+15 Survival Minecraft Servers: IPs & Stats

Aug 4, 2021
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This is the ultimate directory to help minecraft players looking for survival servers. Feel free to share the information in the list with your friends. By doing so you will be helping the community a lot!

1) ManaCube

IP Address: lobby.manacube.net

Their fully featured survival server offers many great features to keep players occupied and entertained for hours on end. From building your own stuff, to custom terrain generated by world painters, to fighting with other players using full armor and weapons. 

If you like survival games and want to play with other real players, you should give ManaCube Survival a go!

2) MineVille

IP Address: server.mineville.org

In most survival Minecraft servers, you simply build your character to survive the mayhem and the ravages of weather. But in MineVille, you can be much more than that. Make friends, start a family, build your own house and even run for mayor! 

And while mining and crafting is what most players want to do, MineVille has plenty of other options to choose from as well. 

All of these choices are what sets MineVille apart from all other survival Minecraft servers.

3) Simple Survival

IP Address: play.simplesurvival.gg

The primary thing that sets Simple Survival apart from other Minecraft survival servers is how simple it is. At first glance, there isn’t anything too special about the server, just a typical looking survival server with some familiar mods and a fair number of players. 

However, the way these core minecraft mods are combined and developed has led to an unforgettable experience as you will recognize once you play.

4) Earth MC

IP Address: play.earthmc.net

The players take on the role of world leaders and must expand and control their empires in order to protect themselves and their allies. 

Despite its odd subject matter, it is one of the most popular Minecraft servers online right now, with over three thousand concurrent players at peak times.It is also set in the present day. Players can choose to play as citizens of any country on Earth. 

Each player starts off with limited knowledge about their chosen nation, and must unlock more information by traveling the world and engaging in discussions with the locals through chat (more on this later).

5) Vanilla Europa

IP Address: play.vanillaeuropa.com

Vanilla Europa takes a different approach to Minecraft, while still focusing on survival. While most servers are geared towards battling other players and raiding others’ bases, Vanilla Europa is focused more on simply surviving the night – but with a stronger focus on community interaction.

The concept behind this server is to provide a homely, easy-going environment for the community to enjoy themselves as they please. 

This means you’ll find no game-modifications here; players are motivated entirely by their own goals and ambitions with the prospect of PvP and Griefing lurking in the shadows...

6) Lush Survival

IP Address: mc.lushsurvival.net

Lush Survival is a Minecraft survival server. Lush offers a wide variety of game-modes and an experience that’s free of plugins and designed with the modern player in mind. 

Its goal is to provide the best quality gameplay without compromising on a near-vanilla experience.

7) SurviveWithUs

IP Address: mc.survivewith.us

SurviveWithUs is one of the most successful and established Minecraft survival servers of all time. Established in late 2017, it is still receiving weekly updates to this day. 

SurviveWithUs has managed to create a large and loyal following from a combination of regularly updating the game with new features and maintaining an active and fun community

8) TheArchon

IP Address: org.archonhq.net

Created in 2010 this server has grown from humble beginnings - featuring only basic survival to what is now a fully-fledged multi-faceted server with many different game modes. 

The range of fun and educational realms available is one of the main draws for TheArchon, but it also offers regular survival which encourages players to really dive deep into the modding side of things. This is aided by the active and helpful community.

9) MCCentral

IP Address: mccentral.org

Darkrp, prison, creative, skyblock and more. MCCentral also offers special modpacks to configure the server such as "custom" which is only a few mods and has additional plugins available for configuration.

MCCentral is a multi-modal server filled with crazy game modes such as Last Stand, Prison, Skyblock, The Purge of Atlantis, Teams of 10 and more! Unless you enjoy vanilla survival then this may not be for you but that’s still cool because MCCentral has something for everyone!

10) MineSuperior

IP Address: hub.mcs.gg

From Smashing Dishes and Enchantment to Climb and arena based PVP to even Survival games where you compete for a prize of epic proportions, there’s enough variety here for any Minecraft fan to get obsessed with this server.

In a survival game like Minecraft , there will always be a place for the tried and tested solo survival server. 

The vast, lonely landscapes provide a wonderfully immersive backdrop to the construction and exploration that so many of these servers focus on. It is the classic Minecraft experience, but it isn't without its charm.

11) WilderCraft

IP Address: play.wildercraft.net

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the PvP "meta-game" in Minecraft in general and how it affects various servers. 

I personally haven't been following the discussion closely, but I know one thing: minewind has always practised a different style of PvP in minecraft than some other big players these days, to a point where at least for me (the person tasked with running this server) it was never very interesting as a subject to talk about, but just something that kind of happened and no one really ever saw it as too important – or at least so I think.

12) Datblock

IP Address: play.datblock.com

The vibrant server of Datblock Survival has been known for its dedicated development team and the premium quality experience it provides to its community. The server has a keen understanding of the fact that the player needs to be entertained at all times. 

This has led us to different kinds of custom plugin concepts which have never been introduced before - such as the POW-based economy, where players are allowed to trade their collected gold bars for money or buy an island and claim it as their own, complete with a leveling system based on another famous plugin in survival - the Skyblock plugin!

13) Hypixel

IP Address: mc.hypixel.net

It boasts a player base of over 500,000 and over 1,000,000 monthly players. There is no doubt that Hypixel has helped shape the Minecraft community as we know it today.

Hypixel is a relative newcomer but with the staff it has managed to grow into one of the largest Minecraft packs in the world.

14) Herobrine

IP Address: herobrine.org

Herobrine is one of the oldest Minecraft servers that is still active to this day in 2017. 

This server was originally created by “Hirocraft” in 2014, but has since been handed over to another creator with a love for the survival genre like mine. 

Herobrine is one of the best Minecraft survival servers in terms of original content, as every game mode and plugin adds something new and refreshing to create a game experience unlike any other.

15) The Mining Dead

IP Address: us.miningdead.com

The Mining Dead is a fresh take on the survival genre. Unlike any other server, this one spawns you in a forest with one rule: survive. 

The creators have designed an apocalyptic-esque world that is full of danger and intrigue. What started as a joke at first has now turned into a fully concepted apocalypse server filled with fantastic features and more to come!

Last Words

This is the end of Survival Server collection, I will update this list from time to time. Cover image: Max Kolganov

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