Venti in Genshin Impact Explained

Gentoshi Impact is a free-to-play online game that allows you to create your own character and party, then undertake quests and adventures. Along the way you will gain experience, money and treasure while battling monsters in turn-based tactical combat. 

Venti is an Anemo Bard, who seems to have arrived on some unknown wind. 

And sometimes he simply flies about, or goes for a walk, or chops firewood, always switching vocal rhythms to match the tempo of his surroundings.

Although Venti's delicate looking, the power of the song has made Venti more than just a competition.

It is said that by filling the hearts of all players with inspiration and passion, Venti will create an explosive impact — a legend that soon becomes reality.

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Cute little puerh tea cakes are the perfect size to enjoy at the end of a day's outing. In myth, he is actually quite helpful and a source of knowledge for many alchemists. He has a habit of rhyming often in an attempt to be funny and his speech pattern is somewhat loquacious.

He seeks to free mankind from the oppression of fate and destiny. Venti appears in SMTIV as a formidable foe and can only be defeated by the player. He is found in the new Septentrione Area which becomes accessible through the use of Cheve's crest in Ginza.

You will have to fight his Imp form, the battle his two stronger forms respectively preceded by an "Extra" battle against an enemy adapt to using Magic Breaks.

He is greatly loved by the people of Mondstadt, where he constantly plays music for his friends by playing handheld instruments: the guitar and pan flute. He is also an avid drinker of alcohol.

This mysterious entity is well known in Mondstadt, though; its numerous admirers run the gamut from little children to the elderly and its namesake drink has become the most popular drink among all taverns in the city. 

Venti is an avid drinker of dandelion wine and cider, but not nearly as much as he enjoys performing. He prefers to listen to requests by his customers and entertain them with a song while they drink.

Venti has a polymorphed form which most people find hard to believe at times because of his sweet and carefree nature. His hobbies include playing songs for people in town. 

He enjoys many different kinds of drinks and has been known to drink alcohol. This has caused situations where he acts more like an adult than a child. He also tends to get drunk easily and hangovers aren't his favorite thing.


His eyes resemble the sky and the grass which he controls. He wears a white and aqua tunic, with long sleeves that cover his hands. His hair is aqua blue, fading into dark blue tips. This coloration is also found on his wind-elemental abilities. 

Due to the symbol of water being an Ouroboros, Venti's clothing has an Ouroboros design embossed in gold on both sleeves and over his heart. He grew up with a twin sister named Ess, who is an Exgenite like their mother, with pure white hair, and eyes tinted black. 

Venti's abilities include summoning wind spirits. These wind spirits can take any form and size, from the size of a small cat to a few times larger than him. When the Anemo goddess Azimuth healed Venti's wounds she was delighted with his loyalty and rewarded him by transforming him into a spirit of wind. 

This amused Venti but he refused to fly away from his tribe, and instead chose to use his abilities to assist others from afar as a spirit. He is said to have taken the form of a wounded bird and healed its own broken wings by blowing on them with his breath. 

It was this action that gave him the power to heal bodies and minds through the Anemo element.

Meaning of Name

Venti is the name given to one of the eight Hellenic wind deities.

Combining the two words, Venti won't just make your home smell nice - he'll bring you a personal guardian spirit of wind to make everything around you feel more comfortable.

More Information

  • Sail west from the mouth of the River Salve and you will come upon a place called Venti, once a town of fishermen. There are few survivors here; some speak of bloody beasts that swept northward then vanished into the mists. The creatures of the west demand tribute in the form of blood and flesh; they tear my people apart daily.
  • Even though she is just one person, her presence can shift the tide of a battle. Her abilities were enhanced by the Western Union's experimentation in order to create weapons for war; as a result, her mind is as powerful as her body. 
  • Her power has grown exponentially since she defeated Klee and overcame the trauma of losing not only her brother but also everyone she ever knew.
  •  A young archon in the Paradise of the Thirty-Three, Venti is known as the master of wind and serpents, has the title of "He Who Sucks Deadly Winds," and plays the Dihua flute. His children and grandchildren include the bodhisattva Miroku and an army of young yaksha generals.