Thoma in Genshin Impact Explained

Thoma Info Card

He is a talented individual whose skills range from domestic chores to information gathering and performing any number of illegal jobs. For these reasons, he often wears long sleeves to hide his distinctive tattoos and brands.

He is handy with all machines, including the new robot Zeta, who will fight along Thoma's side. Thoma is a "fixer" character, the kind of people who fix things for money. 

He also has skills in cooking, cleaning, and he knows almost every secret in Inazuma.

While not an expert in combat, he makes up for it with his pyrokinetic powers and stealth skills. He can't sense ghosts or other inzuma, but his home port has unlimited ammo which makes him an interesting partner to have.

Thoma is the last survivor of a family of butlers. In his work he is incredibly flexible and adaptable, willing to shape himself to any situation. He is also a surprisingly skilled swordsman, as well as having a strong body. He is obedient and earnest in his pursuit of his duty, and cares deeply for his master.


Thoma is the child of an Inazuman father and a Mondstadter mother. As such, he has inherited the strong will of his father, as well as the outgoing personality and love for alcohol of his mother. 

He enjoys a carefree life and does not worry about what other people think about him instead being more concerned about how others think of him.

Thoma holds little loyalty towards any country or monarchy, seeing everyone to be equals in terms of friendship and loves to mingle with everyone regardless of their background.

Thoma's upbringing in a low-income family on Mondstadt combined with his Inazuman blood from his father made him amiable towards most people.   With a lackadaisical personality, he finds it difficult to say "no" to others and lives his life freely and however he chooses.  

He may not appear as intimidating as other Inazuman, but Thoma is incredibly strong, possessing the ability to punch through steel.

The son of an Inazuman father and a Mondstadt mother, both of whom taught him great values, Thoma has risen to prominence as a leader. 

He frequently speaks what is on his mind, believing that there is no point in beating around the bush. He does not give importance to superficial things and spends his time enjoying life.

As a result of his heritage, Thoma has powers that are a blend of both mana energy and qi energy. He inherited his father's ability to manipulate mana through an effect known as qi. 

Although Thoma lives in the Kingdom of Genshin with his wife, Torahiko Tenjouin, he is carefree and cheerful with a positive outlook on everything in life.


This non-playable character is a minor character in the video game Genshin Impact. He is a mercenary of sorts, looking for a fight to test his strength. He was hired by Raven and Lilith under the impression that they would be easy targets. 

It turns out that he underestimated the sisters' powers as they dispatched him easily with their technique; they also stole back what he had previously stolen from them. 

In battle Thoma wears light armor, a black shirt with red sleeves, silver wrist bands and an open collar. His facial expression changes depending on when you talk to him, or not. 

If you don't press (A) button and simply watch him, Thoma has an annoyed face, but if you talk to him, he will have an excited face.

Behind his cool exterior is a wise and calculating leader, but also a man with an insatiable lust for battle. 

Thoma is one of the rare people who can pilot multiple mecha in the heat of battle, however although he is calmer in battle than the other pilots, Thoma has been known to go berserk when he faces off against a particularly powerful foe.

He wears a helmet that is a similar style to Kabuto. It has horns on the side with red straps over them. 

Underneath there is a piece that covers Thoma's mouth and chin, along with two neck guards also called tameshi. 

It also had a tab in the back of Thoma's head to help him see better.

Things You Should Know About Thoma

  • Thoma comes from the world of Inazuman and wears a special battle suit designed to match his abilities. The suit seems heavy, but Thoma himself is light for his strength and moves around with the speed of a ninja. 
  • He is a driven man who does not give up until he reaches his goal and so he can often be found traveling around Japan looking for children's dreams.
  • Catching up to Asuna and Kirito, Thoma wielded the Kitain Cross Spear during the third phase of the fight. Despite being Asuna's childhood friend, he was one of the assailants that challenged her to battle at the climax of the 75th Floor in an attempt to give "Vieren Ogan" time to complete its activation. Fortunately, Yolko got hit by Thoma's attack and forced him to forfeit his turn.. 
  • Thoma would eventually come to his senses after Kirito helped him realize that he was being corrupted by the World Seed. Eventually, with the help from Kibaou, who revealed himself as one of the comrades trapped with him in SAO II , were able to save their comrades from falling into complacency just when it seemed like there was no hope.