Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats? Big question Explained!

Aug 4, 2021
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The answer to this question may seem very subjective. But it is not. If you are looking for the right answer to Mushrooms or Bats, you are in the right place. Long story short the answer is Mushrooms. Here is the reason!

The definitive answer is mushrooms. In this game, as in every game, you have to earn money. Mushrooms help you with this. They reproduce very quickly and are sold at a good price.

Fruit Bats also have benefits. However, the common answer of everyone in all forums is mantas. Let's examine the reasons for this together.

Why choose mushrooms in Stardew Valley?

Mushrooms are Scalable

Anything that doesn't scale creates stress. If we can't make a future prediction about the consequences of our actions, it will be more difficult to plan for the present.

Fruit bats are good, yes but unpredictable. Yes, it can provide us with fruits that we cannot find anywhere, but this is only a possibility. Not certain.

We know how and when the mushrooms will arrive, and we invest accordingly, and as a result, we have a scalable business model. This relaxes us and allows us to make more solid plans.

You Need It In Your Cave

You can't always find Mantas in nature. It only occurs in certain seasons. Certain preliminary studies are also required to reach species such as purple mushrooms. So you need mushrooms in your cave to control its production.

You Can Grow Fruit

Actually, there is a very simple logic. You don't need a cave environment to grow fruit. You can grow fruit trees anywhere, just as the real world conditions apply in Stardew Valley.

However, obtaining the mushroom depends on luck. You may find mushrooms under a tree after a rainy day. But this is not certain.

Therefore, if you prepare a suitable environment for mantas to grow in your cave, you will be guaranteed money. If you're looking for a sustainable way to make money, mushrooms should be your pick.

Fruit Bats vs Mushrooms


Mushrooms are an excellent, all-natural way to heal the sick and injured. With six planters in the cave, you will have a good stock of fully-grown shrubs and a steady supply of fresh ones. Note that each planter can produce mushrooms 6 times before it is depleted; this takes four days, or two days with sprinklers.

Fruit Bats

The cave is a great place to stock up on items for gift giving. Fruit bats will fly around the cave dropping various fruit at random times. There are a lot of ways to get fruit without going into the cave, but those other ways involve time commitment or energy from the player.

Last Words

Who hasn’t heard of Stardew Valley? When it was released nearly 3 years ago (although only 1.5 years ago on Steam and Xbox) it exploded in the indie games scene as one of the best role-playing games of all time.

A country-life RPG game torn from the nostalgia of a half-won childhood memory, Stardew Valley is a fresh new pixel art gem no modern gamer should miss. 

In this game you will be torn between so many options like Mushrooms or Bats.

You should think rationally before answering most of them. While the answer may seem simple, the results may be more devastating or helpful than you think.