Yaoyao in Genshin Impact Explained

YaoYao Info Card

She has been Xiangling's junior disciple since before the game started, but Xiangling suddenly decided to kick her out of the kitchen because she didn't consider her useful. It also seems that Yaoyao set up shop in the market with a motive to get Xiangling back.

Her nickname is 'Little Yaoyao' (Chinese: 瑶瑶 Yáoyáo) since she is her junior by two years. An easygoing girl, Yaoyao's cooking style has been described as a lighter version of that of Master Ganyu. 

Beloved by everyone who eats her cooking, she enjoys teasing Xiangling and Ganyu quite frequently. She travels the world in search of good ingredients for her master, partnering with him and acting as his secretary…

A Chinese girl who was a disciple of the same master chef as Xiangling, she has now become Ganyu's assistant. Using both skills inherited from her master and wisdom gained after years of experience, she undertakes trial-and-error in an effort to contribute towards a successful cooking session. Her gentle nature and optimistic personality have earned her the nickname Yaoyao (literally "a jade-like gem"), or "Jade" for short.

When the protagonist came to watch Xiangling cook, this woman took note of the protagonist's skillful knife handling and knew that the protagonist had a lot of potential in cooking. 

Madam Yaoyao has worked with Master Ganyu for many years and will prove to be a wonderful guide to help the protagonist become a true innovative chef.

She wears a hairstyle similar to how she did in Star KO. Her pale rose shirt has a small, red bow with strawberry prints around it. 

She also wears dark blue and white striped leggings with a black bow at the top and dark blue shoes.

Usually the anointed successor to her master, she couldn't help but feel peculiar when she observed him taking a stranger in and teaching her how to cook. 

Driven to distraction by jealousy and curiosity, she finally reveals her true colors and tries to interfere.


She was very shy by nature, which made her from the start not talk to anyone of her crew. But when Kunlun saw how Yaoyao interacted with her crewmates, he found that she was like a little finch, blinking to make eyes at those around her, making them naturally become attached to her.

Her eyes are green, tinged with a golden hue similar to that of The Crux's paint job. 

White, small wings extend from the top of her shoulders when she wishes them to and she wears a white sweater over her chest that matches the colors of The Crux.

She has vivid ruby red eyes and lovely golden-yellow colored hair. The quintessential attribute that defines Yaoyao is her ability to spawn and utilize her fox charm, a seemingly powerful energy of some sort. 

Her charm allows her to send out waves of energy towards others and at special grounds, it becomes much stronger.

She has yellow hair and blue eyes, with a small portion of her hair at the front tied back. She wears a white halter top with a pink skirt and shoes with bunny ears. 

She was originally in charge of the preparation of meat for Engi's meals, although since she was too young to do so alone, she was later relegated to the role of server.


Her personality is so cheerful and infectious that many sailors on board The Crux develop an intimate relationship with her. 

However, as most of the sailors are men and she is only three years old, they are viewed as perverts by the public and have problems getting into any inns. Her favorite food is seafood and her diet typically consists of nothing but seafood.

She loves to play with the crew, and will often sneak aboard the ship when they are docked at Liyue Harbor. While she doesn't eat much fruit and vegetables, she loves seafood.

Her actual personality is unknown, but based on her love of Liyue Harbor and its crew, one can conclude that she's a joy to be around. 

Treats anyone she comes in contact with as if they are her best friends, so don't be surprised if you find her sitting on your lap.

Daughter of an aristocrat and a fisherman, Yaoyao can be both polite and mischievous. Her pet wombat Chibi (Japanese name: Koropokkuru) is well trained in parkour, allowing her to get out of any tight situation. 

She is a natural at archery, able to hit 1000 arrows in one wind. A detective with an eye for detail, she has a wild imagination coupled with her adventuresome nature.

Despite her innocent young look, Yaoyao is a girl with a courageous and energetic personality who enjoys playing with various toys and exploring the ocean. She's a master at using her Yo-kai Watch when fighting evil Yo-kai, and never gives up the fight!