6 Venti Constellation in Genshin Impact

Venti is a compendium of military knowledge, and his stories have been compared to the exploits of Agamemnon and William Wallace; however, he's not interested in fighting. 

He has a strong love of music and wine, but is known to only wield his lyre as a weapon when provoked. His physical strength far exceeds that of an ordinary man due to his family's training in the sword arts, as well as being immortal, which grants him immense stamina. 

He typically treats people with respect, but verbally abuses his weapon, calling it a "bouncy little girl."

Dedicated to his craft, Venti wields his lyre with prowess, often using it in combat. His most unique ability is to turn wine into a weapon, drinking wine in battle and then vomiting it out as a potent acidic attack. 

Venti's musical skills are also formidable; he is able to transform his songs into powerful magical effects and even manipulate the minds of others.

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Splitting Gales

Splitting Gales info card

Venti Constellations is a recently discovered Level 1 Constellation. Aimed Shot now fires 3 arrows instead of 1, each dealing a third of the original arrow's DMG. This constellation has Destructive Implications, as it gives her the ability to deal with and attack several enemies at once.

Two things are infinite: the universe, and Venti's Constellations. The first one is obvious, but perhaps less obvious is that you can get all 20 of Venti's Constellations by purchasing both Venti and Quasar.

After years of trying to shoot the stars, Venti is now exhausted and unable to perform any more magic. Constellations was probably the most difficult spell he ever cast.

Breeze of Reminiscence

Breeze of Reminiscence info card

Breeze of Reminiscence is a one- to two- hit ranged attack. It stuns the target, then shoots five arrows into the air, where they fall in a circular pattern around the target, granting four Anemo and two Physical Resistance debuffs. 

As Venti controls the positioning of the arrows, she can arrange them to overlap more frequently than her Level Two Constellation, Sunstream’s Power Apple. 

This can make it difficult for a single defender to remove these debuffs when Venti is on the offense. Breeze of Reminiscence also grants an Anemo and Physical Resistance buff to Venti for 15 seconds. 

This buff is quite valued for its ability to raise an offensive player's basic Resistances—handy against high-Resistance opponents like Jinsoyun and Miyabi.

Venti carries a mace, which is an iron club without a swinging head. Essentially it is just a handle. It symbolizes the fact that Venti is not only the Goddess of Weapons and War, but also the goddess of peace and equality among the Symbols.

Ode to Thousand Winds

Ode to Thousand Winds info card

This Constellation unlocks a whole new set of Class skills, many of which are archery or martial arts skills. You need to have Twelve Winds's Grand Ode to be Level 3 before you can activate this Constellation.

Here is the very first of Venti's downgraded Constellation cards. The secret to these, is that they need no more than 3 different Constellation's at up to level 7 to turn this card into a piece of cake. Take a moment, look at how incredibly easy these are to make!  This would be the one card to turn this series around.

The sacred armor that you sought, yet never obtained, had always been there - waiting, watching. It was yours all along. Use this skill if you're experiencing a sense of foreboding and are troubled by the weight of the future - a presentiment of danger lurking just around the corner. This feeling is giving you strength. If you feel drawn toward that sensation, you must let it go…

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Hurricane of Freedom

Hurricane of Freedom info card

Venti, a beast-man among men and a dragon among animals, did not grow weak when other Dragons followed the path of the Eclipse. Instead, he was furious! She decided to fight for his own freedom so that he could be the way he wants to be. 

His soul ignited with a fury never before seen! Thus began her Hurricane of Freedom.

A sumptuous yet dangerous siren's voice, the Hurricane of Freedom - 'Freedom' to the eyes of many but the great saviour to those who have suffered countless years under those who deem themselves rulers. 

Her name called out in hope... no, out loud and clear in open defiance by the people, their hope and prayers that one day they would again stand free from all oppression.

Concerto dal Cielo

Concerto dal Cielo info card

She is excited to introduce our new concerto line! These beautiful e-liquids magically combine vanilla, caramel, and rich chocolate into a unique final flavor. Each flavor was an expert selection by our liquid artisans, a long process that used a painstaking technique that took months to refine.

Concerto dal Cielo means "a concert in the sky." She believes that music is nothing but a beautiful dream and a pipe dream. 

The designer of Concerto dal Cielo is inspired by a lot of Italian memories, such as one-man shows, tailgate parties, and so on. People can enjoy classical music when they want to rest. In addition, the theme of this design is also inspired by the story behind.

Its unique creation philosophy and design concept is to be visionary and innovative, using inspiration from classical music and elements from fine arts and architecture, fusing them into watches of highest quality.

Storm of Defiance

Storm of Defiance info card

This Constellation is best used on support Krakens, and supports the role of the party even while they are running away - if they are being chased by another Kraken, or are running away from a defiler or a great mage, this constellation makes it very difficult for them to hit any of their attacks. If an enemy were to see two or three allies getting their attacks all absorbed by Storms, they might get really frustrated, i.e. rage quit and leave your little party alone. =)