Unknown god in Genshin Impact Explained

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A mysterious god, while not mentioned by name, is the unknown figure in Genshin Impact. She leaves the Traveler and Paimon behind as they are on their way to an unknown location that is likely related to the Traveler's own journey.

Her journey will take her across two continents, and a slew of people and monsters that lurk in the shadows: Enforcers, demons, gods, angels, cultists, and other humanoid beings yet to be discovered.

It appears in the opening cutscene where it tells Paimon how they ended up stranded in Teyvat. She is later seen during the ending credits.

A young Traveler waking to the new day in her isolated village, overlooking a cliff and far below, is startled by a phalanx of heavily armed soldiers marching towards her. The head general stops in front of her. 

She grabs at Paimon, who rushes into her arms, then runs away with him into the thick woods that surround her village. 

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While Paimon awaits for his sister to return, he is approached by an unknown god who quickly takes him away from Teyvat and leaves him on a strange island where he will have to fight for survival.

You must find your way to the top of Teyvat mountain and ascend to the realm of the realm of gods. Guide Paimon up the mountain while discovering items that can help you advance as you learn more about this strange place called Teyvat.

A girl with twin long-braided pigtails. She is the younger sister of Paimon and thus the older sister of Crowley. The Traveler and Paimon were separated when the Unknown God arrived at the house in which they resided.

It has been about 29 episodes and 8-9 years since the New Generation was founded by two sibling gods, and players are still unsure of what happened to the other one, except that she is a she. All we really know about her is that she belongs to the same deity family as Paimon and there's still a rivalry between the two of them. This episode shows us more insight on their relationship.

The sustainer of heavenly principles, she berates the arrogance of mankind, who would seek to leave Teyvat and dominate the Earth. Asserting her dominion over the heavens, she summons a swarm of dark red cubes to attack, and upon trapping you, engulfs you individually within her cubes.

Several large golden pages, front and back, can be opened out of this book and two miniature figures appear to live within it. The volume has the title "Unknown god in Genshin Impact" written on it in gold letters.

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As the prophecy foretold, two new gods appear—they are Gen and Shin, brother and sister. Most humans welcome the siblings, but the new god emperor Kōjin does not trust them. Because his previous life's memories tell him that a war with the unknown god is on the horizon, he sends an assassin to find and kill Gen.


  • During the War of Genesis, the Unknown God reappeared through the Portal, bringing a new wave of devastation. Believed to be the mastermind behind the death of one of the Initializers, this mysterious entity has not only claimed to be Kiana Kaslana herself, but has also revealed that she is actually being controlled and manipulated by someone else.
  • If you've never heard of her, it's no surprise. Few have lived to tell their tale. The goddess Aqua created her to be an overwhelmingly powerful weapon, but after being defeated in a mighty war, she was reborn as an ordinary girl.
  • She appears as a maiden, rarely revealing her face. She wears a black dress similar to a mourning kimono and leaves the impression of a woman past her prime.
  • She has a pensive look on her face, as if she were quietly contemplating some kind of great sorrow that only she knows about. However, the scroll placed in front of her is intricately decorated and looks more like it was created to adorn an important place of worship than one which would have been used by an unknown god.
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