Yae Miko in Genshin Impact Explained

She oversees the Grand Narukami Shrine, and is a master of charms and spells; for her years of faithful service to the Narukami family, she has been rewarded with power over the minds of people. 

She first appears in Monster Hunter G,  when one of her spells goes awry and a young man named Rei Mizari is turned into a dragon from head to toe.

She is described as a vain and disagreeable old woman with a terrible personality that can turn into that of a horrible monster. 

She is one of the more interesting characters in this game, with different dialog options explaining what she truly thinks.

To clench her hand and pierce her soul, the young man of the monastery wished to become a father and left alone for his journey. In the silent night, silently passing by each other on the bridge, not even a word was exchanged between them…

The priestesses at Grand Narukami Shrine have all had their minds taken over by the demons, who have turned them into monsters. Yae and her dog, Mikoshi, must search for the magic sword Nagoyanagi in order to save the land from dying out. They are joined on this quest by Akki the Crow and Kiyomori Taira - a group of unlikely heroes brought together by fate.'

She's a technical type of specialist and the owner of her own publishing company, Yae Publishing House. 

She encountered the Oblar King in his younger days during a voyage to Oolacile, which is rumored to be the reason he joined her mission in order to destroy Hao's forces once and for all.

 In this installment she has to travel to Japan on a quest for the Emperor, Yae will once again put her life on the line as she faces off against an army of Ninja and Samurai.


The Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine and the boss of the publishing company Yae Publishing House, Yae was raised to be a kind and thoughtful young woman. She has given up on her dream to be a master Swordsman during her childhood and instead decided to pursue her love for writing. 

Her kindness is only matched by the quality of her stories that she creates, with all of them being about exciting adventures, friendship and monster hunting. 

She is respected by others as both a normal human being, who happens to have an intimidating personality, and as the sovereign deity that she represents as the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Yae Mei is a woman of two faces. As the head of the publishing house, she works hard to help artists get their most precious works on shelves. 

When she is the Guuji shrin, however, there is none that can match her fear. She feels that it is only through giving offerings daily to the grand god will he agree to show himself and give his wisdom to those who deserve it.

Yae is a shadow hunter who wields a book that has the ability to control shadows herself, and is the boss at Yae Publishing House. 

She's rather famous among hunters for her goofy personality and friends with everyone in her guild, but she puts on a serious face when it comes to business.


Yae, leading the Centurio guild before her defection to the Moonlit Black Cats. In her human form she usually wears a priestess outfit and has purple eyes. In this form she also has pink fur covering her arms, legs and head as well as two fox ears. 

She wears golden earrings and a yellow ribbon collar accessory around her neck. Yae is also equipped with a large golden sword with gold trimmings at the handle.

Yae's alternate form is that of a nine-tailed fox, with purple eyes and red markings running across her body. 

She has a long, fox-like tail in this form. Her clothing also changes style entirely when utilizing this power; it consists of two belts around her hips, a dark green top with dark green sleeves, dark olive pants, golden bracelets on each wrist, and she wears what appears to be a pair of wooden geta sandals outfitted with daikon leaves. 

(Note: in the official artbook by Capcom it is clearly stated that Yae's powers are based on the kitsune, a Japanese mythological creature that takes the form of a fox.)

She wears a shrine maiden outfit that covers her entire body. However, when she transforms, the clothing disappears and only a white collar (or choker) remains around her neck. 

She hasn't made any other major appearances in other games since.

Her ability to transform into a human and back again is useful in the Item Shops she sets up at the entrances to dungeons. 

The prices of her items are aligned with those at Mofu Village, so using both shops together will allow for greater savings.

Her first form is capable of inflicting high damage and gives the player a smaller window for stamina recharge than other bows, but has heavier recoil. 

Her second form provides less damage, but has less recoil and a larger window for stamina recovery. 

Other Things You Should Know About Yae Miko

  • Yae Miko is one of the two divinities that serve as a goddess of household, she is the cutest and youngest of the two. Her personality is usually cheerful and playful where she will sometimes tease Ayaka over various activities. Despite this, she's very caring and is willing to teach Ayaka about the basic uses of her charms from her arsenal.
  • Yae, who lives in the village of Moga, is a Miko -- a healing-based Shaman priestess. She is a bit naive and is curious about the world around her. After being saved by the hunter, who she met for the first time on the field, she decides to travel together with him.
  • She is a rogue who shares her name with a famous actress and she lives by borrowing powers held by monsters. She has a very vague personality, so nobody knows what she is thinking.