; it seems to be part of her face without being attached to any sort of clothing along its edges.

Signora is a character that appears in the anime series Genshin Impact. She serves as the leader of the Nemesis, an organisation responsible for the exile of all false gods and demons from Earth. Despite being the most powerful entity on Earth, Signora desires a normal life and has settled on Earth with her Catalyst where she can be free to do as she pleases.

Meaning of Name

The primary source of the name Rosalyne is Latin, while its secondary origin is Germanic. 

Roman mythographer Gaius Julius Hyginus devised the system of giving each planet a sacred tree name and wrote that this planet's tree was supposed to be a beautiful rose bush known as the rosae quercus or gentle oak. 

This was said in later medieval times to mean that the plant was "harsh without, and gentle within". The name itself is also used to bring about other variations such as Rosaline (that has a Greek origin) and Rosaleen, though these are rare variations.

She has a love of the obscure, and she's been seen at various universities, chasing down professors for translations so she can make sense of her strange dreams and feelings that are shaking her world view.

Rosalyne takes her name from the Rose family of flowers, which are symbolic of love and loyalty. 

This was a favorite flower of the Romans and has been used in practice since medieval times. For example, it is believed that Catherine de Medici wore a rose to her marriage to keep demons away.

The Signora is a board sheathed in glass fiber reinforced plastic. Tough, strong, and with a pleasing smooth shape. A light yet enormously strong material, it has translated into an exceptionally stable ride that goes where you want whether you are just cruising around the city or hitting chop in the waves.

Interesting Signora Facts

  • The young witch Signora of the Demon Clan was tracked down after she used her powers to manipulate the flames of a volcano to destroy an entire town in order to avenge her mother's untimely death. The King descended on the town in his burning red armor, wielding his blade forged from the lava of that very same volcano. With one swing of his sword, he purified Signora and her magic, forever intertwining them. By infusing herself with the magical geology of their island home known as Aversa, Signora was reborn into a powerful sword. She is known now as the Crimson Witch of Flames, and is responsible for safeguarding a powerful relic of magic located somewhere on Aversa.
  • La Signora is a thirty-year-old woman who has reached a certain level of success, but seems to get bored easily. Her life is filled with comings and goings, with most of her time spent at the gym or in the office. She is never seen eating, drinking, smoking or sleeping. She spends a lot of money and is generous with her employees. Her idea of love is someone who will not leave her heartbroken. In business, she does all that she can to further increase her power, wealth and influence.

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