Warframe Tier List: +40 Characters Explained

Are you a Warframe player? Do you play on consoles or computers? Are you looking for a specific Warframe tier list? You’re in the right place! 

I have broken down each and every warframe into the tiers S-A, B, C, ect. and told you how good they are.



Saryn info card

Saryn, my favorite Warframe, is a highly mobile character that can instill diseases in enemies with her abilities. 

A skilled Saryn can leave her enemies feeling hopeless while filling the world with deadly toxic spores. 

She’s definitely unlike any other Warframe out there and for this reason it took me a long time to master her playstyle. 

With the right skill build she can be both fun and powerful!

Loosely based on the antagonist of the old novel The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks, Saryn is a plague doctor-inspired frame which relies on infection and toxin skills over brute force.

She can also tank pretty well thanks to her high health pool and innate armor absorption. 

All this combined with her ability to poison (and be poisoned), crowd control enemies and create large puddles of damaging acid means that she will be contributing positively to her team even if she isn’t dishin’ out the kills.


Wisp info card

Her haunting appearance and powerful abilities have left players both mesmerized and mystified since the announcement of this oft-requested Warframe. Originally appearing to be a mere specter, her identity was considered questionable until she spoke for the first time at TennoCon (Tenno's official annual convention). 

Since then, she has become a vivacious, passionate character -- embodying love, light, and energy.


Mesa info card

Mesa, the gunslinger from the plains, pairs the control and distance of a sniper rifle with barrage fire capabilities. 

Her sleek form cuts through enemy hordes quickly and efficiently as she walks circles around her enemies with ease. 

She's also in my opinion, one of the most fun Warframes to play.


Octavia info card

Octavia creates a dynamic and original soundtrack with her Mandachord, an instrument that mixes organic with digital. 

She synchronizes her songs to unleash their greatest potential. 

By firing melodic bolts at enemies, Octavia can temporarily disrupt their health regeneration. 

Her songs can also be used as a beacon for other players in the vicinity. 

Marksman will appreciate the effects of Harmony, which increases affinity gained from headshots for both Octavia and her teammates. 


Voidrig Info Card

The Necramechs are a derivative design to the general Sentinels, created by the Orokin. 

The Voidrig is built for anti-personnel usage, primarily being deployed against enemy forces in the Orokin Void

This has led to a lack of damage output against vehicles, allowing it to be easily dispatched by any vehicle-mounted soldiers...



Khora info card

Khora’s abilities focus on improving her status among allies and restricting enemy movement. 

First, her passive ability is a boost to her own attack with each wound on her target. 

Her first ability is a pounce that does high damage and forces the enemy to stand up if they are crouching. 

Then comes an overhead kick that knocks an enemy down if it connects with the head or neck area. 


Nova info card

A smirk brushed the corners of Holsom's mouth at the old military saying. 

He had even heard it from the Corpus themselves; the Lotus too, after she complimented him on his third successful capture of one of their ships. 

It was a cruel jab at his disfigurement. 

In a fit of rage so powerful that even his companions had flinched, he pulled off his helmet and hurled it across the room. 

It shattered against the bulkhead with a smash like two planets colliding.


Volt info card

Volt is the master of electricity. Bring his powers to Warframe and you’ll deal powerful attacks with a touch of lightning. 

Zap your enemies with a brute force attack, or stun them long enough for a swift kill with melee. 

Volt has a huge arsenal of powers that allows him to quickly adapt to any situation. 

With his damage mitigation options, Volt can hold his own on the battlefield in difficult situations, making him one of the most versatile one. 

He can stun foes, slow them down and make targets vulnerable to attack by allies. This is done by using his electricity ability.


Wukong info card

Wukong was released in 2014 as the 26th Warframe, and is the first Warframe that is not aligned with a particular polarity. 

He is also the first character in the game to use an energy based moveset (with his ultimate and Wukong’s staff having infinite uses). 

He wields 5 pairs of golden tonfa and a powerful katana named “Wukong’s staff”.


Nidus info card

Originally a concept done for a contest in 2014, he was never meant to make it out to the public. 

Like Saryn, his final body underwent many changes in the way he looks and plays that makes him become more and more unique as time went on. While Saryn’s visual design is minimalistic, Nidus’ has a plethora of strange looking structures that at first seems as if they don’t have any purpose.

