Yanfei in Genshin Impact Explained


Yanfei's mother sacrificed herself to protect her daughter, who was then taken in by a kind woman named Madame Ping. Times were hard and food scarce, especially when Madame Ping became too old to work. She took Yanfei in as her own granddaughter, treating her as such until she died. 

Yanfei has recently been given the opportunity to serve as an Imperial Envoy and legal advisor to the people of Liyue.

Her parents left to go on an adventure, leaving her with Madame Ping in Liyue. She's dedicated herself to helping the people of Liue, while developing a legal system created by her own hand.

Human that has some special abilities and is skilled in both sword and penmanship. 

Currently, she resides in Liyue, serving as a legal advisor for its people. 

Using her knowledge of the law and an overabundance of common sense to take on any case that comes across her desk, she acts as the mediator for her fellow Liyue citizens. This is her story. 

She had a single parent upbringing which gave her a special viewpoint on the world. 

After attending school and growing up, she became a legal advisor. Although she is outspoken and can sometimes be an airhead, she is an intelligent woman who cares for all living things.

Within a century after the formation of the Justicar Order, it had become an order dedicated to protecting the hard-working mining community of Liyue. 

The Justicars play a role in both law enforcement and legal defense. They are trusted with powers comparable to those held by members of the Arbites.


Yanfei is from Teyvat, the most emblematic country in Liyue. But that hasn't stopped her from traveling around the continent, prosecuting cases wherever she feels like she can help. 

She has a strong sense of justice, and those who need a counselor always come to her with their troubles.

Her skills in Law and Commerce have been replaced with Politics and Society, respectively — Yanfei enjoys both subjects, but is more skilled in the latter thanks to her time on the council. 

She has no new skills related to appraisal and reading than her original self. 

Yanfei's most prominent feature are her beautiful crimson eyes. While she has had wonderful skin ever since infancy, she still continued to improve it with various anti aging products — given that she is 149 years old, it could be hard to believe she appears to be in her 40's or 50's. 

As a result of this, one of the biggest physical changes she has undergone is thickening in the face; the soft green eyes that once shone bright became barely visible amongst an otherwise emphasized face when compared to when she was young.

She was a legal advisor to the Governor of the Province she lived in. Yanfei is blunt, but highly trusts her instincts. 

She can identify talented individuals very quickly, and pride herself on her ability to discern others' personalities, even at first impressions. 

When the Calamity hit, she was living in Fehrbell with her husband Haruhiro and recently found out that she is pregnant.

Her expertise in the law, paired with an uncommon sense of duty, allows her to remain professional despite her carefree attitude and childlike schoolyard pranks. 

A lively fighter who thinks on her feet in battle, she is an invaluable ally no matter the circumstances.


Yanfei's pale complexion may have been a result of the violent nature of her people, as she is shown to be an adeptal. 

Her outfit consists of salmon-pink pants and a jacket with a white fur collar and sleeves trimmed with dark green. 

The jacket itself is adorned with white frills on its ends and borders, as well as a white hood and two small pauldrons on her shoulders. 

Her arms are wrapped in thick bandages that are almost the same shade as her pants. 

Her boots are tall and cover her ankles, with the toes and heels being more brownish than pink. Her hair is put up into two large buns, held together by several decorative pins, while angry-looking strands frame her face.

This shy young lady loves to have fun with friends and make sure everyone she meets feels welcome. She gets along well with just about anyone, adaptable and easygoing, but the antlers on her head make it tricky for some people to approach her. 

She is capable of sensing and detecting intruders in her territory, though she can also sense a presence of the earrings the visitors are currently wearing. Although she looks somewhat young, her appearance does not make her pull any less intimidating towards visitors. 

Perhaps it was because she was raised by her mother, who was just as stern as her.

On the planet Chroma, an ambitious leader named Plutonia was banished from the ruling class who thought he harbored too much desire for power. Fueled by revenge and jealousy, the evil Plutonia took on a human-like form and began to conquer planets to revive his dwindled power. 

But one day, a young woman named Yanfei, descended from heaven itself, rose up against Plutonia's reign of tyranny and saved Chroma from certain destruction. Her heroism and mercy outshine even the bright light of heaven itself.

Things You Should Know About Yanfei

  • This Champion of Chaos was originally the killer known as Yian Kut-Ku. Her beast bloodline, while impossible to be seen by ordinary people, can become illuminated after she's been infused with enough chaos energy; once that happens, not only will she possess chaos energy as an extra source of strength, but her beast bloodline also comes into full view!
  • She is a hard worker and reliable, but she also loves interesting things and beautiful artwork. But despite this fun side of her, after she became an adult, she began to take her job more seriously, and now spends every hour studying in her free time so she can better protect the world through her work as a Beast Tamer.
  • A pair of eyes in the sky, a bird's eye, a sky's eye. When all of her bloodline members were killed, this beastwoman raised greater beasts from infancy and taught them to never slaughter yet still fight. Although they cannot speak human languages, when they stand shoulder to shoulder on the ground with their spears, you can have faith that justice will be served and enemies defeated.
  • She grew up without knowing who her parents were until she met Rex. Upon learning her true past and finding out that her father was an adeptus, Yanfei has studied to learn how to use the powers she inherited from him. 
  • Her official outfit is called the "Purple White Striker". It is a short-sleeved kimono top with a long skirt made up of multiple layers of cloth flowing to her feet. Both the long skirt and her hair are lavender-colored.