Xingui in Genshin Impact

Xingui Info Card

Xingui is the second son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, an influential group in Liyue, and is also a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan's arts. As a Water elementalist, he can control water on all levels—at a range or line, or as a mass. 

He may have trouble against Earth and Fire opponents, since these elements' attacks can usually overwhelm Water quickly.

Xingui has naturally high hacking accuracy and can specialize in dual melee weapons. 

His Hydropower is Fierce Water Dragon, summoning an unstoppable water beast that bites through his enemies' defenses.

Just by being on the playing field he can lower the cost of all items! 

Using a special move he can even manipulate the tournament structure, making it so that only his guild's team will be challenging strong opponents while other teams are forced to play weaker ones.

He blames himself for his brother's death and has begun traveling with Xiao after seeing how he formed a close friendship with Xiaosha, who was her friend as well. 

Under Xiao's care and tutelage, Xingui has developed his own set of Arts, combining the power of water with Guhua.

His mastery of Chi allows him to manipulate his own energy, expel it from his body in a defensive shell that can knock projectiles out of the air, or rush at opponents and strike them with devastating melee attacks. 

In the midst of battle, he uses the force of Chi to launch himself above enemies and execute impressive leaps, enabling him to rapidly pursue fleeing foes or escape dangerous ones.


Younger sibling to Bintou, Xingqiu became a journalist and writer like his brother; though he has taken more time and effort in cultivating his writing style. 

He however prefers to write about more trivial things, such as recently published books, fashion trends and the like, which confuses many of his peers. 

He is characteristically playful and flamboyant, often seen as a pest by his elder brother but celebrated by his younger sister.

Growing up in a large family, he learned to be polite and considerate to others, yet was often mischievous behind his parents' backs. 

He becomes good friends with Caoimhe, who shares the same klutziness as him, but is also very cool and composed. 

Her father arranged for her to go to a vocational school instead of a regular high school, so she learned how to cook at home. 

Because of this, Xingqiu had grown used to having Caoimhe around for food and often prepared meals for her.

With a number of special abilities and a background that makes Xingui unique, he is never one to leave things be. To this end, he sees all issues as problems to be rectified and, in true Impressionist fashion, all such problems are resolved with the clean stroke of a brush.

This character is designed to be an honest young man. 

He is respectful of his elders and would do pretty much anything asked – although there may be some hesitation if he disagrees totally with the person making the request. He also has a mischievous streak and a slight addiction to sweets!

He spends a considerable amount of time on his appearance such as styling his hair and applying makeup every morning and night. 

Xingqiu shows his introverted side by reading detective novels and manga during free time, claiming that they help him improve his imagination. 

He has been shown to be a fairly tidy person, though he is occasionally reprimanded or scolded by his family members for not picking up after himself.


Xingqiu is a man who has a calming presence of a role model, while still being able to keep the energy of the group up, having no problem expressing his feelings. He sometimes would be blunt, but he only did so to push others out of their comfort zone, mainly Zhiyao.

Xingqiu is a young boy with a nice, albeit mysterious personality. Unlike the mischievous twins, he is milder towards others. 

He is friendly and playful around his friends; however, he can be passionate and strong willed when provoked or crushed by an unfortunate event. In the beginning of the series, Xingqiu has a crush on his language teacher and in the first episode, it is shown that he was willing to fight for her affection and cheated on her with one of his classmates so she would not date another student. 

When she cries because he lied to her, it can be seen that despite having feelings for her, he was ashamed of what he did and possibly tried to forget about what happened by cooperating with Long Xiaoyao in ending the relationship.

 Xingqiu is a young boy who has a troubled past. He embarks on his first adventure in the world with Asura, Navirou, and Miren. 

While joining this cast of characters may seem like a blessing to Xingqiu, he is confused and lonely when he goes through his first mission. 

In fact, Xingqiu isn't sure how to act or feel during his adventures with the other companions. Therefore, it is up to the player (through controlling Xingqiu) to help him grow as a character through understanding himself and interacting with his friends.

Xingqiu is generally lugubrious and is often making smart remarks. 

He is the easiest to rouse from his "normal" personality and due to this, he has a relatively high range of emotions. 

However, he is the type of person who will be silent in difficult situations. When he's outside of his normal personality, Xingqiu can get surprisingly passionate and can even be audacious and brash.

Meaning of Name

Xingqiu is a nickname formed by taking the first character of each of his real name's characters. 行 (written as 𠀝) means to travel and is used in a saying 染行云流水 which refers to beautiful handwriting. 

Unfortunately, Xingqiu himself has really bad handwriting…

Xingqiu is a regular high school student. Due to his own natural ability and hard work, he has become an expert in various fields including math, physics, history, and literature; but he's not as good at writing. 

The two character idiom 行云流水 is actually a metaphor for a person of great ability in Chinese history. You can see the connection with Xingqiu's name to this idiom.

Things You Should Know About Xingui

  • Xingqiu is a young and talented poetically skilled swordsman who has mastered the Martial Principle, which counteracts and redirects all forms of energy. He can easily kill the most powerful of foes, but his laziness often causes him to let his guard down. The Guhua head is worried that if he were to know that Xingqiu was misspelling his own writing, Xingqiu would probably go on a rampage.
  • Xu is an impressive swordsman, and is said to have once drenched the snow of the mountains with blood in an internal strife within a foreign land. In another account he was also known as a capable poet. A book he once wrote on the Martial Principle was locked up by the Guhua Institute because of its mysterious contents.
  • Xingui has told me that, when a problem is encountered, the first thing one should do is to understand it. He said that if you cannot feel the problem, then there is no way to solve it. I began to think about what he was talking about. Thinking leads to more thoughts and thinking also leads to strength.