8 Xiao Talent Materials in Genshin Impact

Xiao is a powerful character in the game Genshin Impact. In order to increase his abilities, players need to find talent materials which are obtained by completing certain quests, killing elite enemies, or collecting items in the environment.

To increase his abilities, you must find talent materials. These can be found by completing quests, killing elite enemies, or collecting items around the world.

To make him really powerful, you can find talent resources either by quest completion, elite monster killing or collection of items found around (environment).

Teachings of Prosperity

Teachings of Prosperity info card

It can also be found in the Mondstadt Treasure Buildings, which is located in Dragonspine.

Teachings of Prosperity are premium level-up material used to get your characters from level 1 to 90. They are crafted from the ore you can find at Taishan Mansion by interacting with the Mansion Quest NPC's located there, Lijin, or Jianyu.

This book of wisdom from the ancients is said to be an essential read for those practicing the way of prosperity.

Guide to Prosperity

Guide to Prosperity info card

The guide to prosperity is a gold coin that glows with the light of Taishan Mansion

According to folklore, spending money will actually bring you happiness. Wealth and fame are the highest forms of human happiness according to folk wisdom. 

A prosperous person is always surrounded by happy people.

Talent Level-Up Materials are required to increase your character's Talent level, which allows you to equip more powerful Constellations.

For those who always chase after the best and the greatest, only a humble way of life such as "living with the farmer" will remain.

Philosophies of Prosperity

Philosophies of Prosperity are books that teach methods of managing nobles' seigneuries. They contain well-known maxims, such as: Whoever relinquishes the power to make money relinquishes the power to govern.

The Philosophies of Prosperity are a collection of wealth-related books compiled in the Taishan Mansion. 

Every page contains the long-accumulated knowledge on how to become rich and maintain wealth, so that future generations can learn to appreciate their value.

Slime Condensate

Slime Condensate info card

Slimes are common enemies in the game, and they can be found in large numbers in the following locations: Found beside a road just west of Springvale. Past that point, there is a path upwards, along the mountain. 

Watch out for Treasure Hoarders and Stonehide Lawachurls along the way.

A foul-smelling fluid found specifically on Slimes. It's said that its odor is toxic, but the truth of the matter remains unclear. In any case, it's crucial in the refining of ascending materials.

A myriad of slimes have influenced history in ways far beyond the mere consumption of royal living expenses... Isn't that right, Your Highness? This sticky slime has broken off from its bloated father and set out on its own.

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Slime Secretions

Slime Secretions info card

Like most materials found in Genshin Impact, Slime Secretions are essential for ascending your favorite characters from their basic level to the Divine realm. Though Slime Secretions are considered a common material, it's not as easy to find compared to other materials such as Metal Pieces and Red and White Crystals. 

You'll have to fight Slimes somewhere in the world map between levels 40 and 60 to farm this material, though this can be difficult considering all the slimes might spawn at once, and you may have a fight on your hands! 

Unless you're specifically looking for Slime Secretions, you'll want to avoid Slimes altogether. They don't drop many Ascension Materials, and most of them are low-level minerals or like Slime Secretions.

Shadow of the Warrior

Shadow of the Warrior info card

There is a tale as old as time. A boy and his sister find themselves wrapped up in a violent clash between the forces of good and evil that threatens the whole of their world. 

When all hope seems lost, the siblings enter an age of extraordinary change and growth, bound to each other through blood and soul.

Upgrading Talents Materials can raise Talent level and Talent Rank. The Talents Serenity, Hero's Wit and Meditative Specs Ascension 4 consumes Shadow of the Warrior.

In order to level up a Talent, you will need to expend Talent Materials, which can be found around the world in chests, obtained as rewards from completion of domains, or purchased with Mora.

Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight info card

The protagonist of the first act has been sighted. He appears to be none other than the Green-Hooded Archer, known for his stealth and skill with the bow.

A strange crown filled with mysterious energy. When you put it on, you feel like a battle master. It enables you to comprehend the true power of the warrior: ''Insight.''

You must own the Shadow of the Warrior Commemorative Chapter to get Shadow of the Warriors from Enter the Golden House and from Character EXP Materials Bounty.

The places visited are dangerous and the obstacles you overcome are not easy to deal with. However, the shadow of your sword will always shine brightly like a gleaming star in front of you.

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