Her research led to the discovery of what would become known as the Infestation Pit, a place where she could begin her experimentation without being affected by the corruption that plagued her peers.

After nine months in isolation, studying mutation and interaction with other lifeforms, she had isolated and weaponized the virus. 

The weapon was unleashed upon the unsuspecting creatures of the Origin System, altering their biology and genetic structure permanently.


Sevagoth info card

The night is dark and full of terrors, but his reach extends into the heart of the Void to touch the parched souls of those who would dare to cross him.

Transcending mortality, Sevagoth defies death's grip, and no matter how many times his earthly remains are cast upon the moon-rocks, he shall rise again to wreak unrelenting havoc in his wake.

As a new void operator who possesses an invisibility mechanism, wields a dagger and uses the power of the Void to strike down enemies, Sevagoth is a compelling addition to Warframe’s roster of damage dealers. 

Given the popularity of this game and the character choices it offers players, it stands to reason that at some point, you’ll have two or three out of your ten loadouts occupied by various incarnations of space ninjas.


Gara info card

Gara is a warframe that excels at crowd control, offering her team excellent support and utility. 

Her primary weapon summons quakes and tremors beneath enemies, knocking them down while also dealing minimal damage. 

Her ranged secondary fires a volley of shots, each of which can apply bleeding and slow. 

Gara's third ability is a translocation ability — allowing her to jump between the locations of her enemies, making it easier for her team to focus fire on a single target. Gara's final ability is a ground-pound attack that damages and stuns enemies within range. 

It also spawns shockwave attacks on the ground for added damage.

er shield and sword, leaving enemies vulnerable. 

Her illusions are not petite showgirls but serious battle companions. 

At the core of each mirage is a fierce warrior and Mirage can call upon them at will. 

With a studied ear for martial music, she sings out her steel symphony when an enemy learns too much about her tricks. 


Trinity info card

Trinity is a support figure with a penchant for restoring and preserving life rather than taking it. She has arguably the most versatile abilities in the game, capable of either killing or reviving enemies.

Her self-healing powers allow her to take damage while remaining operational for long periods of time, making her an excellent survival Warframe in missions. 

Trinity is an ideal choice when your team requires both a damage-dealer and a supporter, but she can also be built to specialize in one specific role.


Protea info card

Her highest damaging ability, Impalers, fires sonic booms at high velocity, creating shockwaves along their path. 

Her second ability, Furoticon, creates a solid wall of razor sharp leaves, perfect for slicing through enemies. 

Her last ability is her third lowest damaging ability, Landfall. 

Landfall also creates a shockwave capable of propelling herself and her teammates into the air for a short time.  

Landfall can be used to create combos by using her first two abilities after leaping. 

Protea's all around stats are decent and she is considered one of the best frames used for wave defense missions.


Rhino info card

His main strength comes from his ability to charge himself at enemies. 

He also has a heavy hitting melee attack. Each of these attacks can make him a deadly force on the battlefield. 

Rhino's first ability, Iron Skin, will make you almost walk through bullets and not feel pain if you have it maxed out.

Rhino is the first Frame to have special deployable armor blocking projectiles based on their trajectory, the Rush ability, which allows him to charge with unstoppable force at an enemy at the cost of overloading his shields, and a special ability called Rhino Stomp. 

The stomp causes massive damage and knockdown to enemies in the surrounding area (5 meters), while also temporarily creating an armor plate beneath him that will block further damage from both directions until it breaks.


Gauss info card

Gauss is a Warframe that was released in 2013 and in fact still is, if you want to buy him. Gauss used to be one of the most popular Warframes (in my opinion) as he was a speedster and could really catch up with enemies even if they were much higher level than you. 

It was almost impossible for a new player to land one hit on this guy while he was buffed, but now it has come to an end unfortunately.


Baruuk info card

Endless battle tears at the fabric of our reality. With strife come consequences, and a single drop can fill the endless ocean with an unquenchable thirst for blood. 

To those that would ignite the inferno of war in the hope that fire may purge this world of injustice, Baruuk emerges to oppose such folly.

