Xiangling in Genshin Impact Explained

Xiangling Info C

Mao Xiangling is a highly efficient and effective Pyro character. She has the ability to create both fire walls and flame pillars at the same time, making her excellent for both defensive and offensive playstyles.

Sporting a 5-slot backpack, Xiangwing possess an average lung capacity of 2.0, making her capable at holding her breath for a duration before regaining her air supply. 

Her most prized possession lies in her captivating eyes of purple... Why not take a peek?

The daughter of a master chef, Mao Xiangling was raised to be in the culinary business. 

She may look cute, but don't let her looks fool you - she's not above experimenting on people just to see how they taste. With her portable kitchen (tweezers) she travels from galaxy to galaxy, planet to planet, dining with other species and cooking their finest local delicacies!

Xiangling is most famous for her crafting skills, but she's a decent fighter too! Her small size and low health means you'll have to rely on skills and technique to get by. Use the Scorch kit to keep the pressure on the enemy, or go for the long game with the Windfall kit - either way Xiangling can surprise even experienced veterans.

Xiangling is a young and talented chef at Chihu Rock, where she specializes in spicy dishes. Her skills come from years of hard work and practice, and her dishes are seasoned to perfection. 

They are also among the hottest foods in Genshin Impact, so don't worry too much about it if she wants you to sample one. Rest assured that it will be delicious!

The young but skilled and passionate Xiangling is a master in the kitchen. She's the creative one and might have requests to cook up dishes ranging from hot and spicy to soothing and mild. These dishes will please your taste buds!

Xiangling is a hot-blooded girl. She is easygoing and is good at cooking delicacies with special Chinese spices and cooking techniques. Her speciality is Sichuan cuisine. 

She strongly believes that the best way to learn something is by doing it yourself and never stops working hard on her own skills, becoming so experienced that she can easily turn any dish into a heavenly feast.

Her specialty is hot and spicy cuisine, and she has gained a good reputation among Chihu Rock's hearty eaters. 

Xiangling is still young but has years of experience as a master of culinary arts. It will not disappoint!

Her specialties are cooking with chilli peppers. Nothing could possibly be more delicious than that. If she invites you over to try one of her dishes, don't be nervous about it. She doesn't like people who won't eat her food because they're afraid of it being spicy!


Xiangling's personality has a heavy emphasis on food and cooking, where she learned to do so from her father. 

She has not quite developed a specific taste on what she likes to cook, but will use anything available to expand her experimenting skills. 

Some of the ingredients used or combinations she may come up with may be unappealing, but even if so, she will try to figure out how to improve them or concoct something else entirely.

She is creative and outgoing when it comes to trying out new recipes, regardless of their success or failure rate. 

She has a tendency to use either more or fewer ingredients than what is needed, but won't give up on making the recipe that she has set her heart on attempting. 

But even if the food isn't edible, she will try her best to save it and make it work.

She is extremely curious and is eager to taste new things, even at the risk of making a fool of herself in public. 

This has caused some friction between Xiangling and the other chefs who have a more discerning taste in cuisine. Though they often find her antics disgusting, they tolerate it because she has had the potential to become a better chef than them.

She thinks that food is meant for sharing, for friends and family to enjoy and have fun in the process of cooking. Her food can sometimes be colorful or unusual, but at least it's tasty.

Her passion for cooking makes her adept in utilizing anything for cooking purposes. While she may be oblivious, ignorant and even careless when it comes to judging if food is delicious, she puts forth her best effort to cook dishes that are close to her heart.

She loves to experiment with food, using unconventional ingredients that others would find disgusting and making them into both tasty and beautiful dishes. 

But she is not perfect, some of her creations are so bad they are inedible, but this never keeps her down as she often will modify or start over from scratch.


Xiangling is a young panda girl that looks like a dainty doll from afar. However, when she gets angry, all the cuteness disappears from her body and face and an imposing energy appears instead. 

She is childish in nature and has a habit of making rather passive aggressive comments at times towards other people, yet at other times shows wisdom well beyond most of her peers. 

As much as she hides it, Xiangling actually spends many sleepless nights worried about her father or what the future holds for herself.

Xiangling is a natural beauty who was blessed with such an innocent and friendly face that, if it weren't for her sky-blue eyes, she could easily be mistaken as a petite human or a human child. 

She bears the characteristic interests of an otaku—that of anime, manga and video games—and goes to game conventions with friends from time to time, dragging them along since they may not go willingly.

She freely admits she has a short attention span and gets bored easily.  She is also quite stubborn and irritable; while she means well, her straightforward and overly-confrontational manner tends to come across as ill-mannered.  

In any case, don't mistake Xiangling's occasional temper tantrums for weakness. 

Xiangling has an adventurous side and loves exploring new places and experiencing new things; she doesn't hold back when trying something exciting or daunting for the first time, knowing she can always rely on her friends to bail her out if it all goes pear-shaped (which it often does).

She often carries around her own genie-lamp that she uses to transport herself or others from place to place in an instant. 

Despite her appearance, Xiangling is capable of controlling powerful magic and arcane energies through a series of hand gestures, even firing blasts of pure energy from her hands at foes.

After her father's death, she was named head of the family and knew that acting on her compassion would have meant sacrificing her adopted family's safety.

She entrusted her younger sister to Kuon Glamred Stroheim's team while choosing to remain in Juhua Village to protect the others with her Nen abilities.

Meaning of Name

The name Xiangling refers to a literary character from The Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China's Four Great Classical Novels written in the 18th century. 

The actual origin and meaning of Xiangling are still matters for discussion by scholars and experts today. The name was chosen as part of a vote by all the players who participated in our Indiegogo campaign; a list of possible names was put to a vote, and Xiangling won by a small margin.

She received genetic enhancements before the war began, giving her faster reflexes and the ability to analyze information at a much more efficient rate than regular humans. 

In combat, Xiangling berates her enemies with a sharp tongue, and will make sure to discover their weaknesses before finishing them off.

I have no intention of telling a story." A strong phrase that makes you feel the main character is stubborn. 

Although I haven't read the original work, I just want to write about the author, in front of the book before reading a few sentences. 

I can feel, when writing works very carefully, unexpected mistakes will make mistakes. It seems to be Professors who like to display their own learning reasons for things.

Things You Should Know About Xiangling 

  • Mild-mannered Xiangling serves as the proprietor of the Daikoku Funeral Parlor, home to Iruma and Gin's donburi dishes. A large tombstone engraved with the word "master" always appears behind her, with no one in Gensokyo ever referring to her by name. Her cooking is flawless, but her secret sauces are an outright crime against humanity. Nonetheless, any guest invited by Madame Ping will find themselves unable to stop eating her food.
  • Her name translates as the "Sound of the Nightingale". Although this name suggests that she is pretty and delicate, her real character is an unrestrained troublemaker with a zany sense of humor and a love for teasing.
  • She was the first person to give me an actual name, Jingling. She then assigned me to Nie Yan as his maid and began teaching me how to be a steward. She has been like family to me ever since.
  • Inside the backstory, she attempts to cook a batch for her father because he is tired of eating Black-Back Perch Stew year-round without change. To spice up the dish and make it more filling, she adds Violetgrass to the stews along with Flushfish Roe from the Lagoon located in Northern Heidel. After her father takes a bite of the new concoction, he bursts out laughing because he finds it delicious. Chastised by his reaction, Xiangling leaves disappointed.On Saturday, March 12th during the Stone Harbor Treasure event's second phase, Zhongli speaks at Japonesque Island with a little bit more information on how his secret recipe was discovered.