8 Venti Talent Materials in Genshin Impact

Here are the lists of Venti talent materials available in the game. If you do not see the item that you are looking for, then it is most likely not available for purchase in our shop. The only way that this could change is if we place more items on the currency exchange.

Talent Materials are dropped from monsters all around the Forsaken Rift area of Mondstadt. Venti's total loot pool is 20x Ballads, 3x Conductors, and 15x Dictionaries. When you have gathered enough loot for your desired item tier, you can purchase them from the NPC Irene.

Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight info card

To craft a Crown of Insight, you first need to purchase the 3 Diamonds of Inner Knowing mount, which serves three purposes: 

1) it allows us to directly deliver the mount and its related benefits instead of creating workarounds like codes and promotions; 

2) it gives players an option if they want to obtain the mounts instead of additional Essence; 

3) it grants additional character slots, which helps lower price point players who might have fewer slots than players who have spent more on their account.

Teachings of Ballad

Teachings of Ballad icon

There are many poems with different flavors that were taught by the ancestors. The poems were quoted by the grandmothers and grandfathers of each tribe to match the atmosphere of nature and beauty. 

The land of the wind is a beautiful land.

You can obtain it from the Forsaken Rift map, which you can access if you have a level higher than 50 and does not require any additional content. Poetry is the manifestation of beautiful feelings. The whole land was vibrating due to the teachings of the ballad....

Tail of Boreas

Tail of Boreas icon

After reawakening from death, the Great Wolf King of the North will leave pieces of his body on the battlefield. These are pieces of Andrius' body that have not been affected by his soul's departure and still contain a tremendous amount of power. Only a brave warrior can approach these rare materials and look for any Great Wolf King of the North related quests.

This is the true origin story of the majestic twelve-tailed wolf, as well as the story of a man's dedication and sacrifice to his friends.

These dusty scales from the Great Wolf King of the North are proof of one's valor in battle against the King of the North. Use this material to level up your weapons and armor, or to craft accessories. Those who possess its power shall surely be formidable Warriors.

Guide to Ballad

Guide to Ballad icon

You will know how to obtain it from the Rift of the Forsaken. You will learn how to use Guide to Ballad in the Infernal Tower. As the player gets higher. This Guide can be converted into Weapon, Armor, Jewelry and Potion Cards at NPC for cost of material and Energy. When used together with other crafting materials, it can evolve into more powerful equipment.

The legendary martial art of the Nuwa Alliance--the only opportunity to learn the forbidden art is at Nether Mountain, shrouded in lore and legend. The peak of Nether Mountain's top, a turbulent wind like that one night in the straw rain hut where I saw the dark cloud whirl in, it's not a dreamland, but a place that exists!

Slime Concentrate

Slime Concentrate icon

It's a fact: Slimes are gross. They're wiggly and bouncy and weird. And now, some of them have slime with them. 

Apparently they didn't get the memo that they were supposed to be gross on their own! So now the slimes can be twice as gross with twice as much slime. 

When you mix them together, you'll get an even more powerful percentage of grossness! Just what you need to get your evil plan going.

This sticky substance has a tendency to hurl itself at targets and explode on contact, dealing damage in an area with such ferocity it can sometimes cause them to rupture entirely. The more of this gooey material is gathered together, the more potent the resulting explosion.

Philosophies of Ballad

Philosophies of Ballad icon

Religious beliefs have many ordinary people who are superstitious and feel pressured by various outside influences. 

But no matter how hard people try to comment about stuff that isn't really true, two people will eventually meet because of an inevitable fate. The miraculous power of fate makes people realize where they're supposed to be, that's why miracles happen.

Slime Secretions

Slime Secretions icon

Slime secretions are standard for all slimes upon Ascension. However, a slime's slime secretions can vary in freshness and purity depending on the individual slime; this slightly less pure variety is made from drops of mildewed slimes. Please handle it with care!

As an aid to your adventures in Dailies, Weeklies, and Arenas I've made this compilation of the various Slimes that are out there. Some can be harmful if you're not careful so keep an eye out for the various slime secretions that they drop. 

There have been some complaints about getting burned from harvesting these things, so take care when doing so.

Slime Condensate

Slime Condensate icon

Slime Condensate can be traded to the Elemental Workshop Merchant in exchange for resources used to create spells. You can not take Slime Condensate out of the dungeon, or leave it for other adventurers as your party is about to conquer a specific boss.

Condensation is the process of vapor changing from a gas to a liquid. Condensate is what is left over after this change. Condensate can also refer to the water that forms on cold glass when hot liquid is poured into it.

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