Teppei In Genshin Impact Explained

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Teppei Info Card

We initially saw Teppei in a chilling conversation with a heavily-bandaged man. He died due to the life-draining effects of a Fatui Delusion during Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals. 

After being resurrected as an undead by Yasha, he was able to escape from Yaksha's infernal dungeon and returned to Ishigami Village. 

His colleague Juzou heard rumors about his death and left the village to investigate it personally. However, because he did not return for a long period of time, many villagers worried about him. Therefore, a party of people went after Juzou…

He was a student at Zilart University, studying to become an alchemist. After his father died in a fight with a group of bandits, Teppei isolated himself and began to train in the arts of war to avenge his dead family. 

He appears to be fashion-conscious, as he has three different outfits: one is worn while a student at the university, another is worn when fighting for Dagg as his bodyguard, and the last is only seen after he dies during the Delusion Sublimation quest.

He was instrumental in killing Titus due to his Eye of Ra ability, which was used to nullify the Archon's magic. Teppei's power lies in his mastery of Genshin Impact, which can be used to nullify magic.

He is an ex-assistant of Professor Tsutsumu Misu, who was interested in the study of Fatui Delusions and, later on, Fatui. Throughout the Second Act he asked you to help him, along with a group of Liberators that you were part of in order to rescue his sister Seika Inoue from Fatui's influence. However, he was killed in Act IV after managing to imprison her when a Ring of Delusion killed them both.

He was created due to the death of a man at the hands of 3 airship boarding parties, who were testing new weapons in order to counter something that only showed up once. The man shot out of fear, and caused him to be filled with regret.

Teppei Onimitsu, a human Logistics Officer who had organized and recorded the data of dead Kiryūin rebels, decided he had to do more than just collect information. 

In spite of his rather poor frontal capabilities, Teppei chose to face the danger at the front lines. 

His employers in the Bureau of Administration would have been alarmed by this very unusual behavior had they not secretly been analyzing him for their own agenda. It is unknown what motivated Teppei to take such hard risks. 


Perhaps he simply wanted to help his comrades; or perhaps he considered asking for the Traveler's help as an excuse to improve his standing amongst his peers.

Teppei personally witnessed the Traveler's fight against a Colossal Nomad, which motivated him to become stronger to defend his people. After spending years studying Edo culture and martial arts, he decides to join the resistance to fight back against the Raiden Shogun alongside his younger brother Tetsuo.

During one of his missions, he encounters Fushiki and becomes one of the few to recognize her shapeshifting abilities and follows her training in order to become stronger. While he is somewhat clueless at times and not very smart, he has experience with farming which helps him out on the battlefield since most of the Travelers were not used to that before. 

Joon's comment about how it's easy to tell how impressive he was away from combat shows some of Teppei's character flaws. It says quite a lot that Teppei was so intent on proving himself worthy enough to get into the front lines that he was willing to resign from something like logistics.

He has a deep-rooted inferiority complex that stems from him being the lowest member of his squad, but especially from Tatsumi's impossibly high level of skill and Jushoku's overall better treatment. 

He joins the Raiden Shogun's Vision Hunt as one of its participants due to a deal that would make him one of its Travelers, but also due to his desire for power, feeling he deserved it more than someone like Tatsumi.

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Teppei's basic clothing, along with his weapon (the katana), is modeled after the ashigaru seen during the Sengoku period of feudal Japan. The ashigaru are samurai foot-soldiers and the lowest in rank out of any other class. As opposed to their counterparts, they are armed with just a katana, and their attire is less formal. 

Because they serve on foot, they wear waraji sandals to march faster on rough terrain, and a shitagi, instead of a hakama as all other samurai do. Their uniforms, too, vary based on the area they've been enlisted into by their lords.

Through the span of over a millennium, the uniforms and designs of each clan and army changed along with the period. The Watatsumi Army has many ashigaru wearing uniforms that are either completely identical or similar to Teppei's new attire at some point in time.

Teppei's appearance can reference one of the two known attachments in Genshin Impact. His attachment with Tsuchinoko is that they both have long tongues to devour their prey with quicker speed and less effort, both being extremely agile and fast in everything they do (their fighting style, as well as running), and both having red-colored lips—the latter referencing their predatory nature. Also, his attachment with dragons is due to his admiration for them, along with the fact that he bears draconic powers in his left arm.

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