Xiao Genshin Impact Explained

Xiami Genshin Impact

As the only known remaining member of the five foremost Yakshas dispatched by Morax to subdue the demonic spirits that plagued Liyue, he is presumed to be one of the most powerful spiritual entities on the continent.

It is said that he feasts on the brains of the bandits that frequently trouble travelers through this part of Southern Ningxia. 

He remains largely apart from human society, having little interaction with patrons at the bar.

Alatus was tasked with fulfilling various missions, including but not limited to killing the demon leader Ksitigarbha, who had gone into hiding in an ancient city in Shandong. After completing his mission for Morax, Alatus stayed behind to become the guardian of Liyue altogether. 

His daily routine consists of playing chess with his friends Newton and Einstein.


He is a high-level yaksha and does not like to be around mortals. He has experienced immense loss and pain, and has difficulty connecting with people on an emotional level. 

He merely feels that human emotions are unnecessary and disruptive. 

He feels his fellow adepti would share the same sentiment, and he takes it as a personal insult if anyone attempts to console him or offer sympathy for his past. 

Normally, Yaksha are eager to attack any Empyrean they see as a good opportunity for battle and like the idea of helping people. But Xiao is different; he is an uncomfortable person and expresses his feelings little. 

He has a reserved demeanor, and it's hard to know what he is thinking. He doesn't want sympathy for his past and believes his other Yaksha buddies would find it insulting.

The Yakshas are well-known for their physical strength, and he is no different; he is able to toss over ten armored men around with little effort. Xiao's facial hair, which is rather light for a yaksha, is kept short by shaving. 

He does this because he feels that long facial hair would only create more problems for him. The only thing that stands out about Xiao are his eyes. They are yellow-gold, almost amber in color. 

He has long, white hair, with two strands wrapped in different colors, the left one purple and the right one yellow. 

He has large, round eyes with no pupils. While he is very polite to Liyue, he is somewhat of a childish prankster, playing tricks on his friends at times.

 It covers much of Xiao's past within the original story, including how he met his child companion, Yuyu. 

It also explores the events that led up to Xiao's undeath in this world. 

It also covers unexpected visits to the Harbor, the home of the Travelers, where they are greeted by an older version of rival character, Kaiyuu Kiyomitsu, who ends up returning with them on their journey back to Veiha Empire.

This causes him to develop his own appreciation for love and romance as well as the courage to pursue these feelings for himself. 

While not as complex as other characters, many of whom lie to themselves or others in order to protect their loved ones, Xiao's journey as a character is nonetheless filled with meaning and closely tied to his inevitable fate.

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Xiao is a mysterious spirit who gives a new mission to a protagonist, a mission that will soon reveal a hidden truth of the unfortunate but heroic character. Currently styled in a long purple robe with a brown overcoat draped over it, he wears purple moccasins and uses dark blue talismans with purple smoke-like patterns on them.

He wears a light brown keffiyeh with a black stripe, and a flowing dark blue hooded jacket, which also has one white stripe. 

Xiao also wears dark blue pants held by a belt, as well as dark blue boots. He wears fingerless gloves and bandages on his hands and arms. 

On his right hand he has a red band, and on his left hand he has multiple yellow rings.

He is an elf with pointy ears, and the power to summon the spirits of the dead elf warriors that were killed at Evaranae Citadel to fight alongside him.

Xiao has a talent for disappearing, and often hides in his staff, which he calls Crazy Fun Bamboo, giving it a little shake to peek out.

He also has a very kind demeanor and philosophy on life, stating that violence is never the answer; even though he wishes to become stronger, he opposes the idea of training himself for battle because of his desire to protect those dear to him.

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  • A balanced character with a mix of offensive and defensive abilities, Xiao is the most extroverted A.I. ever added to the CyberConnect Online System. In order to perform powerful attacks, he incorporates his energy into his body in a very unique way. The more damage he receives, the more that energy builds up inside of him.
  • He is a bellicose and impulsive soul: quick to challenge and brash to cut. His mastery of the Dihua flute is unquestioned, but his skills with a blade are just as formidable. Xiao's anger can be maddening, but his sense of justice and devotion to the Xonan shieldmaiden Eva-in make him a valuable ally.
  • It is unclear whether it is a bug or an alien. The ancient myths believe that people have become lost in life, have forgotten their origin, abandoned everything, wishing to return to the origin of the world.