Xinyan in Genshin Impact Explained

High energy and spunky, Xinyan just wants to rock. Despite being part of a new, unpopular style of music in Liyue, she has slowly built up a loyal fanbase throughout the harbor. 

Her smaller stature makes her harder to spot on stage compared to her bigger bandmates, but it also makes it easier for her to move around quickly and with precision.

Xinyan strums the guitar that she's had since she was a little girl and sings melodies passed down from her father, who emigrated to Liyue after Minerva took over. 

Rock has been popular in Fontaine for decades, and as Fontaine refugees trickle into Liyue, it's slowly becoming a more common form of music here as well. 

Xinyan's unique style of mixing traditional Minervian melodies with Fontaine rock chords and rhythms is bound to catch people's attention.

She likes to show her support by attending his concerts whenever she can, which means there are opportunities to see her in concert at various locations throughout Liyue Harbor. 

Xinyan is a young girl with a penchant for rock 'n' roll. She plays bass in Zayne's band, and is one of Tatsuya's dearest childhood friends. However, Xinyan only recently returned to Liyue after spending some time abroad.

At the Corner of Bei and Dong Road, in a messy room that was once an office, young performer Xinyan creates her own rock 'n' roll on her electric guitar — but people tend to forget about her when a larger-than-life character known only as "The Madman" is at the center of attention.


Full of optimism and unwavering dedication, Xinyan uses her music to motivate others and push them to further heights. 

Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of rock 'n' roll, she has returned to Zhenghua to spread its influence across Liyue. 

Despite having no formal training in music herself, she continues to tirelessly practice it everyday thanks to her personality, which makes it easy for her fellow barmaids to grow close to her.

Xinyan's past is a mystery, as she returned to Liyue seemingly out of nowhere. 

She has a rough, unpolished air about her, though she doesn't mind. A fan of rock 'n' roll music herself, she started playing guitar and singing mostly because she didn't want to see it die out- and now that she's started spreading it, everything else seems like a bonus. The world genshin needs? Maybe!

Xinyan is a musician who gained fame and success in her hometown of Liyue. 

Having returned to Shizuoka to broaden her reach, she is looking forward more than ever to share her music with the city. 

She has very little professional training; much of it, she figured out on her own. She hopes that others will become interested and learn from her on their own as well.

Xinyan is a Rocker Rabbit. She is the Pink Girl of Liyue who plays music to boost the city's status and became well known through word of mouth. Her stage name is called the Xinyan Band. She is fairly flexible, fast, and has a great with the four main directions using her ears.

She has very little skill in musical performance, having learned to play the drums by herself with her own style (though it appears to be very similar to that of typical drumming). 

Although she wishes for others to perform well, she is disheartened when they aren't succeeding right away. She loves coffee, and in fact drinks a cup before every concert.


Xinyan wears a long-sleeved, purple kimono-like outfit that has a hemline low enough to show part of her legs, while the left sleeve has a dark orange segment on it. 

Her outfit has several silver and dark yellow markings, and she wears a dark red obi over it. 

She also wears purple leg warmers with a spike under them, two gold bracelets on her right wrist, and two beaded necklaces; the smaller of the two being black, white and red with a diamond located in between the two colors. 

Around her waist are three belts consisting of one white belt in the center and two black belts around it; all decorated with silver studs. The remainder of Xinyan's appearances do not deviate from this appearance at all.

Xinyan is a dark-skinned Cera girl, born in the south of her village in the year 708. She has long, wavy hair that she keeps pulled into two messy buns on top of her head. She's 5'0 tall and weighs exactly 106 pounds. 

Her pale amber eyes are pointy at the center and surrounded by a soft brown halo. Her skin is an off-tan color with a few darker spots near her hairline and beneath her eyes. 

Most of her outfits are very simple and easy to move around in. She wears a simple Cera skirt and shirt most days, over her skirts she wears protective leather armor, which she refuses to take off even when out of battle.

Xinyan is a member of the Black Dragon Clan and is one of the six other children, besides Yang Xiao Long, who were tasked with training in order to awaken their semblance. 

Xinyan's semblance allows her to create chains made of a special energy that she can use to attack opponents at range, creating spinning whips from them. 

It has been said that she herself is linked to these chains. It has also been mentioned that when agitated or upset, her legs seemingly start to disappear and become replaced by her chains. So far, she has only been observed doing this once in a sparring match against Yang Xiao Long.

 She is first seen in a blue and white gown, adorned with a gold gecko-shaped brooch on her chest and ritualistic markings across her body, with the right sleeve removed. 

Upon reuniting with the party after escaping from imprisonment, she wears a short blue tunic over black pants. 

The tunic has a low collar edged by gold thread, is tied at her waist by a length of red ribbon and is cut to reveal one shoulder. 

On each shoulder is an ornate gold leaf-like design that extends to cover the sides of her chest and back. Her wrists are circled by linked black bracelets and she wears delicate beaded anklets. 

Meaning of Name

One of the mysterious women in god Enki's harem, Xinyan is also known from several Sumerian literary compositions. 

She has especially been celebrated for her contributions to the arts. 

Our fellow Sumerologists tell us that she helped create a new art form by laying out the first strings on a harp-like instrument called a "gutni." 

We have reason to believe that this is what inspired the constellation of Fila Ignium, but we will have to wait for more research to be completed for confirmation.

Things You Should Know About Xinyan

  • Xinyan is looking forward to her gig on Pembo this weekend, with her friends from the band, Eightfold Wings. However, recent reports on the Chihu Rock bulletin board have Xinyan upset.
  • Xinyan, a music fan and deep thinker, is confident she knows what the best way to live her life is. She often can be found in the city center discussing philosophy or poetry with a friend, or on Chihu, the Fountain of Knowledge.
  • Xinyan has two names with different meanings in Chinese and Japanese. The second character of her name, 炎 yàn, is usually not used in Japanese, but the Japanese transliteration for 焱 yàn, which has a different tone in Chinese, would be so similar to the first character of her name that it would lead to confusion.
  • The ever-friendly Xinyan shares her voice actress with a foreign character from an entirely different series, so there's no wonder why she's so nice. Make the friendliest Dorm Manager the easiest to get along with! Appearances in other games Edit While her appearances in crossover titles were limited, she was also an unlockable costume for Marie Rose in the second game of the series.