9 Xiao Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

Ascension Materials are required when your hero/ine reaches Level 99. Please refer to the table below which will help you know what materials are needed to reach the max ascension level for Xiao.

You can collect each material one at a time or buy them in bulk. Whatever your needs are, we can deliver to you directly.

Xiao is one of the 9 classes. The materials can be acquired from Primo Geovishaps, Anemo Hypostasis, and Stormterror. On the other hand, Qingxin can be collected from the heights of stone forests in Liyue.

Slime Concentrate

Slime Concentrate info card

Slime concentrate is a material that is commonly dropped by Lv. 60+ Slimes. It will cause a glass container to be filled with a glowing liquid, and when left alone, the liquid will move on its own. The liquid will even flow up and out of the glass container. Once exposed to air, it will form into a ball and start bouncing around the room! And yes, slimes can bounce too.

When you want to feel like a kid again, reach for the slime and watch it stretch! The most potent concentration of captured slime essence available, concentrated slime material is used to create advanced equipment. 

Slime Condensate

Slime Condensate info card

No need to mine for this slime goo. As common as slimes themselves, the condensate is obtained from the beasts. Break apart the slimy creature for more of this substance and profit!

They have very little health, but have a very large amount of drops when killed. Slimes are most commonly associated with the "Slime Knights" (See: Slime Knight), but they do not appear to be related in any way.

Portable, easy to use condensate press that you can use anywhere. Compatible with all other universal condensate presses. Made from a high grade alloy that never breaks or leaks.

Juvenile Jade

Juvenile Jade info card

A crystalline substance taken from a Primo Geovishap. Within it is contained the potential to become a dragon. How do we know this? 

Because in this world, everything is made of materials. Crystals are simply a form of material that transcends the thoughts and emotions held by humans.

The strongest and most advanced form of dragon spirit. It is said that a regular Jade can live up to 800 years old. 

Their skin is so tough that it may not be possible to kill them until they die of hunger or old age, yet they won't harm anyone without reason.

Efforts to disseminate this material have thus far been unsuccessful, but its potential ability to become a dragon remains within. 

Should you succeed in causing its contents to come out, please contact your local Magic Stone Merchant in order to properly disperse the substance.

Vayuda Turquoise Chunk

Vayuda Turquoise Chunk info card

Towards the end of the Turmoil Race war, the Anemo managed to stabilize their clan a little and attract some of the wandering spirits freed from the rifts. One of these spirits took pity on the race's lot and provided them with a valuable magical material: Vayuda Turquoise Chunk. 

With it, Anemo characters are able to ascend to the fourth stage - Anemo Elder Cleanser - which is an ancestor spirit of sorts.

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This one was tranquilized, bound in a cage, subjected to the constant crackling of electricity that made it stronger, and finally dropped from the heavens as if shot by an invisible arrow into the midst of a great construction project. A higher power is behind YOUR destiny.

Vayuda Turquoise Sliver

Vayuda Turquoise Sliver info card

They can be bought or obtained through quests or random drops in dungeons. This item is Bound to Character on AcquireBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire (BoC) so it cannot be traded or sold. 

It's found at the Vayuda piece at the end of the 'Forging a New Path' plot questline, so if you're just starting out make sure to go there as soon as you are able.

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Slime Secretions

Slime Secretions info card

The secretions of the slime are a common ooze that grows on other trees, rocks and walls. These secretions are harmful to touch. Upon contact it will harm you. 

You should avoid exposure if possible.

You, valiant adventurer, searching for the next clue to the truth behind the peculiar existence of the Slimes, have stumbled long and far looking for information. 

These innocuous-seeming droplets of sebum, packed with nutrients and protein, are an important source of nourishment to the famished denizens of the forest. 

It would seem that a magical process has occurred as a result of their puncture wounds. How did you know? Ask no more. 

Just produce your stone mortar and pestle and rub away at this solidified substance until it reveals its verdant inner glow, letting off a faint odor not unlike fresh grass clippings.


Qingxin info card

Qingxin is one of a kind. Qingxin is found only in peaks beyond the clouds, it grows on barren mountains, secluded and untainted by outsiders. You might say that this flower represents the spirit of Liyue's people: Friendly but guarded, hard to find but worth the trek. A flowery symbol of peace and prosperity, a coiled spear aimed at the heart of its enemies

These Semitropical wildflowers reside mostly in the colder northern regions of Liyue but can also be found here and there in other areas that reach a certain elevation or latitude. When it's flowering season, however, you will often see them gathered in great fields of thriving flowers!

It is a starkly pure white: no yellow or green can be found in it. Its fragrance, however, is mesmerising! The scent is so alluring that it seduces all who smell it — but its allure is a lie! For there are sharp thorns at the end of each petal! Anyone who dares to try and pick a Qingxin flower will soon know how sharp those thorns can be…

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Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone

Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone info card

It is one of my favorite xiao ascension materials. 

A teleportation technique that is only available to Anemo class characters, Vayuda is a highly versatile and destructive ability which involves the use of energy spheres fired from the hand. 

The reason why only Anemo class characters can learn Vayuda is because they have the ability to focus their soul power into an object through intense meditation, and release it in a near-constant stream of powerful attacks.

The reason you should use Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone is because it is the best character ascension material. It can be purchased from in-game Silver or from Silver players. That was why buying Silver from the website was the safest way to purchase Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone.

Vayuda Turquoise Fragment

Vayuda Turquoise Fragment info card

Anemo Character Ascension Material, Vayuda Turquoise Fragment. A fragment of a stone that is considered one of the most beautiful in Anemo. It can be used to customize a weapon during the ascension process.

A single piece of an unidentifiable fragment from an ancient storage device. It is said to be part of the legendary Vayuda Turquoise, which is rumored to activate a powerful weapon with untold destructive potential. Whoever finds it will have the ability to destroy entire planets. This is the end of the ascension materials of xiao. All images generated with Canva