Tsaritsa in Genshin Impacts Explained

Tsaritsa Info Card

The Tsaritsa has watched over the Crystal Kingdom for millenia, and is responsible for changing it from a simple, frozen wasteland into a magnificent utopia for the Cold Ones. 

Nobody has more authority over the Cryo Archons than her, yet she allows them their freedom to explore and experiment as they will as long as they answer to her when called. 

Some consider them a Triumvirate or a Triad, with the Tsaritsa at its head.

She is also one of the Seven Glaciers, who preside over a variety of elements. The Tsaritsa is a powerful ally in battle, able to summon her allies undead at will to do her bidding.

Fiery red hair, beautiful glowing blue eyes and a charming body was all that Tsaritsa /u/orlandoflorin had to her rescue after the (CEERORLG) had already been executed by their enemies. Tsaritsa was one of The Seven, a group of unimaginably powerful cryo archons that were capable of reshaping reality itself.

She has three Magic Formations under Her command: The Court of Light that imprisons law-breakers; the Court of Ice that protects the frozen northern lands from intruders; and the Court of Snow that viciously punishes those who dare to defy her.

Come and join Tsaritsa's crew of daring explorers and find your way to her aquatic empire in the northern lands of the planet Snezhnaya. 

With a curious, kind hearted, adventurous and adventurous personality she is waiting for you to help her rewrite the past and make history with her daring expeditions as they venture through populated areas fighting to regain their past glory and protect their future, while also indulging in a little extra exploration.

She is a mentor and mother-figure to many, and also a figurehead to which all in the Cryptocracy look to for guidance. Her favorite pastime is touring the world with Her Frostfang Companion, for which She has the Original Design.

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​​She's not a terribly talkative person by nature, but those who follow her praise her as a leader and a great warrior, claiming that her atrocities are part of her subconscious desire to help others. 

Tartaglia expresses admiration for the Tsaritsa, believing in her capacity to bring peace to the war-torn world. 

He is cautious about defying her, telling Cookie that he protects her because she has power. He does not voice any explicit dislike of his employer, but continues inviting Cookie to defy her.

She is described as a gentle soul, who has become remorseless in her war against the forces of evil. Her style revolves around the idea of placing 3 Tsaritsa Cookies behind an enemy to capture them, allowing her to hurl said enemy at another enemy or other obstacles.

She spent much of the early days of their marriage locked inside the palace walls, watching from behind the mullioned windows as soldiers marched through the streets below. 

Her husband was not kind to her, and she soon made a friend in one of the few places she was allowed to go: the kitchen. The chefs welcomed her into their world with open arms, and she delighted them with her fine handiwork in the kitchen. 

The Tsaritsa began to create new recipes for them, instantly making herself part of all the staff's lives.

She has long, blonde hair, and a red ribbon around her head that covers one of her eyes like an eyepatch. Upon first meeting the Tsaritsa, Clive marvels at her beauty and immediately falls in love with her. 

This attraction goes both ways - the Tsaritsa is also attracted to Clive, but she makes no move toward him until he proves his worth by showing his bravery in battle. 

While Clive fights Tartaglia on her behalf, she keeps an eye on his progress from the windows of her castle; when the fight is over and Clive has won, she steps out on a balcony overlooking the battlefield and points down at him…

She cares deeply for Mastema, who is also her first, most powerful and loyal follower. She worked diligently to free him from his oppressive seal and she continues to be there for him when he needs her most. 

The feeling is mutual; Mastema, who respects his master very much, sees it as his destiny to serve only her.  


A girl shrouded in a cape and black dress slowly ran along the castle steps, avoiding the guards. As she rushed to escape, large rocks fell from the sky, but missed her by inches. 

She continued to run as the guards aimed their weapons at her, however she stopped and turned around. Standing there before them was the Tsaritsa of Enchantia: Tartaglia. 

Her cold and pure gaze froze the guards for a moment before Tartaglia grabbed one of them off his horse and drew him towards her as if he were a puppet.

Those who gaze upon her even once are compelled to her will and very few have ever caught her eye. She has wedded one of the most influential Kings yet the marriage was a mere formality and there is no sign of friendship or love between the two.

Over the course of her travels, Tartaglia's Tsaritsa, a mild-mannered princess, has gone through many transformations – now she's trapped forever in an animated body. Her body's been transformed into an eternal prison. 

On a Friday night, she'll sneak off and visit the abandoned confectionery kingdom, the crumbling ruins of which are the home of mythical creatures that have long been lost to time itself.

The Past

 Once upon a time, there was a Tsaritsa who broke free from the void. She had always been in the darkness, and then she realized that she had no memory of her past. All she could remember was how to live and wield her power as an archon. She felt anger, fear, and sadness; then a voice asked her to seek the Cryo Archon. 

War began, horrible fighting born from ignorance and fear. She knew if she did not stop the war, no one would survive the battle. She defeated the other five archons, and took power as the new Cryo Archon. 

Tsaritsa's power comes from her eyes, from which she can shoot frost magic. Being a Cryo Archon, she is immune to the effects of frost magic herself. During the first phases of the game, Tsaritsa will be attacking with her frost balls but later when she reaches half health state, she will shoot out frozen waves that deal continuous damage to the player.

The Empire is crumbling. The Tsaritsa is still young, and her leadership is hotly contested by those who believe the old order should remain. 

Those same people also think that she should not be doing anything as worldly as running a bakery instead of carrying out the duties of an Empress. All the same, she does what she does best, as a warrior for freedom and justice.