The monks of the technologically advanced Mesa vow to eradicate evil from the colonies, and Baruuk and his paladin companion Sorren are two of this clan's greatest warriors. 

Baruuk uses his meditative concentration to secrete a protective barrier, while Sorren blasts his enemies with electricity. 

Both martial artists are adept at disabling their targets and opening them to a flurry of strikes.


The two ideals of life and death, night and day, war and peace - all exist within Equinox, a duality of opposing forces locked in a swirling struggle for control. 

It is through this discord that she gains strength from both concepts simultaneously. 

Equinox brings the most powerful benefits of these dichotomies to her allies and enemies in equal measure, tearing apart the fabric of reality to restore equilibrium in accordance with her will.


Nezha info

The star-crossed adolescent avenger, Nezha, is equipped with a binding light that levitates allies with protective energy and incinerates foes with cleansing fire. 

His blade of choice, The Universe Ring, has the power to chain enemies in an ethereal chain. 

Nezha's non-combat talents include learning how to use his powers for household chores, to clean up after his guardian father.


Revenant’s spectral silhouette enshrouded by Abyssal energy, wreathed by dread Eidolon essence, the blighted sovereign fortifies his resilient form.

Bestow them with his haunted dreams; reap them unseen and spill their lifeblood upon the vermilion sacred earth.

A sweeping revision of the Excalibur warframe line was released through the Plains of Eidolon update. The weapon Augmentation paradigm was abandoned, and thus so too was the original Revenant. 

The property of raw power sacrificed for arcane maleficence, the new Revenant seeks to conquer his enemies with utter devastation.


His powers are likened to that of necromancers or dark arts practitioners and he uses flames by utilizing his enemies’ weaknesses. 

Nekros is best used in conjunction with other damage dealing Warframes to be a brilliant support frame.

He can manipulate the bodies of both the dead and the living, causing them to attack his enemies or even shielding himself with their corpses.


Harrow info card

Reaching above the forces of evil, the towering steel figure of Harrow delivers his god’s verdict upon the wicked, yielding salvation through sacrifice, redemption through vengeance, and ascension through defiance. 

Forged long ago in an age of anarchic warfare by a now-forgotten tribe of Iron Lords, his body was repurposed for the trials ahead—an iron will that coalesced into razor-sharp blades and pistons that breathe hellfire.


Ivara info card

Armed with a bow of her own, the accomplished huntress and scout Ivara is an agile infiltrator who specializes in hit-and-run tactics. 

Graceful and poised, she is often found skulking in the shadows of open conflict, launching surprise attacks from blind angles or even through solid walls. 

Mostly, though, she prefers to spend her time alone in the wilderness beyond the city walls, stalking prey through rough terrain and making use of her natural camouflage to keep hidden. 

Like all Tenno, Ivara is infused with the actual consciousness of a long-dead ancestor, causing her to view herself as outside -and above- the law.


Titania info card

With a recent overhaul in her Augment mods that allow for more tactical flexibility along with buffs to her playstyle with increased dash distance and damage, Titania is quickly becoming a favorite among Warframe fans.

The diminutive temptress Titania and her entourage of bladed butterflies scatter their dust to disorient, enchant and beckon enemies go to their doom. Because her weapons do just the same. 

Her Spira weapon the Grasp of Nok influences the enemy health and damage slowly but surely. 

At once, increased dotes fly from the enemies as they slowly melt without knowing what is going on. 

She will make sure you love every second of it with just her Robes, Dowsing and Bombard abilities in Team DeathMatch, Spy missions, or Interceptor hunts.


Lavos info card

On a remote, cold planet on the edge of the System lies a unique, isolated facility where the Tenno hone their crafts. 

It is here that an eccentric master Tenno by the name of Lavos tinkers with his creations, injecting life into corrupt bio-mechanical technology to create weapons untamed by conventional science. 

His brutal craftsmanship and cunning intellect have attracted many apprentices. 

Those who survive his training are invited to participate in isolated trials against the most deadly of opponents: the Grineer Queens. 

The victors earn the right to learn from Lavos himself how to concoct volatile brews of recombinant elements to dissolve, evaporate, and transmute hostile forces.


Xaku info card

The four-legged serpentine dragon Chroma epitomizes the power and ferocity of the element he represents: fire. 

