Varka in Genshin Impact Explained

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There he discovers his sister Edith, who had long ago left their home to wander the world and become a renowned songstress. However, her fame was a sham; she only performed to sell herself to men wealthy enough to care for her sick father. 

After Edith fell into despair upon hearing her father's deathbed confession of this, Varka brings her to Mondstadt and takes her on as an apprentice.

While he keeps his hair short, it still falls down his back like a waterfall of starlight. 

His eyes are the color of the midnight sky, and are cold, observant and calculating. He wears his typical attire wherever he is, but takes extra care when in public.

He has been a member of the Knights since he was chosen by Boreas from a young age. He is physically only human but is capable of creating powerful blasts of energy not unlike a storm. He has black hair and golden eyes, he wears a long dark blue cape that contrasts with his white armor.

His love for the city is evident in his eyes and smile, but it is also evident in his actions. When Varka found out about the first attack by Mondstadt's enemies, he was determined to defend those under his care, even if it meant braving an ice storm atop the Cinderwood Mountains.

He's a leader that you can always count on to confront even the most dangerous (and most crazy) situations. 

He's been there for his friends and family, supporting them along their journeys. He's helped those in need, no matter how trivial their problem may be. 

For all these reasons, Tartaglia says that he wishes to face him in combat someday while Barbara says that he is someone that she just always has to count on.

He comes from a long line of politicians and it seems his whole life has been spent preparing for this moment. He has years of experience that few others will ever have, and in my opinion is the kind of leader Mondstadt needs.

He thinks Tartaglia is a brute who only cares about attacking monsters for experience, and will never be able to lead people effectively. However, he becomes more sympathetic as he shares his story with others, as well as as a consequence of his interactions with Falsetto and Olga on their journey.

The third first-year student Tartaglia is paired up with. He's a loner with an arrogant attitude, who works at his own pace and seeks the power to avoid relying on anyone else. 

His swordplay comes from the school of ninjutsu passed down by the ninja of Jukai Village in Genshin Impact.

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Varka is an explorer at heart and has a great fondness for adventure. He is not as responsible as Jean, but is still well-liked by the people in his hometown of Mondstadt

He searches for ancient treasure that he believes hides in the Frozen Forest. Varka's personality seems to be similar to Jean's from the way they act, particularly when it comes to adventuring.

In fact, his carefree attitude hides an incredibly strong will that allows him to constantly defy age and even ignore death. 

He's full of energy and very passionate about everything he does, so much so that he often leaves Jean in charge while he goes on expeditions. However, despite being oblivious to the duties required as a highlander magistrate (though Jean doesn't seem to mind), Jean appreciates his friend's sunny personality and dedication to finding adventure in everything they do.

Although he holds the title of tribunal president , Varka is far from being a mysterious or imposing authority in Mondstadt. 

On the contrary, his carefree nature and good-humored treatment of others leave him well liked by his friends and colleagues. 

His open-mindedness means that he rarely puts pressure on Jean, who may occasionally voice irritation at Varka's inability to attend court sessions in person.

It has been speculated that Varka's carefree and laid-back personality stems from the many years he spent on solo expeditions in remote parts of the world. Varka's over-the-top attitude is also more likely a product of his young age and carefree attitude than anything else. 

He is rather good friends with a large man named Jean , who has worked for him for some time, and has a fianceé called Kaeya. 

Both are very solid people, yet he is able to goof off with them without causing any conflict.


A said to be equally cunning with his blades as he is sharp with his tongue. Razor calls upon Varka to unleash a rapid volley of words, or when his blade can't cut through a situation, a meat cleaver has yet to fail him.

Varka is a fearsome warrior who uses advanced military technology to overpower his enemies in hand-to-hand combat. Using his alien technology, Varka's already formidable stature is boosted even more, resulting in a huge behemoth who can easily destroy entire armies by himself. At least that's what he says but we don't know yet.

A secret organization known as Nebula is at work altering the histories of Lost Saga, Zumba Fitness and Lost Saga through time travel. Razor has traveled to the past to stop them and created alliances with various heroes who once were his enemies. 

Once known as a merciless killer, he will now fight for justice using his powers or the incredible technology he has amassed over the epochs.