Unbreaking Minecraft: Enchantment Guide

Nov 7, 2021
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Like many enchantments in the game, it comes with a slight degree of randomness. But here is the basic rundown of how Unbreaking works:

This enchantment is a desirable addition for many items used in Minecraft because it allows the item to avoid reducing in durability when used. 

The reason many players find these item enchantments so desirable is due to the fact that repairing an item can sometimes be more expensive than completely replacing it with a new one whenever durability has been lost.

It can be applied to most tools, weapons, armor, hoes and shields. For example tools with this enchantment will never break even after millions of uses.

Unbreaking was the first enchantment I ever got, and it still feels the most relevant to this day. Unbreaking is incredibly useful in any item you primarily use for combat. Whether it's armor that gets hit a lot during a fight or tools you break through blocks with, unbreaking can easily double their durability. 

My personal favorite way to use unbreaking is on pickaxes, since at times it can feel like they break pretty constantly. But by applying unbreaking, I've been able to maintain them at max durability for longer periods of time.

Some people think this is a very useful early game but becomes useless in later stages of the game. 

I do not agree with this idea. Stamina is something you will need at every stage of the game, especially in minecraft.

The effect of Unbreaking is immediately obvious. Tool, armor, weapon, and fishing rod - all break less frequently. On an armor stand, even swords start to take from 2% to 3 % durability per hit instead of 1.5%. This makes it much more effective at reducing damage than Mending and only slightly less than Protection.

Enchanting is the third best way to improve a sword, as it can be used in conjunction with Smite and Sharpness. 

Technical Information

If you don't want your items to break, it could prove useful. To enchant an item with Unbreaking, you need to have access to an anvil which can be found in villages, strongholds, strongholds, libraries and feralas. The amount of levels you can put on an item is equal to your Enchanting skill level. So if you have 4 points of enchanting skill, go ahead and add 4 levels of unbreaking!


A lot of people might not know this but there is a limit to how powerful the Unbreaking enchantment can become. 
In Minecraft, the highest level for the Unbreaking enchantment is level 3. 
This means that only items with the Unbreaking III enchantment will have the highest durability possible.

Other Universal Enchantment

Minecraft enchantments can enhance a lot of things in the game. For example, an enchantment on silk touch allows you to mine blocks that normally would be hard to mine

Similarly, an enchantment like efficiency improves the efficiency of tools in Minecraft. The idea of enchantments in the game is very fun and exciting especially if you know how to use them well.

Depth Strider

The depth Strider enchantment allows you to move 10% faster while under water. When you are able to reach your destination quickly it's especially helpful because there is much less time for swimming enemies to chase you.


This enchantment is a good choice for warriors because they’re already pretty darn good at attacking and they’re pretty good with their defense as well. This enchantment adds to their attack damage against sea creatures. I will now go over some information about this enchantment and tell you how it works and who should use it.


This enchantment is the best for fighting mobs. Great for when they’re in a pack or if you need to kill a dragon. I recommend this enchantment above all others.