The Dragon of Fire is quick to anger, and his flames are equally swift to lash out against those who dare threaten him or his kin. 

Though Chroma wears no armor, his scales provide natural protection from an array of damage types.


The fragmented remnants of a trio of warriors, Xaku’s existence is one that can only be understood through conquest. 

Their intertwined battles have plundered many realms, and now the long-dormant entity has been roused into active duty.

Transformed into a weapon against the invading Infestation, it’s nature as a creation of the Void provides an alternate way of perceiving physical form.


Ember info card

Ember has gained popularity in recent years, as her ability to devastate the battlefield with flame and fury is second to none. 

Those who strive to unite the Orokin under a singular banner will be hard-pressed to find a warframe more suited to their needs. 

Through mastery of Ember's art, a Tenno can scorch the vegetation of the Plains and set fire to the oceanic tundra, turning enemy strongholds into mounds of smoking embers.


Vauban Info Card

Vauban is the master of tactical gadgetry, possessing all manner of ingenious devices. 

These can be deployed to temporarily incapacitate enemies or, conversely, to strengthen defenses in advance of an incoming attack. 

He has at his disposal several deployable claws which he can manipulate remotely: the versatile Opticor rifle, capable of firing in both continuous and charged modes; Mag's Crush, which inflicts damage by simply crushing objects; and a personal favorite of mine: Prism barriers.


Oberon Info Card

This is one of my favorites in the warframe tier list. 

While Oberon could initially rely only on his axe for melee combat, he has slowly learned to use his staff for support attacks. 

His furious axe attacks have stun effects and can hit enemies around corners in a 180-degree radius. Oberon is one of the oldest Warframes in the game, having been added to the craftable list in Update 6 (released on Nov 12, 2013). 

Thanks to his protective nature, he doesn't have many variants, but certainly does enough with what's available to provide a distinctive edge.


Limbo Info Card

Banished from his realm and exiled into the World, Limbo relies on his art of dimensional travel to confound and disorient his enemies, creating a living shroud of chaos that both protects and isolates him in battle. 

By displacing objects with each other, Limbo can also open up unexpected (and often humorous) pathways - misdirecting any pursuers or creating shortcuts across the battlefield.

Known as the “Art of War”, Limbo possesses a potent collection of artistic tools that he uses to perform his most impressive feats.



Inaros info card

The Warframe world continues to expand with each major update, and one of the newest additions is the mummy pharaoh Inaros. 

Furthering the world building of the Warframe universe, Inaros is a mysterious character introduced in the massive Plains of Eidolon update.

With his recent awakening, this lumbering behemoth left his sandstone tomb to wander the wastes of Mars and uncover a terrible secret about his past.

As the storm subsides, Inaros crumbles into dust; with his endless army washed away by the sand of time, and the curse at last lifted.


Excalibur Info Card

All three starter frames share a percentage of experience gained. He is a sword-themed frame with exceptionally high mobility, and is the first user of Exalted Blade. 

Excalibur uses Exalted Blade as a crutch for his abilities, which center around using his blade to engage in close combat with the enemy while dashing, jumping and teleporting around them.


Mag Info Card

Mag is a Warframe based on magnetic force. 

She is one of three starter options for new players, the others being Excalibur and Volt.


Hildryn Info Card

Legendary warriors call her the Steel Sentinel. To enemies, she's known as the Machine Herald. 

Either way, none can doubt Hildryn's strength or skill in battle. 

Open combat is a test of a warrior's resolve, but none relish it more than Hildryn. 

Her augmented strength serves as an inspiration for her allies, and crippling barricades empower their resolve. 

Hildryn is defined by her resolve to crush all who oppose her, and none are more deserving of defeat than those who threaten the Orokin world order with their impure thoughts and actions.


Ash Info Card

Ash is an excellent starter Warframe and should be your first choice if you are looking for something good. 

Ash has the best melee range of any Warframe that also damages over time. 

Her ranged abilities are simple, but allow a little bit more range than other Warframes which is fantastic for beginners.


Valkyr Info Card

She’s a berserker-themed frame which makes sense with her weapons. 

There’s quite a lot of silence in-game, especially when you first start out. 

