Tabby Animal Crossing Explained

Tabby Animal Crossing Info Card

She is a tabby cat, which explains why she thinks her name sounds like "meow". She has gotten really excited over nothing but a piece of fruit or a bug that she caught. Tabby's first appearance was in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing, and was then absent from the next four games. 

She finally returns under the name 'Abby', but her name eventually gets changed back to Tabby.

She is one of your neighbors at the start of the game. Her catchphrase, wow, meow, like, totally comes from her saying "meow" (the "wow" would be the ending sound). Her English name is derived from the fact that she is a tabby cat.

Although she was not in the original Animal Crossing game (2001) (she was added to the Gamecube release in 2002), she has appeared in every game since then. 

Her name comes from her species, which are tabby cats. She is quite cute, with pink cheeks and green eyes, and white paws. 

Her catchphrase, "owowowowowowowowowow," is very much like an actual cat's meow when they are happy or want something. 


Tabby is a bit of a tomboy. She wears a green "Athletic" shirt with an inverted red triangle, purple hiking shorts, and green socks. 

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Tabby wears a "No. 3 Shirt" with yellow dots and a red stripe, along with faded blue jeans and pink sneakers with yellow laces. In New Leaf, she wears a dark blue athletic jacket with yellow on the sleeves, red on the backside.

Around her neck is a yellow scarf and she has a yellow flower attached to her earlobe. She also wears a matching cap on her head

Residing in a run-down house in Doubutsu no Mori, she goes about her daily life, usually appearing with two kittens of various colours following her around. If spoken to, she will say either "meow" or some other form of "kitty". 

She uses an obaachan dialect of Japanese containing many more words ending in vowels than normal, which is what gives the impression that her voice is on helium.

A cat that matched the description above would definitely stick out in most towns. 

But Tabby is so much more... Maybe it's her playful strut, or maybe it's her sharp tongue with double the s's. 

This eye-catching feline often speaks before she thinks, which most of the time gets her into trouble.

She is friendly, but will run away if you befriend her. It is possible to get more items from her by pressing the 'A' button repeatedly. 

Be careful though, since she runs away quickly once two amigos are befriended.


Tabby also loves to take baths frequently, which means if the player does not clean her fish tank or other forms of maintenance, she may ask for baths often.

Gracious and friendly seems to surround Tabby, making her a very likeable character. 

Yet she has an inner mysteriousness about her and can sometimes sneak away to be alone. 

She's quite the puzzle-solver and will snicker if something doesn't make sense. Peppy villagers tend to be more interested in the creative and mysterious.


This Asian-like house has a lovely kimono hanging on the wall and a retro TV. 

She has a Japanese fan and loves lanterns. In most games, her house will have a kotatsu with a deer trophy possibly being seen. 

A white house with red and blue trim. It's actually much bigger than it looks! There's also a guest room where you spend the night. A lovely garden grows out front, and there's a pool behind. This is where Tabby and her four kittens live.