Tom Animal Crossing Explained

Tom Animal Crossing Info Card

Tom is a cranky villager that has appeared in all Animal Crossing series titles. He is associated with Jerry, another cranky cat villager.

He is described as a "cranky" villager, which means he will come off as rude and mean towards the player, but once befriended, will be very soft and caring toward the player. 

He seems to have a rivalry with Nicholas called " The Great Turkey War ", a pun of a war against a greater opponent. This refers to Tom's position as an older male cat.

His name and appearance could be derived from Tom and Jerry, a famous cat and mouse cartoon. He may also be based on bantamweight boxers, which also reference his small size and boxing hobby.

His catchphrase, "meow" reflects his species. He was absent in Wild World, but was available in City Folk and New Leaf. 

His Japanese name refers to bantam weights, a class of lightweights that are often used as the second fighter in boxing matches.


Tom's appearance is largely dependent upon the color of his irises. In the original Animal Crossing, he has gray irises with a grayish-black pupil, which is known as his "neutral" color. 

The black "muzzle", lining around his eyes, and creases around his mouth are shared by lazy villagers. Like lazy villagers, Tom's personality matches that of a "laid-back" character; he is calm and relaxed, but not to the point of laziness. 

He will admire snooty women. This will lead to Tom asking out loud for them to be "looser around the edges". 

Tom can easily be angered by smug people's comments.

He wears a cream-colored floral shirt with a scalloped collar and puffy sleeves. 

The inside of the collar is purple. A white flower with burgundy stems sprouts from his left lapel, and it appears that there might be smaller pink flowers scattered over the rest of the shirt as well.

He wears many different hats, most of them to advertise his business, Nook’s Cranny. 

His facial expression is usually calm; he smiles when the player has paid off their mortgage or donated to the museum. 


Tom is a monkey with a red face, who wears a green cap and overalls. He has a large frown, bushy eyebrows, and a mustache. He has blue cheeks with red circles on them, as if he was blushing. 

Despite being from the jungle , Tom lives in a western-like village, where the houses resemble bamboo shacks. 

Each time Tom appears in town, a new building seems to have been built in the background, as well as a new temple on the riverside.

He will help the player customize their house and store if they befriend him. 

He will also give the player an apron to wear as part of their uniform as a part-time worker at his store. Tom is, as his name suggests, cranky, which means he gets easily annoyed and shocked by most things that come to his attention.

He works long hours every day and nights, but takes half days on Saturday and Sunday. Similar to other shrewd villagers such as Sydney, he sometimes refers to people and Pokémon with "cute" nicknames, such as referring to the player as "cutie" or calling a Magikarp a "koiking".


The house has three stories. It is furnished with items such as the Modern Bed and the Rococo Chair. He also owns a flat screen TV on the wall of his house, which plays K.K. 

Cruisin', and will change to another channel if his stereo is placed inside. 

His stereo plays K.K. Rock by default, but can play K.K. Island on rainy days.

He will aid you throughout your life as a citizen of his town, and help you make it a success. 

He continuously works hard during the daytime to ensure his shop is the most successful business in town.