Playing Valkyr as a newbie was hard because she only has a Warcry ability and it is a channeled ability and we tend to get attacked when casting a channeled ability. 

Her warframe ability requires you to be still which makes it hard to use sometimes because of the silence mechanic.


Frost Info Card

He offers a secondary resource system far different from players like Volt or Nekros and allows for many varied strategies to be used in lieu of traditional combat in a mission. 

His slow movement speed and difficulty navigating narrow spaces makes Frost's gameplay much different from slower-movement frame playstyles.


Loki Info Card

Loki is a fast-moving and slippery Warframe capable of flying through the air in his Specter mode or even crawling on walls. 

As such, Loki fits a very unique niche in the game: speed. 

His abilities make him decent at dealing damage with his secondary weapon (hand grenades), but he really shines as a stealthy infiltrator that can sneak behind enemy lines for disabling shots to enemy weapons or stumbling distracted enemies into hazards or other enemies.


Garuda Info Card

There she goes—tearing through enemy defense like tissue paper. 

She smites them with her talons, and pays no heed as they fall to the earth below just so she can savage them from above. 

Even the corpses are not safe: after a final, savory blow, she swoops down to devour their hearts and feast on their suffering...


Bonewidow Info Card

The Bonewidow is a mid-range melee combat unit with the ability to stun enemies. 

The appearance of this unit is that of an Eldritch horror, a creature from a dimension that was never meant to exist. 

It has an armored form similar in design to that of a Wraith, with its most notable feature being the tower shield it carries onto the battlefield. 

This shield is used by the Necramech to attack enemies from maximum range and also provides protection from bullets since it uses its immense mass to deflect enemy fire as opposed to blocking with the blade which may result in damage.


Banshee Info Card

Banshee is a Warframe designed specifically to disorient enemies through audio manipulation. 

She emits a keen ability that delivers piercing sonic blasts that can stun and disorient entire enemy teams. 

Successful attacks with Sonar blind affected targets, hindering their vision even if they manage to fight through the sonic interference and enemy effects.

Her powers take advantage of audio cues by emitting sound waves from her position as well as attacking enemies positions with crippling tremors.


Atlas Info Card

Atlas, like his namesake, the titan of Greek mythology, is truly a behemoth of a Warframe. 

He is the most massive frame to date with one of the highest health pools in the game. 

This allows him to soak up incredible amounts of damage and tank effectively. 

Not only does Atlas have great survivability, but he also has a great offensive toolset that can be used to dominate opponents in game or out.



Zephyr info card

Zephyr is a lightweight airborne frame that specializes in mobility and evasive attacks. 

Her unique ability is her movement: enemies at long range can be struck with hurricane force winds, while those up close will experience the devastating power of a micro-tornado.


Hydroid Info Card

When it comes to the purely physical, there are few Warframes as imposing as Hydroid. 

In his octopus form, a huge bulk of metal, offal and sea-wrack, he can crush his enemies with tidal force or pummel them with cannonade from the deep. 

In this form he has a frightening presence, able to strike terror into almost any opponent in melee range.


Nyx Info Card

One of the newer Warframes to be unleashed upon the battlefield, Nyx is a psychic-themed warrior.

Sporting a variety of abilities useful for disruption and destruction alike, Nyx is as versatile as she is powerful.


Grendel Info Card

Bolstering the Frontlines, Grendel is a gargantuan presence, spreading debilitation and discord among the enemy. 

His potent regenerative and amplifying abilities are aided by his Abomination Form ability, which offers a brief respite from battle. 

In this disfigured form, he can feast to restore health and build up his Ferocity meter -- which grants bonus damage upon activation.


Yareli Info Card

Yareli uses her tanto knife to slash, and tears its targets to pieces as the azure specters rise from the watery depths. 

Her whirling kick will send foes flying into the abyss. Yareli also has a grappling hook and harpoon gun – her cyclone strike draws enemies closer before sending them flying, and her invisibility skill makes it harder for enemies to attack her in return. 

Her backflip attack will make her vanish into the sand, and she can stealthily disappear into thin air.

Last Words

I hope the Warframe tier list has been of use to you. This game is not a very new game. But it is also very difficult to say old. Because people still love to play. Only unused things get old

I will keep this list updated.

Ll see.