Stinky Animal Crossing Explained

Stinky Animal Crossing Info Card

Thrown into this world in the popular game Animal Crossing, Stinky is a male kitty with a jock personality. He arrived in our world when he was invited to the player's town, after being run over by the player in the game. 

I'm not kidding -- he literally shows up at your door in Animal Crossing. His name could be what it sounds like -- really stinky, but family friendly enough to be featured in a main series game.

​​​​Even though Stinky's only appearance in the game is that of a cameo, there are many reasons why he should be your favorite villager. He may not look like much at first glance, but Stinky is actually very different from other characters.

Stinky combines the fun of a best-selling comic book with behind-the-scenes artistry to explore themes of growing up, love, relationships, tragedy, and the ever-thinking animal kingdom. This unique approach delivers a series of stories so singularly human that readers don't realize it's about animals (and vice versa!).


Stinky is a grumpy gorilla that always wears a blue wrestling mask made of underwear. 

He then wears pants that are the same color as the mask which are light purple up to the knees, orange from the knees down, and brown at the bottom. He also wears red gloves with yellow dots. 

His shirt is brown with an orange sleeve, over which he wears a black one. Stinky has dark gray hair with white tips.

His eyes appear to be half-closed at all times as if he is tired. Upon approaching him, he introduces himself as Stinky the Inky Tiger. He may mention that his parents were named Vermin and Odor as part of his self-introduction.

There just ain't no way you can ignore him when he's got his trusty tiger striped undies wrapped around his head! With a big snarl and, of course, bragging rights to go with this fine get-up, he's sure to bring life to any village…

Even though he's a bit weird, he has many interesting things to say to the player during his visit. However, the player cannot make the player character give Stinky a piece of furniture or clothing.


His name comes from the fact that skunks spray "stinky stuff" when they get upset or to protect themselves. 

He appeared in Doubutsu no Mori e+, Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+ and has been in every Animal Crossing game since.

He'll invite you to join him for a run or practice session of his hobby, such as fishing or bug catching. He sometimes visits the town plaza, where he will check out what gifts, plants and furniture (including clothes and umbrellas) you have in your home.

Everyone else in town has been complaining about that guy, who happened to be Stinky, for a while now. 

He's a real mix-up of a guy, with a jock personality yet he likes fishing and bug catching. He seems kind of dense too, but you might find out later that he isn't.

He will often say that he'll be right back before heading out on tours of the town; but if you're patient, he'll return with fruit or fossils! 

With such an interest in hobbies like fossil hunting and bug catching, it's no surprise that Stinky has a hard time sitting still at times. 

But this active guy won't bother you so long as you don't bother him.