+5 Skyrim Races Explained

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a famous Role Playing Game (RPG) released in 2011. The player has the chance to play as one of the ten different races available in this game: Nord, Redguard, Breton, Bosmer (Wood Elf), Altmer (High Elf), Dunmer (Dark Elf), Imperial, Argonian and Khajiit. Each race possesses unique characteristics and skills. 

They are similar to classes but they are not restricted to certain playing-styles. 

Races are either blessed or cursed with special racial powers that can help or hinder them throughout the game. 

Unlike previous games in which you could develop your character into different classes, Skyrim removes class restrictions and allows players to customize and shape their characters using a variety of skills. Choose a race and customize your skill set to match your gaming style.

They often speak one of the game's many languages; For example, Dunmer speak Dunmeris, Nords speak the Nordic tongue, and Bretons speak Breton. 

More than just simply "races", these factions are political power-blocs that regulate people's lives much more intensely than others.


Altmer Info Card

Become an Altmer and call upon your Highborn power to regenerate your Magicka quickly. Because of their skills with magic, many Altmer can be found in the College of Winterhold. 

They are also populous within the Skyrim government, particularly within the Thalmor.

With a natural resistance to magic and advanced trainability in the arcane arts, they are highly intelligent and have strong charisma. 

Living in their capital of Alinor on the Summerset Isle, they are the most gifted in the arcane arts of all the races. 

For centuries, the High Elves have isolated themselves from the affairs of men, but with the advent of the Third Aldmeri Dominion under Queen Ayrenn, many High Elves seek to rejoin their brethren in the political arena. The Altmer are an anthropomorphic race that resemble somewhat taller than humans with pointy ears.


Play as a Bosmer male or female in both the melee and magic classes. Wood Elves are known for their ability to command wild creatures, making them great choices for a battlemage who wants to reach out and command a bear or dire wolf into the fray.

They prize independence and self-reliance, and as such, distrust any form of government. 

They also disdain those who despoil their homeland, for they claim to be the only true beings able to appreciate the beauty of their state.

The ability to command the wild creatures is very useful for those seeking to hunt and harness the resources of the great forest. 

Wood Elves often choose skill sets such as assassin and scout.


Dunmer Info Card

After the eruption of Red Mountain, many Dunmer fled to Skyrim, where they endured extreme prejudice as a result of their elven heritage and status as refugees. In spite of this, many Dunmer have been able to establish themselves in Tamriel's Northernmost province as skilled merchants and mages.

Long accustomed to hardship, they have a natural talent for mercantile pursuits and have spread across Tamriel, establishing communities of their own wherever they go.


Khajiit Info Card

They are one of the beast races, and one of several advanced PC races. They are Cathay and are recognizable by their feline appearance and their sly accent.

They are the rarest race encountered in Skyrim, most commonly found only in caravans.

They have a negative public image due to being referred to as the beast-races of Skyrim, so most Khajiit encountered in Skyrim will be caravan merchants or guards. 

Their appearance is a mixture between a domestic cat and a human with sharp teeth and claws, as well as unique eyes that give them low-light vision and night-vision.

The Khajiit mainly use claws when attacking, but will use their tail for other attacks if unsheathed. Non-Khajiit races usually comment on the stealthiness of the Khajiit, believing them to be assassins or thieves.


The Orsimer (also called Orsimerians), or 'Pariah Folk' in earlier times, are the natives of the Wrothgarian Mountains, Dragontail Mountains, Valenwood, and parts of Western Elsweyr. 

They were once a tribe of elves who followed the Prophet Veloth out of the east in the First Era. 

In Tamriel they have been consistently portrayed as a race of fierce warriors and excellent smiths. 

In Skyrim, the nomadic Rourken clan claims descent from Trinimac's followers on Aldmeris before they were displaced to Hammerfell by the Velothi.

They are possibly a variant of Elves or Mer which makes them beastfolk rather than beastmen, however they do have a distinct appearance from both races. 

Their skin ranges from green-grey to green-blue and they often have brutal scars across their bodies. Some Orcs may even grow tusks from their lower jaw.

These smiths are often hired on by wealthy patrons for the duration of trading expeditions into the Wrothgarian Mountains or Dragontail Mountains, where they craft their wares at the site of the expedition. Proceeds from this venture are what enabled House Orsimer to establish its own kingdom within High Rock.


Argonians Info Card

The Argonians are an intelligent, hardy, and gentle race. They have developed immunities to the diseases that have doomed many would-be explorers in Black Marsh, and they are capable of easily exploring underwater locations due to their ability to breathe underwater.

Their preferred method of battle is guerrilla warfare, relying on traps, ambushes, mobility, and sheer ferocity to overwhelm their foes. Bodily contact is generally avoided unless necessary due to their natural ability to poison enemies with weapons or bare hands.

Many Argonians have been blessed with a resistance to poison from birth from Hjalti Early-Beard, the champion of the Redguard military leader Sep Seps. The Argonian language, Jel, is said to be so complex that its speakers can communicate fluently without saying a word.

Few outsiders have ever seen the homeland of the Argonians, since the area is extremely isolated by both geography and politics. It is unknown what languages are native to their souls, but most speak either Dunmeris or Cyrodilic.


Bretons Info Card

As seen in Skyrim, Bretons are excellent images, due mostly to their high magic resistance. 

Breaking this character setup, some Bretons may find a way to be a warrior or a thief--however, as a player you should keep playing the role of a mage.

They are also famous for their top notch craftsmanship and the unusual spectacle of creating magic items through unconventional means, such as enchanting devices rather than traditional spellcasting.

They were created by the Ayleid Elves in the time before recorded history. 

They are known for their superior intellect, magical aptitude, and resistance to magic. 

Unlike Elves, they do not possess an Arcaneum within their capital city, but it is believed that Bretons may still use enchanted items, as well as craft objects of power nonetheless.


Imperials Info Card

Imperials are natives of the province of Cyrodiil, once the heart of the Reman Empire. 

The well-educated and well-spoken Imperials are known for their discipline and training of their citizen armies, which gave them dominance over Tamriel for more than 2000 years. 

Imperials are also known as masters of commerce, arts, agriculture, and industry.

They are highly disciplined soldiers, and their armies dominate Tamriel. Surprisingly, despite their long history of oppression by other races, they still speak with an air of superiority.

The founder of the Empire was an Imperial adventurer who led an army to forge an empire on the cultural melting pot of the provinces.


Nords Info Card

The Nords, also called the Sons of Skyrim, are the descendants of the legendary hero of the same name and one of the human races of Tamriel. 

Called "the tall" for their height (standing at a scale of 1.03), they originate from the frozen continent of Atmora and migrate to Skyrim during the Sack of Saarthal in 1E 216. 

They are known for their incredible resistance to cold and even magical frost, as well as their skills as warriors and blacksmiths.

They are tall people with fair hair and glowing blue eyes (although their actual eye color is variable). They excel in all manner of warfare and act as mercenaries, soldiers, merchants and blacksmiths all across Tamriel.


Redguards Info Card

The Redguards are a race of fierce warriors hailing from the great desert province of Hammerfell. Legend has it that the Redguards are innately more proficient with the use of weaponry than any other race. 

They are renowned as hardy warriors and powerful mages. 

They are perfectly suited to be rogues or rangers, or even as warriors. If you choose a Redguard as your character, then you will definitely enjoy playing this race.